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Cycle News Honda CRF450L Project Bike Full-on With GL Gear

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GL’s Gas Bag, MoJavi Saddlebags, Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag and Pronghorn Straps on Cycle News project Honda CRF450L build — a trail worthy dual sport…

Cycle News Honda CRF450L Project Bike Decked Out with Giant Loop“Thank you guys again for providing the great Giant Loop products for our Honda CRF450L story.  The MoJavi Saddlebags, Fender Rack, Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag, Pronghorn Straps and Gas Bag are all really great products!  The story is in this week’s Cycle News. Thanks! — Sean Finley, Digital Throttle

Right on Sean, perfect setup on that bike!

Go light. Go fast. Go far…


Giant Loop in New KLIM Taurus Mountains Video

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Internationally known filmmaker Tolga toured the Taurus Mountains in Turkey with Siskiyou Panniers and Great Basin Saddlebags

“From the rugged Taurus Mountains, to central deserts and towering cliffs, to northern forests, Turkey is an adventure riding paradise. We took an opportunity to explore the vast country, overcoming challenges that all adventure riders face at some point. Follow along as our small group immerses into the unique terrain rich with history, culture and new experiences.”Tolga Basol, tolga@ridemust.com

And he sent us these recent photos of his bike outfitted with a Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag and the GL Fender/Number Plate Bag on KLIM’s KTM two-stroke trail bike…

Giant Loop in New Klim Taurus Mountains Video

Giant Loop in New Klim Taurus Mountains VideoThanks Tolga — great to see you riding with GL!

 Go light. Go fast. Go far…

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Benvenuto Federico!

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Our dear friend and new Giant Loop Ambassador Federico Tondelli has been on the team for a very long time. GL’s first trip to the huge EICMA Motorcycle show in Milano was in 2011. We had never been in the show, never been to Italy. We don’t speak any Italian. We needed a motorcycle for display in our stand in the USA Pavilion, so I started posting online that we needed a bike parked in our stand for a few days…

Out of the blue, Federico contacts us and offers to let Giant Loop take delivery of his new Yamaha Super Tenere at the show – all we had to do was roll it from the Yamaha stand to ours! We were blown away by Fede’s kindness and willingness to help. 

Since then, he has helped us in countless other ways. Last year, during the off-season for MotoGP (he is now the press manager for the Suzuki team), Federico rode in South America with GL gear and took a ton of beautiful photos.

Here’s shot of dinner from our 2013 trip to EICMA. That’s Fede (second from left) enjoying plate-sized Milanesa at a classic Lombardy restaurant in Milano…

“Dear Harold, I spent the whole morning to find some proper words to express how much honored and proud I am to read these beautiful words that you wrote for me, but I couldn’t. So please allow me to just say: THANK YOU. Giant Loop has a very special place in my heart. Not only as a brand, but also as the people like you who I consider a true friend besides and before any ‘business’. My trip in Patagonia has been a true life-changer for me and proved once again how much the GL’s products are well thought, well engineered and well done. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” — Fede

Federico has shared the truest Italian hospitality with us for many years, and has been a steadfast friend and ally for Giant Loop throughout most of our history as a company. Grande Fede!

Round The World Panniers Featured in BMW Owners Magazine

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Our friend Wes Fleming who writes for BMW Owners News Magazine does a great podcast as well. His review of our Round The World Panniers and Pannier Mounts  is featured in the April 2020 issue, Member Tested Product Reviews section. Plus there’s a new product mention in the News section for the Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag

Round The World Panniers Featured in BMW Owners News MagazineWes rides a sweet Indian FTR 1200 S with a single-sided rack. Our Pannier Mount fits perfectly and the big Round The World Pannier gives him enough room for all his gear

Round The World Panniers Featured in BMW Owners News Magazine

Thanks Wes!

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The Ultimate Loop on a KTM 500 EXC-F

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Rider Aaron Steinmann spent three years biking around the world with GL gear on a KTM 500 EXC-F. One of our favorite websites Enduro 21 posted a great article about Aaron’s amazing journey…

“Pack light and keep it narrow to get through doorways. Doing a trip like this on a smaller bike means you have to think a bit more about the gear you are going to carry. I used the Giant Loop Coyote Saddleag to carry my gear in and one Tillamook Dry Bag. The Coyote Saddlebag has three dry bags inside. One had my tools, tubes, filters etc. Another had my cooking equipment and the third my minimal amount of clothing. In the top bag I had my tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, shoes and a few other things. I have two pouches also made by Giant Loop attached to the Coyote Saddlebag and they are a perfect size to fit the Motorex one-litre oil bottles. I also kept a few tools in there so I could tighten my chain or the odd bolt if it came loose without having to dig into my main bag.”Enduro 21

read the entire article here

For more about Aaron’s fantastic adventure go to his Instagram page at @braaping_kiwi

 Go light. Go fast. Go far!

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Many Possibilities With a Possibles Pouch

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Riders can store a complete tire repair kit in a Giant Loop Possibles Pouch

At a minimum, riders should carry the tools and supplies needed to repair a flat tire. Our Waterproof Possibles Pouch straps onto Giant Loop Saddlebags, Tail Racks, stock engine guards and just about any other stable attachment point. This video focuses on dirt bikes and dual sports with tube tires, but a compact air compressor and tubeless plug kit are also a great fit…

Designed by riders for riders. Go light. Go fast. Go far! 

Visit our YouTube Channel for more videos from Giant Loop!

Riding the Canadian Trans-Labrador Highway

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We love this Adventure Rider series that follows a trek along the Trans-Labrador Highway north of Quebec. It covers everything you need to know to make the ride…

Riding the Trans-Labrador Highway with Giant Loop

“Match your luggage to your bike. When I rode the Trans Lab, I was on a small-capacity Yamaha WR250R and didn’t want the added weight of heavy panniers. For that reason I used Giant Loop’s Coyote Saddle Bag, Tillamook Dry Bag, Diablo Tank Bag and Possibles Pouch to haul all my clothes, camping gear, cooking kit, tools and other assorted gear.” — Zac Kurylyk

Riding the Trans-Labrador Highway with Giant Loop

So rad, Zac – thanks for including Giant Loop…

check out Zac’s entire series of Trans-Labrador articles here!

Go light. Go fast. Go far!

Carrying the Essentials for a Moto Dog’s Life on The Road

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Author Jess Stone wrote us with a fun story about how the Zigzag Handlebar Bag is perfect for dog food and treats…

“During a North to South America motorcycle trip a few years back when I was a brand-new and impressionable rider, Greg and I were waiting at the La Paz-to-Mazatlán ferry terminal when a bright yellow Vespa pulled up and parked next to our bikes. It was swollen to nearly double its proper size and there was hardly a yellow panel that wasn’t covered with canvas bags stacked upon rucksacks hanging from duffle bags.

The rider, who could barely be seen as he pulled up, was German and a ship upholsterer by trade and, as he explained, was traveling around the world and stopping at ports along the way when we he needed money to find jobs refurbishing yachts. After exchanging a few pleasantries, he excused himself to retrieve the gear off his scooter that he would need for the overnight ferry ride.

In a mind-bogglingly complex and yet seemingly well practiced and methodical process, he retrieved three bags, exchanged their contents, returned two of them and retrieved two more, and then exchange the contents again. This continued for a solid twenty minutes during which the rider must have cycled through his dozen or so bags at least twice while Greg and I sat transfixed.

‘I’m never carrying more than a tank bag, two panniers, and a duffle,’ I said in a whispered oath to Greg who, mouth agape, only nodded in reply. Fast forward several years and 50,000 miles on the odometer, and now our German Shepherd Moxie rides with me on my same 2013 G650GS. Initially, I was excited to pass my share of the camping gear over to Greg’s F700 but then the reality set in of having to carrying Moxie’s kibble, treats, raincoat, a few toys, a travel bedroll, and other almost-necessities.

More gear to carry without an available rear luggage rack, meant that I had to make sacrifices: ‘You could go without shampoo, a razor, and things like that,’ Greg suggested. Or else I’d have to break the tank bag-panniers-and-duffle-only oath that I’d made years before. ‘Ok, we’ll try some new luggage options,’ I conceded. ‘But I’ll die before my bike looks like that f-ing yellow Vespa!’

Soon, reluctantly, I allowed a tank pannier bag to be hung from either side of my front plastics. But, the real coup de grace are the Zigzag Handlebar Bags, which we’ve rechristened as Moxie’s Pockets, that fasten to either side of Moxie’s K9 Moto Cockpit motorcycle dog carrier.

You might use yours for carrying sunglasses, Chapstick, and a few other useful sundries, but our Moxie’s Pockets are strictly for carrying dog treats, kibble, and a fetch stick – the essentials for a moto dog’s life on the road.” — Jess Stone

Author Jess Stone, her husband Greg, and their German Shepherd Moxie travel throughout Mexico and Central America from their home in Lake Atitlan Guatemala. Follow their travel adventures on 2 Wheels + 4 Paws on YouTube or at ruffontheroad.com

Check out the latest episode from and you especially won’t want to miss the Moxie’s Pockets view of Greg and Moxie’s ugly bridge crash at 09:47!

Thanks Jess!

Roadrunner Jonesy!

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The one, the only. National treasure and legendary guitarist Steve Jones pictured here circa 2010 with a GL Fandango Bag atop his Ducati Hypermotard custom built by David Bingham, who owned Bend Euro Moto at the time this photo was taken…

Jonesy also played on a short tour with Billy Duffy, Billy Morrison, and Franky Perez as The Ducati All Stars which traveled up the U.S. west coast and included a stop in Oregon…

We love you JonseyGo light. Go fast. Go far!

2020 Giant Loop Ride is RESCHEDULED for September 18-20

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We hope you all are hanging tough and keeping your families and communities safe! By staying home and following guidelines, hopefully we’ll all get over the hump as soon as possible.

Because of the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have rescheduled the 9th Annual Giant Loop Ride. The new dates are SEPTEMBER 18-20. 

Check out the updated sign-up page here… 

2020 Giant Loop Ride is RESCHEDULED for September 18-20

To-date, we have 149 sign ups, including riders, volunteers, vendors and staff – our largest group yet! We hope you will be able to make the new dates fit into your schedule.

If you are unable to join us in September, it is a BIG help to Giant Loop if you can use your deposit as credit to purchase GL gear, or if you can apply it to a future Giant Loop ride or event. We also understand if you need to cancel and prefer to get a refund on your deposit, just shoot us an email with your request.

If you can join us in September, please help spread the word, invite friends and encourage riders to come help us make the 9th Annual Giant Loop Ride the largest dualsport rally in Oregon!


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He made it, around-the-world!!!

Round-The-World on a KTM 500 EXC

“After 139,870K through 51 different countries on 6 continents over three and a half years — yesterday I finally made it to Bluff, the end of my journey. I hadn’t planned on going there yesterday, but after seeing rain was forecast I decided to head to Invercargill and before I knew it — I was doing a wheelie on the beach. It seems appropriate because this is how my “Forrest Gump” type journey has been mostly, which is unplanned and taking it day by day. I never set out to ride around the world. After Oregon, I decided Alaska was a better ending point. And then, for whatever reasons I thought I’ll turn around and ride it back home to New Zealand. A big thanks to Harold Olaf Cecil at Giant Loop, Dave at Adventure-Spec, and MotoZ Tires who have supported me with gear. But especially, I would like to thank all of you who have either been following my journey on Facebook, opened your home to me or I’ve met in person. I’ve been humbled and grateful for all the kindness I’ve experienced along the way and it’s given me faith in humanity, which is one of the awesome things about traveling. So no matter what journey you have in mind, just go do it and experience the kindness out there waiting for you.” — Aaron Steinmann (photos by Burt Munro)

Round-The-World on a KTM 500 EXC

Words can not express how amazing it is to be a part of this… Thanks, Aaron

On to the next loop!!!

Mojavi Saddlebags, Fuel Bags, Buckin’ Roll Bags are Essential

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One rider showing us how she takes Giant Loop to the next level on a Timbersled Snow Bike

Mojavi Saddlebags, Fuel Bags and Buckin Roll Bags are Essential“Whether I’m out on the snow or picking my way through high mountain single track, Giant Loop products have become an essential part of my adventures! Three things I can’t live with out: the Mojavi Saddlebag for those long multi-day adventures out on the trail, the Fuel Bag for keeping my machines going on those remote days when the only fuel you get is what you can pack with you, and the newly redesigned and totally awesome Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag for keeping the small essentials close at hand.  Giant Loop products let me take my adventures to the next level!” — Carrie Barton

Excellent photo — fresh tracks! Thanks for the email, Carrie…

Tackling the Great Pacific Divide, Canada to Mexico

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Awesome video from Backcountry Adventure Motorsports!  These guys have their BMW F800GS and Honda Africa Twin with Round The World Panniers, Pannier Mounts, Fandango Tank Bag, Pannier Pockets, Tillamook Dry Bag and Rogue Dry Bag

“In August 2019 we did the Great Pacific Divide ride based off the maps from GPS Kevins Website. did the trip in just over twelve days, but could have taken more time. This was an amazing trip. These trip is broken down into episodes makes sure to check them out in order for the best story. Thanks for watching!”Backcountry Adventure Motorsports

Nice ride!

Have you signed up for the Giant Loop Annual Ride yet?

March Giant Loop Garage Night

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Giant Loop is pleased to be presenting the Central Oregon premier of the new North East Backcountry Discovery Route film for our March Giant Loop Garage Night at Pro Caliber Bend! Please join us Wednesday, March 18, 6:30pm…

North East Backcountry Discovery Route film

From Ride BDR: “This epic 1,400-mile backcountry tour of the Northeast Region up to the Canadian border winds through 7 states and nearly a dozen state forests on dirt and gravel roads, challenging seasonal and Class IV roads, and twisty tarmac. Expect scenic views, endless forest roads under a canopy of trees, rocky expert-only sections and the highest elevations in the Northeast. Every state delivers a unique adventure riding experience unto itself.”

This film is gonna be amazing — we look forward to seeing you there!

Soggy Adventure on a Honda CRF250L with Giant Loop Bags

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Here’s a great video by our friends at Dork in the Road of a Honda CRF250L equipped with our Fender Bag, Fandango Tank Bag, Mojavi Saddlebag, Gas Bag and Pronghorn Strap

It’s raining, and I’m out riding!  My latest dual sport adventure is a soggy, rain-soaked trip into the woods to explore some logging roads in various states of upkeep.  My Honda CRF250L performs admirably on well-maintained roads, while hopping over downed trees, and exploring long-abandoned and completely overgrown tracks.  Only a dual sport motorcycle could possibly handle all the different types of terrain, fallen rocks, narrow spaces, and other obstacles I encountered on this rainy day logging road dual sport exploration adventure.” — Dork in the Road

The Dork in the Road channel is a GL favorite!

Have you signed up for the Giant Loop Annual Ride yet?

Round the World Panniers Reviewed

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Check out this recent review of our Round the World Panniers by Rob Dabney from ADV Pulse

RTW Panniers

“Lots of room for your gear with room to over stuff. Convenient pockets for quick access and staying organized. Fast to remove or mount with the quick-release pannier mounts installed. No mounting plate left behind on racks when bags are removed.”

Thanks Rob!

Have you signed up for the Giant Loop Annual Ride yet?

A Legendary GL Customer 

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Lawrence Hacking is not only a long time Giant Loop supporter, but he is also a riding legend! Lawrence was the first Canadian to finish the Dakar Rally in 2001. He’s a published author, and a couple years ago, raced the Baja Rally on a Honda Africa Twin… 

Check out this amazing photo of Giant Loop’s Mojavi Saddlebag and Possibles Pouch on a Honda CRF450x when Lawrence raced Rally Mongolia in 2014

Legendary GL Customer Lawrence HackingIt’s an honor Lawrence, thanks for riding with Giant Loop!

Oregon’s Cascades on a KTM 450 SX with Giant Loop Bags

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Our friend and local customer, Kevin sends us these excellent photos of riding his KTM 450 SX in the Oregon Cascades with Giant Loop’s Revelstoke Tunnel Bag, 2-gallon Gas Bag and Diablo Tank Bag… 

Oregon’s Cascades on a KTM 450 SX with Giant Loop BagsOregon’s Cascades on a KTM 450 SX with Giant Loop Bags“A few shots from the field.” — Kevin Hopper

Revelstoke Tunnel Bag and other Snow branded products are 20% off during February!

Have you signed up for the Giant Loop Annual Ride yet?


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Congrats to Giant Loop Ambassador “Bike Hedonia” on three amazing years on the road! Solo traveler, overland from Sydney to Paris riding her KTM 690 Enduro with Round The World Panniers, Tillamook Dry Bag and Pannier Pockets

Giant Loop Ambassador “Bike Hedonia”

Here’s to the next three years — cheers!

9th Annual Giant Loop Ride coming in June to Eastern Oregon

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Registration is now open for The 9th ANNUAL GAINT LOOP RIDE! JUNE 5-7, 2020…

9th Annual Giant Loop Ride, June 5-7Join us for the 2020 Giant Loop Ride, an adventure motorcycle rally weekend in the high desert of Eastern Oregon, based out of beautiful Crystal Crane Hot Springs.


Also, check into RIDE ADVENTURES “BEST WEEK IN OREGON” PACKAGE: Fly into Central Oregon, jump on a sweet rental bike, enjoy a guided, truck supported adventure tour of Oregon that includes joining us at the 2020 GL Ride!

For details about Bend-based RIDE Adventures “Best Week In Oregon” package click here

We’re really looking forward to this, it’s gonna be exciting — see you there!

Tour of Idaho with Coyote Saddlebag and Diablo Tank Bag on KTM 500 EXC

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Jimmy Lewis jamming on a 1400 mile single track adventure with our Coyote Saddlebag and Diablo Tank Bag

“It’s not a race. There is no support and there are no spectators or cheering crowds – just you, your bike and your wits. The Tour of Idaho is a dirt bike adventure designed for soloists and small groups traveling alone and unsupported that begins in Southern Idaho and ends nine days and 1400 miles later in the Selkirk Mountains near the Canadian border. It is very likely one of the most committing and difficult long dirt bike rides in the United States.” – Jimmy Lewis