Zigzag Handlebar Bag™

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Our smallest bag yet – Giant Loop’s Zigzag Handlebar Bag is the off-road glove box! Sometimes you only need the bare bones basics — wallet, phone, registration/insurance cards and other small items.

“ADV and commute ready. In the months that I have tested the Zigzag handlebar bag, I have relied on it to carry my house key, insurance card, spare sunglasses, and Clif bars, through rainstorms, stiff crosswinds, and pleasant weather commute rides.” – Ultimate Motorcycling

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Product Description

adventureproof-orangeOur smallest bag yet – it’s the off-road glove box! Sometimes you only need the bare bones basics — wallet, phone, registration/insurance cards and other small items. Perfect for dirt bikes, snow bikes and technical riding. This versatile bag fits snowmobile bumpers, BMW GS subframes, passenger handles – and it can be strapped to a backpack or belt. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Named for Oregon’s scenic Zigzag River on Mt. Hood.

Specs & Features

• Volume: 1.5 liters
• Dimensions: 10.5″ wide x 4″ tall x 2.5″ deep
• Super tough trucker’s tarp Bomb Shell™ and ballistic nylon
• Straps to almost any motorcycle’s handlebars — completely out of the way
• Interior mesh zippered pocket
• Threads onto belt or pack when removed from machine
• Military-spec materials and construction

Fits These Models

adventure motorcycledirt bike dual sport enduro
• BMW, KTM, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati, Husqvarna, Triumph

Instructions & Video

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Zigzag Handlebar Bag overview

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including DBP and DEHP, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

11 reviews for Zigzag Handlebar Bag™

  1. Arthur R. Hughes

    Looking for a great little versatile adventure bag? Well you found it, let me introduce you to the Giant Loop Moto ZigZag Handle Bar Bag. Yeah I called it versatile in the opening sentence and in the next I called it a handle bar bag. Confused yet? Well don’t be, I’ll explain. The ZigZag bag is a must have for any off-road motorcycle and it’s very functional because you can secured it to other luggage bags and or even strap it to frames or engine crash bars. For those of you man enough to try, the ZigZag can be used as a fanny pack also, perfect when your off the bike and need extra storage on your person.

    The reason it’s a must have for any off-road motorcycle is because it’s perfect for keeping motorcycle documents, chap stick, head phones, and other important smaller items close and available. I even carry my Iphone6 in my ZigZag while still having room for a small .380/9mm conceal carry. Easily can be swapped from one bike to another, fits 7/8 bars with cross bar pad the best but works great with my Renthal 1 1/8 bars and with or without the bar pad. Adventure proof? Heck yeah, have ridden in the rain without getting anything wet, but I still like to take pre-caution for phones, documents, etc. Big thumbs up for being Made in the USA, offering functionally, durability, and a price of $55

  2. Gene

    I purchased a Zigzag Bag after I went on a weekend ride and someone else had one. He offered to carry my keys in his when he saw I didn’t have anywhere to put them. Initially I thought the price was a bit high; however, I can tell you that it is very well made and will become absolutely indispensable after you use it. The bag is perfectly thought out; installs with ease, remains in place and does not interfere with anything on your bike. I use mine to store my wallet, phone and keys when I’m out riding. Buy one; you won’t regret it.

  3. Mark Kitaoka

    James a man who made my seat turned me onto your bag. What a wonderful piece of kit! I use it on my Sur Ron Light Bee electric bike and it not only fits perfectly, but is well made and thought out. So much so I wrote a review of the product. Thank you for making a great piece of kit.

  4. HM

    Super well made, handy little bag to hold your small essentials

  5. Ron

    Zig Zag Handlebar Bag is awesome! Fits my Honda Ruckus like a glove.

  6. Andres Yepes

    It is an excelent handlebag but the third day got into a rainstorm and all my documents and phone got very very wet, not water proof even water resistant, that’s the only negative thing.

  7. Matt

    I have a Zigzag handlebar bag on all of our bikes aside from the sport bike which doesn’t have the type of bars to strap it to! These bags may seem small, but don’t be mistaken, they can hold quite a bit.
    The build quality is great and the velcro has held up well despite taking it off to wash the bikes over 3 seasons and swapping one of them from bike to bike before I got a 3rd one. While not officially waterproof, they’ve held up well in light rain – but I do have my documents in a plastic bag just in case. Otherwise my phone and Garmin inReach are waterproof themselves.
    In terms of what fits… I normally keep my: bike’s reg, insurance, OHV permit, spare meds and ~6 wet wipes in the zippered pocket… then in the main compartment I keep a chapstick, a key fob, 3 trailer/lock keys on a ring, a tube of ~12 compressed tissues, a spare pair of Fox Dirtpaw lightweight dirt bike gloves, phone AND Garmin inReach.
    Now all that fills the bag to it’s limit but I don’t feel it is “overstuffed” where the zipper would be compromised. Rotating the bag up on top of the bars, rather than hanging down behind the bars facing me helps… and the adjustability of the velcro area and compression straps are great for when I carry less.
    Overall it’s a great bag and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it or buy another should one ever fail or I am spoiled enough to get another bike.

  8. Rest Stop Ray

    I have used this bag for 2 full seasons of New England NETRA events and general dirt bike fun. After my first season, I purchased several more from my friends, who all love it. I am now back again to put one on my TE 300 I. This is a great product.

  9. Mark McClellen

    Great addition to my KTM 500 EXC-F for a minimalist ride. Extremely well made and offers a secure method of attachment to handle bars. Perfect size for required documents, phone, wallet, Garmin inReach and other necessities. I’ll be ordering another for my wife’s Yamaha TW200.

  10. Matt

    Just got the two Zigzag Handlebar Bags that I ordered. Very well made and versatile mounting worked well on our two enduros

  11. Kyle Kruhmin

    So nice, I bought it twice! Love this thing so much I just bought another one to use on my ebike haha. Great little pocket to get some small stuff out of the way. Wallet, license plate, keys, etc. Good stuff

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