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The Coyote Saddlebag is Giant Loop’s original rackless design for packing up to 39 liters of gear on multi-day rides. Built with highly resistant Bomb Shell™ materials, it’s a must have for transporting gear through even the toughest terrain. The Coyote can be mounted to the rear fender or tail rack of virtually any dirt bike, dual-sport, or enduro motorcycle. Includes waterproof inner liner Saddlebag Dry Pods™ and 25-inch Pronghorn Strap™ for complete waterproofing and easy installation.

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“The Coyote is a tough, rugged piece of kit that can haul a lot more gear than you initially think it can. When the bike moves, the Coyote moves with it, instead of flopping around. You can still tell there’s extra weight on the bike, but for a rider who wants luggage but still wants the bike to feel tight, the Coyote is a good choice”

Zac Kurylyk, Adventure Rider Radio

Straps on and stays on—no matter what.

Provides 39 liters (2,380 cubic inches) of packable volume.

Waterproof: Made from rugged Bomb Shell™ materials with double reinforced ballistic nylon impact zones constructed to be completely waterproof, mudproof, snowproof, and dustproof when used with included Dry Pods™.

Included set of three RF-welded waterproof inner liner Saddlebag Dry Pods™ with air release valves keep gear dry and organized.

Two rear mounting options: anchors to the rear fender or GL Tail Rack with included Pronghorn Strap™ and fender hooks to fit virtually any bike or tail rack.

Side compression straps with integrated grab handles provide a way to handle the packed bag or can be used to push, pull, or pick up the motorcycle in case of a tip over.

Add a Rogue™ or Tillamook™ Dry Bag and/or Possibles Pouch™ external pocket for expanded capacity (available separately).

Includes Hot Springs Heat Shield™ to prevent exhaust from melting saddlebag or side panels.


Although the Coyote is designed to mount behind the seat or to a GL Tail Rack, it can be positioned differently on every motorcycle make and model. Once positioned in the desired location, the saddlebag is secured to the fender or GL Tail Rack using the two included fender hooks and Pronghorn Strap. The two side anchor straps are then secured directly to the subframe or frame to hold the saddlebag firmly in place.

Giant Loop recommends installing the included Hot Springs Heat Shield™ to prevent parts of your Coyote Saddlebag or side panels from making direct contact with exhaust components. Optional GL Mounts allow one to secure the saddlebag to existing bolt-mounted points to keep straps away from hot exhaust components.

The Coyote Saddlebag fits virtually any make and model, including:

  • Beta Every RR model, X trainer, and more
  • BMW GS310 G450X, F650, G650, GS800-GS1250, R one T, and more
  • KTM all models 200, 300, 400, 450, 500, 525, 530, 640, 640 ADV, 690 Enduro, 950/990/1190/1090/1290 ADV (use KTM Passenger Handle Removal Spacer Kit for 1090/1190/1290), 950 SE, and more
  • Husaberg FE models, and more
  • Husqvarna FE, FC, TE, TX, SM models, and more
  • Honda all XR series, all CRF series, Rally Raid CB500X Adventure, Africa Twin, and more
  • Suzuki all DR series, RMZ, V-Strom, and more
  • Yamaha all WR series, YZ models, Ténéré 700/1200, and more
  • Kawasaki All KLX, KLR, KX models, and more

NOTE: If you do not see your motorcycle listed here, contact us about compatibility.

Specifications and Instructions

  • Volume 39 liters (2,380 cubic inches) of packable volume.
  • Dimensions 62″ (156 cm) from the bottom of the pannier, across the top to bottom of the other pannier bucket.
    7″ (18 cm) height of bag in top center.
    6″ (15 cm) distance from inside to the outside of the pannier bucket bottom.
    9″ (23 cm) from front to back in top center.
  • Dry Weight 4.5 lb. (2 kg), with all included components.
  • Materials Rugged Bomb Shell™ construction and materials with reinforced ballistic impact zones, beefy water-resistant YKK zippers, and military-spec fasteners. Aluminum cam buckle compression straps. Custom-woven ballistic webbing on lower attachments.

Coyote Saddlebag mounting and installation instructions
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer,and Cadmium and cadmium compounds, which is known to the State of California tocause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

As Giant Loop’s original flagship horseshoe-shaped rackless saddlebag design, the Coyote is the current version of our original design. The Coyote mounts to the rear fender or tail rack of virtually any dirt bike, dual-sport, or enduro motorcycle—no passenger pegs required. Carry up to 39 liters of essential gear on multi-day rides without interfering with riding ability—even on technical singletrack, steep hill climbs, or other rough terrain.

Lightweight Bomb Shell™ construction and materials mean the Coyote is built for long-term durability. It includes three RF-welded waterproof inner liner Saddlebag Dry Pods™ with air release valves to keep everything dry and organized. Giant Loop’s adventure proof packing system allows the Coyote to be expanded for enhanced storage and accessibility by adding a Rogue Dry Bag™, Possibles Pouch™, or Tank Bag (each sold separately).

The Coyote is THE rackless motorcycle saddlebag of choice for hardcore off-road expeditions. It delivers everything needed to mount up and hit the trail with confidence. Includes Hot Springs Heat Shield™ Kit to prevent saddlebag or side panels from making contact with exhaust components. Now even faster and easier to install and remove with an included 25-inch Pronghorn Strap™.

Upgrades and Accessories

18 reviews for Coyote Saddlebag™

  1. Friederic

    Nice additions with the roll top and the carry straps. Sure wish I had some of those purging dry bags and some drainage in my coyote bag. Very tough bag for any level of adv laid the bike down a few times no issues but then one little crash and now some of the stitching is coming out. Fits very well. Just think it would 10x easier to pack if the bag was actually waterproof not needing those dry pods.

    • Greg @ Giant Loop

      Thanks for the comments! The new roll top certainly is awesome and I personally tested it a few thousand miles so far. I actually like the use of the dry pods as part of the packing system. Without them in other bags, I tended to pack a lot less organized and it was always a pain to find stuff. Now I use the three waterproof dry pods to organize my gear, squeeze the air out of them and keep my stuff compact and easy to get to without having to unpack and repack everything from my bag. Enjoy!

  2. Jeremy

    In the market for something like this, can you tell me more or less what you can put in there for adventure riding. For example, sleeping bags, tent, could all that stuff fit? Thanks

    • harold

      Hello Jeremy –

      We recommend the Coyote Saddlebag for overnight or longer trips – even continent crossing journeys. 39 packable liters is a surprising amount of gear if you’re an efficient packer (people through hike the Pacific Crest Trail with less).

      How much can fit depends a lot on the gear you’re packing, but if your camping gear is lightweight backpacking style equipment then you should be able to fit your heaviest items down low in the “legs” of the Coyote Saddlebag: tools, spare inner tubes, camp stove and cooking gear. In the top middle, lightweight bulky items like clothes, sleeping bag, etc. We like to add two Possibles Pouches to the “legs” to provide pockets for tools and items we want to easily access during riding. Usually, we fit a tent and a few other items into our Rogue Dry Bag.

      Here’s an example of a couple of efficient packers using the Coyote Saddlebag on a 12-day, 2300 mile trip last may:

      This rider will do the Trans America Trail across the USA this summer with the Coyote Saddlebag:

      This Kiwi rider covered both islands of New Zealand, the length of South America and is continuing to Alaska now with the Coyote Saddlebag:

      Thank you for choosing Giant Loop for your adventures!

  3. George H

    I want to install this on my currently all stock DRZ400SM. Do I need to get any plates to mount it to, or is this all I need?

    • Ryan

      Hi George! The Tail Rack comes with everything you need to mount it on the DRZ.

  4. marck bloemers

    I bought this bag and promptly took it a multi day WABDR and a 10 day ride thru Morocco. The bag installs in minutes on all 3 bikes that I have used it on so far. It has been sturdy, stable and fool proof thru any of the conditions/road surfaces I have thrown at it. The pods are super handy and keep my stuff organized and dry. Highly recommend. Plus the guys at Giant Loop are super nice and helpful, pay them a visit if you are in the area!

  5. Wyo George

    The Coyote proved to be the perfect setup for a week of moto camping in the mountains with my DR650. It held all my gear with ease including my Kelty a Teton 2 ,sleeping bag and mattress. We set camp out and went out riding each day and the mostly empty Coyote was never in the way, unlike some bags that don’t travel well when empty as they are too baggy. My riding partners will be ditching their rack mounted gear and getting Coyotes for themselves before next summer.

  6. Mark McInnis

    Wow! It has taken me 3 overnight camping trips to come to the realization that this bag is absolutely perfect for my needs. Even put the bike down a couple times and the bag is just fine. Fits my tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag and cookware no problem. It even has room for a change clothes if you need. I can’t imagine not having my Coyote Saddlebag for my overnight trips. To me, it has become essential. Go light, go fast, go far!

  7. Nathan Schilling

    This is an excellent bag. Trust me i was extremely sceptical but giant loop did a excellent job with this bag. Fits great on my dr650!

  8. Henry S Edwards

    Just received my Coyote. Will be perfect for overnight trips on my CRF 450L. I already had the Great Basin which I’ve used multiple times on my 1200 Tenere for longer trips. That was just too big for a smaller dual sport. Always impressed by the quality of all Giant Loop products!

  9. Adam Larnach

    These bags are awesome – the first day they arrived I fitted them on my 2020 FE501S and headed out to Borrego Springs for a few nights. 800 miles of dirt later the bag(s) has worked flawlessly. I’m about to put another 2000 on them before the end of the month on a multi-state BDR/coast journey – I recommend getting the GL Tail Rack for mounting these, it makes the loadout very secure. Also another tip, USE the included dry pods for easy organizing and packing, although for short weekend jaunts I just throw what I need in the bag and hit the road. Definitely recommend!!!

  10. spl

    The Coyote is perfect for light weight, dual-sport motorcycle adventure trips. High quality material and construction. Customer service response to emails received within minutes. Based upon my experience, I’d say this is a great company!

  11. acb634617

    Perfect for my DRZ 400. Great match.

  12. Gregory Sullivan

    Awesome on my 390 Adv. Even with the handles on the rear. I just took a 1 week 1600 trip on and off road and it performed perfectly and seemed to just be “there” on the back of the bike. Didn’t mess with aerodynamics as far as I can tell. Also, There are lot of ways to pack it and even use the beavertail/long straps to carry extra stuff. It mounts and unmounts very quickly if you’re going to a hotel room. My first dry run of packing went really slow – I had to get the feel for the geometry of the thing which isn’t readily apparent but gets easier once you figure out that you can fit more by getting creative and not over-stuffing the sides. I used the dry pods for this trip because we were camping and didn’t know if it was going to be rainy. I’d say this was the perfect choice for me at least. Looking back I don’t feel as there’s a better choice.

  13. Michael H

    I own a Mojavi saddlebags and coyote saddlebags and am very happy with the function, quality and durability of your bags.
    My coyote bags have over 20,000 miles in Baja and are still in incredible shape. I have fixed a couple of straps, but that is totally expected with all the cactus, rocks and crashes.
    I use the Mojavi bags for my local riding and they are great. I carry my tools and safety gear and they get the stuff off my back and at 65 I carry a lot of stuff so I can always get home.
    Just bought a Tenere 700 for my old guy bike so I will own a great basin bag.
    I am extremely happy with all your gear.

  14. NeighborDaveKTM690

    I recently outfitted my 2021 KTM690 with a Coyote saddlebag, Zigzag bar bag and a Klamath tail bag! Perfect set up for me, whether it’s a day-trip in the PNW, or a multi-day trip on the OBDR. Easy to mount, very durable, versatile and great for muddy and wet environments. Very well thought out gear that will last a lifetime. I’ve been using GL products for over 10 years and wont bother with anything else!

  15. jordandylan69

    I bought this bag for my Honda crf250l 4 months ago and have loved it ever since. They were a perfect fit and have plenty of room and the waterproof inner bags are great. Very durable and lightweight I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

  16. Gerry Brewster

    I purchased the Coyote bag for my KTM 500EXC a few months ago. I couldn’t wait to try it out when the weather started to warm up and yesterday was the day! This is an amazing product. It’s built really well, fits perfectly, and has plenty of adjustability for carrying small or large loads. I have no doubt that it will outlast the bike and will take any abuse that I throw at it. Giant Loop is an outstanding company based on this, my first experience with them. I would recommend their equipment to my friends without hesitation.

  17. ehines503

    Bomb proof product, excited to see how far I can take it. NICE WORK!

  18. Nick

    I picked up a set of the coyote bags for a trip to Baja on my 701. I couldn’t be happier! They provided tons of extra storage, more than I needed since we were not camping. They hugged the bike very well and did not move or flap around, even when riding sand whoops and rocky terrain. I like the bags so much I sold my other larger bags and ordered a rogue bag and 2 possibles pouches to go with the coyote.

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