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With 3.5-liters of packable volume, the super-rugged, universal roll-top Possibles Pouch™ provides enough capacity to carry a set of tire irons, spare tube, compressor, tools, and other small offroad essentials. The bag also allows one to add external pockets to Giant Loop’s MoJavi Saddlebag (top center), Coyote Saddlebag, Great Basin Saddlebag, and MotoTrekk Panniers.

The Possibles Pouch gear pocket is 100% waterproof, dustproof, and mudproof. It can be anchored to engine guards, crash bars, tail racks, or any other secure attachment point on virtually any motorcycle make or model. Add Giant Loop’s bolt-on Tail Rack for an instant trail riding solution that gets the weight off your body and onto the bike for improved performance and less fatigue.

Provides 3.5 liters of extra packable volume.

Rugged Bomb Shell™ 500D PVC tarpaulin body construction is 100% waterproof.

Roll-top closure with side release buckles.

Multiple daisy chain webbing lash points.

Includes two (2) heavy-duty webbing and thumb-lock buckle straps.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Possible Pouches fit virtually any motorcycle make/model. Secure to engine guards (KTM 1090/1190/1290 Adventure and many others) with included webbing straps. Also perfect for off-the-bike adventures, such as paddlesports, rafting, kayaking, Stand-up paddleboards (SUP), and more.

Specifications and Instructions

  • Volume 3.5 liters (214 cubic inches)
  • Dimensions 10.5” L x 5.5” W x 3.0” H (27 cm L x 14 cm W x 8 cm H).
  • Materials Rugged Bomb Shell™ 500D PVC tarpaulin body.

Upgrades and Accessories

  • Rubber Boa Straps™

  • Pronghorn Straps™

  • GL® Tail Rack


18 reviews for Possibles Pouch™

  1. Ian Turnbull

    I bought 2 of these and I have them strapped to the tops of the Siskiyou Panniers. Great quality, very rugged and are water and dust tight. Lots of ways to fix them to all types of luggage systems.

  2. Luke Takahashi

    Probably the best small to midsize ultra heavy duty pouch bag on the market! Love the versatility of this bag. It goes anywhere and fits on many places around the bike. Simple design yet has so many connection points you don’t have to worry about this getting lost. Nearly indestructible design and build!

  3. Andre Frey

    For months I looked for a solid system to lighten the load in my backpack. I bought the possibles pouch in combination with the GL Tail Rack and Pronghorn Straps. In it, I put my tools and a spare tube.
    Not only is this the perfect set-up for my 2020 Husky Fe501s, but the customer service by Ryan is unlike anything I experienced anywhere else. Fantastic!
    Giant Loop stands 100% behind their products. I will recommend GL luggage to anyone and will buy more if I have the need.
    Thank you Ryan!

  4. Charlie Hitlin

    Fantastic product. Light weight and waterproof. I purchased this with a Tail Rack and 2 ProngHorn straps and it worked better than expected. Looks and works great on my DRZ400s. Large enough for my tool kit and a first aid kit and still room for more.

  5. Matt

    I run a Possibles Pouch strapped to my WR450F’s rear fender, directly over my license plate (mounted toward the sky since I’m 95% offroad) with Pronghorn Straps going to 4 of another brands metal strap mounts using the license plate bolts. The bag fits perfectly over the license plate and is cradled between the strap mounts.
    The bag fits a full tool roll (every tool I’d need to fix my bike, the wife’s bike or anyone I find in-need on the trail… along with a buddy tow strap and mini can of chain lube (no tube since I run moose inserts, wife carries her own spare tube). I can only get ~1-2 flips on the seal but I do it so any water/mud landing on top sheds off and the opening is covered. I’ve been out in a couple rain showers and one heavy rain as well as lots of mud landing atop it… no issues with any of it making inside.
    Despite sitting directly atop a stamped license plate it has very little wear – the paint is worn off the plate and shows on the bag, but there isn’t wear/damage on the bag itself.
    I would definitely recommend this bag and some Pronghorn Straps to really secure it for aggressive riding – great bag to store the essentials!

  6. Jacob Charney

    Solid Bag with the ability to hold just about anything, purchased the medical one for my kit, and will grab another normal one for bottles or other supplies.

  7. garnettattoo.com

    I added three Possible Pouches to my Mototrekk Panniers. A very convenient addition to my luggage set up. Are use them for a first aid kit, spare tubes and other small items. They are extremely rugged and well-made. The expanded capacity keeps the weight down low. I could not be happier with all of the Giant Loop Products!

  8. Shane Cooke

    I also purchased two of these for my sur ron l1e. The pouches are well made, definitely waterproof as my bike was in a thunderstorm with my personal paper items safe and dry inside the bags. The orange coloring also looks sic with my black and orange forks. Highly recommended and ready to buy my next GL item.. a diablo tank bag.

  9. maro92000

    Fits my sur ron perfectly! Very well made and completely water proof! Definitely will look into their other products

  10. Adam Ingram

    Awesome really well made product that fits everything I need for tire repair and more.

  11. Matthew Wicks

    Works well as a smallish crash bar bag for a little extra easy-access, weatherproof capacity on the bike. Very tough, with plenty of mounting points. Good stuff.

  12. AntS

    Small and sturdy bags. I bought two, one for first aid stuff, the other for tire repair gear, and mounted them to either side of my engine crash bars. Looks like they will be very handy. Probably 5-star material, but have very little experience with them yet, and could probably have done with more mounting hints for securing them to shiny crash bars.

  13. Michael Mulligan

    Versatile sized dry bags with integrated mount system for my GL MotoTrekk bags that can be used elsewhere & on crash bars. Bought 4 which are great for a variety of stuff that you want easy access to such as 1st aide & tools. As of late 2021 GL has redesigned the Possibles Pouches eliminating the extra material attached to the outside of the dry bag that the straps runs through & the packaging info sheet. My order was caught in the transition & I received 3 of the new design & 1 old. My only wish might be for a slightly larger 5 L version to accommodate bigger water/fuel bottles.

  14. Paul Buck

    Excellent product. I’m planning an Arctic trip and I’m taking a minimal amount of crap with me. Consequently, my 50 litre dry bag, which sits high on the pillion seat, was getting heavier than I would have liked. I ordered two Possibles Pouches and transferred all the heavier items to the pouches which are strapped to my SW Motech crash bars on the Africa Twin. The pouches fit almost perfectly and securely into the crash bar space with the benefit of lowering the centre of gravity. Furthermore, the 3.5 litre capacity of the pouch is quite conservative especially if the pouch does not need to be absolutely rolled down and waterproof.

  15. Jeffrey Vozeh

    I used the possible pouch for my medical supplies. Large enough to take all what I consider essential supplies ((probably more than most would carry). I can keep 2 tourniquets in the bag and 1 on myself. Totally waterproof and I keep it strapped to the bike. In an em everyone can see what it is by the medical cross. Fantastic piece.

  16. Marc Skinner

    Got two of these for my tire repair/tube change kit – with room to spare in the second Possibles Pouch. Like my other Giant Loop gear, these are robust and simple to use. Great gear for a great price!

  17. dino

    Got one for the first aid kit and one for the tools, The perfect size for both applications and zero limitations as to where they can be mounted.

  18. runfaster_2001

    Just added two Possibles Pouches to my 21 Africa Twin. Once I figured out the best way to mount (mostly with velcro cable ties) they look neat and get compliments immediately. I know they will keep the items dry and they will add a bit of cushioning to the eventual stop and plop.

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