GL® Pannier Mounts for Motorcycle Soft Luggage

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GSA Adapter Kit for GL Pannier Mounts

Extends locking clasp on exhaust side of BMW GS Adventure’s stock side luggage rack. Includes 2x machined billet adapter blocks and bolts for BMW GSA OE and similar racks.

Giant Loop’s award-winning Pannier Mounts offer greater adjustability and are the ultimate quick-release, lockable solution for soft luggage and gear. These mounts are ultra light and tough, with quick release, quick-mount, lockable black anodized aluminum plates secure Giant Loop’s Round The World or MotoTrekk Panniers. GL Pannier Mounts can also be used with Rotopax gas/water cans for easy installation on many popular side luggage rack systems. Sold as a set of two, with four matching keys. Stainless steel hardware is included for GL Round The World Panniers installation.

They will hook onto round tube pannier frames, 15-18mm in diameter. CLICK HERE FOR CONFIRMED COMPATIBLE LUGGAGE RACKS LIST.

Add the optional GSA Adapter Kit for BMW GS Adventure original equipment luggage racks and other racks with “step” around exhaust. NOTE: Will NOT fit BMW 800GSA factory side luggage racks.

Aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized black finish weighs only four (4) pounds (total).

Pre-assembled latch and hooks with a thumb screw on each side to prevent mounts from sliding on rack tubing.

Includes a stainless steel hardware kit to attach Giant Loop’s Round The World Panniers (12 x bolts, washers, locknuts).

Multiple webbing slots for anchoring MotoTrekk Panniers or other gear.

Sold as a set of two with a matching set of two keys.

Pre-drilled for Rotopax mounts.


Pannier Mounts can be used with Giant Loop’s Round The World and MotoTrekk Panniers for installation on many popular side luggage rack systems.

  • Yamaha Ténéré 700 OE.
  • KTM Powerparts racks for Adventure 1090, 1190, 1290, 790, 890, 390.
  • Royal Enfield Himalayan OE rack.
  • Triumph Tiger 800 OE Givi (w/ parts removed).
  • Indian OE single-side luggage carrier.
  • Bumot racks.
  •  ADVM X-Frames (variety of popular ADV and dual sport makes and models).
  •  Touratech racks (all makes/models).
  • Brooks AutoSports.
  • Givi Outback Models rack (w/ parts removed).
  • 16-18mm round tubing racks with flat, vertical sides, including Outback Motortek.
  • Hepko & Becker (Cutout side uses our GSA option).

With BMW GS Adapter:

  • BMW R1200 GS Adventure (left and right exhaust models)
  • BMW R1250 GS Adventure.
  • BMW F850 GS Adventure OE rack.
  • BMW R1200 GS Adventure.
  • BMW R1250 GS Adventure.
  • BMW F850 GS Adventure OE.

Note: Will not fit BMW 800GSA Factory Side Luggage Racks. Other adapters and mounting options available soon. If your side luggage rack is not compatible, take a look at our MotoTrekk Panniers and Siskiyou Panniers, which do not require mounting hardware. Bolt Rotopax Pack Mount to GL Pannier Mount‘s pre-drilled holes for a quick-release, lockable motorcycle luggage rack mounted fuel and/or water carrying solution.

Specifications and Instructions

  • Dimensions 12″ x 12″
  • Weight 4 lbs
  • Materials Aircraft grade aluminum with anodized black finish
  • Details Pre-assembled latch and hooks, Includes two matching keys, plus stainless steel hardware kit to attach Giant Loop’s Round The World Panniers (12 x bolts, washers, locknuts), Adjustable hook and latch positions, Pre-drilled for Rotopax mount, Multiple webbing slots to anchor MotoTrekk Panniers or other gear,  Thumbscrew prevents Pannier Mount from sliding on rack tubing

21 reviews for GL® Pannier Mounts for Motorcycle Soft Luggage

  1. Jo

    good product!

    i mounted it inside a peli 1520eu case. it works! cool! but i wish there would be a better lock! thiefs can probably steal it with a paperclip in a few seconds. is there any other locking method you would recommend?

  2. Don Smith

    I love these mounts! Great as i have 2 bikes and the racks they mount on are the same bar diameter and i can swap these from bike to bike in about 2 mins and be on my way! Super sturdy and well made, love them!

  3. Bob

    Looking forward to my summer trip with these racks mounted with GL’s Around The World panniers. I appreciate the ability to go back to hard cases when I need that utility. When the racks are off, nothing is left behind. They could not be easier to use on my touratech racks and fit perfectly. The locking feature is very handy as well. While it won’t stop a determined thief it’s convenient and will slow down an opportunist.

  4. abdullah

    does it fit Royal enfield himalayan ?

  5. seaya2005

    If your looking for looking for some top notch pannier mounts you just found them! They are easy too use and I love the way you can lock them…

  6. seaya2005

    If you are looking for top notch pannier mounts you have come to the right place! These mounts are very well built, easy to use and I love the locking mechanism…

  7. Christopher

    Is it fit with Lone Rider moto bags?

    • Paul Robson

      Yes they will. For a more detailed answer, please email

  8. John

    Are the locks included?

  9. George Costello

    Purchased round the world panniers and mounts, best mounting system I have seen. On an off in seconds and really great quality. Been on my KTM 1090 r for year now with lots of hard riding and not a single issue. Going to purchase a second set of pannier mounts for for my Tour Tec hard boxes.

  10. George Costello

    George Costello 11/23/22
    Purchased round the world panniers and mounts, best mounting system I have seen. On an off in seconds and really great quality. Been on my KTM 1090 r for year now with lots of hard riding and not a single issue. Going to purchase a second set of pannier mounts for for my Tour Tec hard boxes.

  11. Michael Mulligan

    These quick detach, locking pannier backing plate mounts w/RotoPax capability have set the standard for the industry for minimalistic, light weight, high quality functionality & are one of the few options to allow these features for soft luggage. Having similar convenience for quick detach & lockability to the bike as with hard luggage for soft luggage cannot be overstated, particularly for dual sport & adv genres! They add welcome versatility/convenience for the GL Moto Trekk & Round The World Soft luggage as well as for most soft & hard bags…thank you Harold & GL 🙂

    Fitment Issues for racks larger than 18 mm diameter tubing & with welded center bar: GL Pannier Mounts are designed for the industry standard 16-18 mm rack diameter tubing & unfortunately do not work with my 3/4″ or 19.05 mm diameter powder coated (19.2 mm) tubing DirtRacks HD Soft Luggage Racks without modification . The lower clamps are slightly wider at the open end with angled surfaces near the upper portion of the clamp so will fit diameters from approximately 16 to almost 19 mm, but the upper locking clamp is a uniform shape that required removal of the rack powder coat & buffing of the tubing to allow the locking latch to close enough for the locking pin to align with the hole. Another issue is that the GL Pannier Mounts upper locking clamp will not completely close enough for the locking pin to function because of interference with the welded on center bar for mounting a Rotopx, when used in the standard center position…although the GL locking assembly has pre-drilled holes permitting relocating it left or right of center…. a side effect of moving the upper clamp assembly off-centre left or right is that the opposite side of the backing plate will flex & benefits from a rubber spacer between the rack & the GL backing plate.

    It would have been nice if the upper mount assembly could also have vertical adjustment capability, but unfortunately, as noted in the very thorough WebBikeWorld Review, it cannot be moved down to facilitate mounting the bags higher…however, the lower clamps accommodate several vertical & horizontal position. GL should also include a thumb screw bolt for each of the lower bar clamps vs just 1 to prevent rattling…each clamp is threaded, but only 1 thumb screw bolt provided. Note that the GL MotoTrekk back center strap w/magnetic clasp will not work with the pannier mount upper locking assembly located in the center (normal) position, but will if it is relocated to the left or right position, but is not really needed as the mount accommodates the 4 side straps & the 2 upper straps.

  12. Daniel Young

    I recently purchased the Mototrekk panniers. I kinda kicked myself for not getting these at the same but then my wife surprised me with them for my birthday. These mounts are really nice and versatile. I have hard panniers by another manufacture but these mounts in combination with the Mototrekk panniers may just be my new favorite set-up. I’ve taken them on several day rides and they are rock solid, no rattles or worrying about if they will come off unexpectedly. Looking forward to putting them through a few BDR’s this summer.

  13. emilio_tsocalis

    I recently purchased the Giant loop rack system. It goes great on a BMW F850GSA, provided that you purchase the adapters for the exhaust (right) side of the bike. They are heavy duty and can adapt to different pannier systems. Very happy with this purchase after 6 months using it.

  14. michael.mccabe1

    I’ve had these mounts for a few months now, they are super convenient once you get them set up. Easy on and off. I have them mounted to some Ortlieb bags ( for now) on some outback Mototek pannier racks. It’s nice to have to locking mechanism and side note in my case I needed to reverse the direction the lock was facing on one side and I was able to reverse it with a little tinkering. Also do keep an eye on the knurled threaded screw that sort of pins the mount to the bar, I had mine backed out and forgot to tighten it before a ride and it rattled out somewhere on the highway.Not a big deal, it’s still very secure but it rattles a little now.

  15. Jake Barlow

    I like the flexibility of these racks and how they work with *most racks. I have the Hepco & Becker racks and find that these mounts “swim” around and rattle a lot. The thumb screws that came with it are useless as they can’t screw in far enough to grip the H&B tubes. Maybe the problem is with the rack, because in hindsight, they seem kind of puny and not nearly as tough as these mounting plates.

  16. James

    I like the idea of the mounts. However I have the dirt racks system on my 22 KLR and the top clamp part doesn’t fit around the tube as it’s 3/4” tube which is equivalent to 19.05mm. If they offered parts to be compatible with the bigger tube I would have given it 5 stars. However I feel like I’m about ready to switch to mosko moto or buy hard panniers. Don’t get me wrong GL makes a good product but your stuck with certain rack system to make some things fit.

  17. Ron

    Will it work with a Motone Customs rack on a 2011 Triumph T100? Thank you.

    • Tiffany Ferraro

      If the rack has round tubing 16-18mm in diameter with flat vertical sides, then it will!

  18. Inca pagny

    The paniers hooked up to my Himalayan bs6 perfectly I also bought the mototrekk 50 Lts and my exhaust side bag touches the exhaust I’m afraid it might burn through is there a trick to it or is the bag resistant to the heat or maybe you guys make a spacer? If not, I’m thinking of maybe making a half inch spacer for all the mounts on that side just to get more clearance on the exhaust

  19. Steve

    Hi, I have rack of DirtyRacks with round tubing 3/4″, or 19.05mm in diameter. Will mounts still be working with my rack? Thank you.

    • Tiffany Ferraro

      Hello Steve,
      Our mounts are designed to be used round tubing of 15-18mm in diameter.

  20. David

    I recently purchased the2022 KLR 650 Adventure and needed some luggage racks. I researched all the various luggage racks on the market and then made my purchase of these racks. When I received them, I knew I made the best decision. The construction, fit and finish were excellent. All the hardware was included (not always the case, right?). The installation was easy. Best of all the racks worked perfectly and the ease of putting them on and taking them off with the luggage fasten to them was outstanding. My fellow adventure riders were impressed with the racks as well. I have recommended these racks to my friends. If concerned with the price, when you get these, those concerns will quickly fade away. They are that good.

  21. A jinapun

    I bought a pair of this only key lock system with very poor quality.

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