MoJavi Saddlebag™


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Our lightest and slimmest setup for carrying essentials on aggressive off-road rides. This saddlebag is ideal for carrying inner tubes, tools, fluids, snacks and other trail riding necessities. Allow the Mojavi to transfer the weight from your backpack to your motorcycle for improved rider endurance and comfort. Resistant to water, mud, snow, and dust. Straps on and stays on – no matter what.

“I have had a set of MoJavi Saddlebags on the guide bike for over five years…. that’s over 100,000 km of abuse and other than having to change the straps that go around the chassis on numerous occasions due to my boots wearing them through, I cannot fault them. An amazing product that I don’t hesitate to recommend.”

John Griffiths, Moto Adventures Morocco

Fully-waterproof roll top design.

Ride longer and harder by getting your gear off your back and onto your bike.

Provides 12 liters (732 cubic inches) of packable volume (two 6-liter side pockets).

Anchors to rear fender or Giant Loop Tail Rack.

Bomb Shell™ construction and materials.

Includes Hot Springs Heat Shield™ to
prevent exhaust from melting saddlebag or side panels.

Hot Springs Heat Shield™ (includes stainless clamp)

Multiple mounting options with included Pronghorn Straps and fender hooks.


The MoJavi is designed to mount behind the seat directly to the fender or to a GL Tail Rack, but can also be positioned according to personal preference. Once positioned in the desired location, the saddlebag is secured to the fender or GL Tail Rack using the two included fender hooks and Pronghorn Strap. After mounting the saddlebag to the fender or GL Tail Rack, two side mount straps secure the MoJavi directly to the subframe or frame and hold the saddlebag firmly in place.

Optional GL Mounts allow one to secure the saddlebag to existing bolt-mounted points to keep straps away from hot exhaust components. An included Hot Springs Heat Shield prevents the MoJavi Saddlebag or side panels from making direct contact with exhaust components.

The MoJavi Saddlebag fits virtually any make and model, including:

  • Beta: All dirt bike and dual-sport models and years
  • BMW: All models and years of the GS, G450X, F650, G650, X-Challenge, Cross-Country, HP2
  • KTM: All models and all years, EXC, XC, SX, and Adventure 125-1290cc
  • Husaberg: All models and all years
  • Husqvarna: all models and all years
  • Honda: all XR and CRF series
  • Suzuki: all DR and RM-Z series
  • Yamaha: all WR and YZF series
  • Kawasaki: All KLX and KLR series

NOTE: If you do not see your motorcycle listed here, contact us about compatibility.

Specifications and Instructions

  • Volume 12 liters (732 cubic inches), comprised of two 6-liter side pockets.
  • Dimensions Two (2) side pockets, 4″ deep x 16″ long x 7″ wide (10 cm deep x 41 cm long x 18 cm wide).
  • Dry Weight 3 lb. (1.4 kg), with all included components.
  • Materials Rugged Bomb Shell™ construction and materials, and military-spec fasteners. Aluminum thumb buckle compression straps. Highly abrasion-resistant webbing. Coated Fender Hooks. Stretch polyurethane Pronghorn Strap. Aluminum Hot Springs Heat Shield.

MoJavi Saddlebag mounting and installation instructions
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer,and Cadmium and cadmium compounds, which is known to the State of California tocause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

After many Giant Loop customer requests for a minimalist, rackless saddlebag designed for one and two-day rides, the MoJavi was born. The MoJavi is a rackless rugged saddlebag designed to carry the essentials on aggressive off-road rides where keeping your gear firmly in place while at speed is essential. It is ideal for carrying save-a-ride necessities on day trips or trail rides.

The MoJavi is made using super-tough Bombshell™ construction and materials with beefy, waterproof roll-top, and military-spec fasteners. Two side pockets, each 4″ deep x 16″ long x 7″ wide, allow one to carry a combined 12 liters of gear such as inner tubes, tools, fluids, first-aid kit, and more.

The MoJavi fits a vast array of motorcycles, including dirt bikes, dual-sport, adventure touring, scrambler, supermoto, standard, and sport models, and mounts behind the seat directly to the fender, GL Tail Rack, or according to one’s personal preference. The MoJavi is now even faster and easier to install and remove with an included 25-inch Pronghorn Strap™.

Take a load off and improve rider endurance and comfort by transferring weight from a backpack to your motorcycle with the rackless MoJavi Saddlebag Motorcycle Luggage System. No side luggage racks are required. Straps on and stays on—no matter what.

Upgrades and Accessories

45 reviews for MoJavi Saddlebag™

  1. Arthur R. Hughes

    I love the fact that these saddle bags have rode close to 5,000 miles across a variety of terrain from forest service roads to tight enduro single track all while causing me zero uncertainties. Fitting snug with a slim profile allows these saddle bags to perform great in all off-road conditions. I have never had to be concerned whether the saddle bags would ever dis-mount themselves and I have not once even had to re-adjust the straps. They have even endured a few crashes without issue or coming lose from the bike. All this adds up to me having one less thing on my mind and lets me ride instead of worrying about or fiddling with equipment on the bike. But if I had one super favorite thing that I loved about the MoJavi Saddle Bags is that I’m able to carry the load of ride day necessities lower, with a slim profile, and I don’t’ even notice that they are there right behind my legs.

    If you are in the market for an off-road luggage system that can carry your day tripper cargo and allow your dirt bike to stay nimble and retain its slim profile then the MoJavi Saddle Bags should be at the top of your shopping list. Digging around on the internet I have heard comments concerning price and yes some consider them pricey at $199 ($199 is a new lower price tag) but these high quality bags are made in the USA and compete against low-priced products globally. Remember the ole saying “you get what you pay for”. Because my WR450F is outfitted with the Mojavi Saddle Bags I have defiantly enhanced my dual sport adventures, having more fun, and properly prepared.

  2. John Griffiths

    Moto Aventures is an off road motorbike tour operator based in Morocco. We run over 20 tours a year with each tour being a minimum of 1000km of hard off road.
    I have had a set of Mojave Saddle bags on the guide bike for over 5 years (the bike has been changed 3 times but the Mojave is the same)….that’s over 100, 000km of abuse and other than having to change the straps that go around the chassis on numerous occasions due to my boots wearing them through I can not fault them. An amazing product that I don’t hesitate to recommend.

  3. James Gunther

    All I can say is wow!! Wish I had these years ago but always thought they would be in the way or flop around on the bike. Well, they are not in the way (you forget they are back there) and they do not flop around at all. I ride a 2013 KTM 500 exc and have over 9000 miles of bush riding on it. I have ridden the tour of Idaho and we carried all our gear in KLIM backpacks. It was exhausting and so fatiguing to carry gear that way. I just mounted my first set of Mojavi bags this past week and put on over 600 miles on 3 days of dual sport trips off road. It felt absolutely amazing to get that weight off your back. I never even felt tired at the end of the day. The added bonus is you can now take everything you really should take on a remote ride, rather than compromise because of the weight and bulk. So in the end I had more energy, felt better and was able to carry everything I wanted to bring. Big thanks to Giant Loop!! Now if only I could stop regretting the past……

    • harold

      Thank you for choosing Giant Loop for your adventures! Your feedback and comments are appreciated.

  4. Andrea

    Ottime borse, usate molte volte in viaggi in Africa, robustissime

    • harold

      Translation: Excellent bags, used many times on trips to Africa, very robust

  5. Greg S

    The Mojavi Saddle Bags are one of the best things ever. I have used them for about two years now… I think. Short trips or long it is nice to pack snacks and some misc items needed for the ride. Recently did an overnighter and had everything I needed in the bags and my backpack. Sometime I swap between my 99′ RM125 (ha I know) and the Husky 350. I haven’t noticed them really at all on either bike. I love the GL products and will continue to use them. Just picked up the ZigZag bag and stocked on that as well! Keep it up GL

  6. Luke Takahashi

    Hands down the best performance saddle bags available! Ultra durable, simple & clean design. So many other options on the market are so overbuilt they look and perform horribly.

    I’ve covered multiple states & countries with the go-to Mojavi’s! They keep on kick’n! Looking forward to many more WLF events & rides with these guys. Thanks again for the amazing product GL!

  7. Chaz

    These bags by far are the best way to distribute weight on your bike. I’ve tried front fender bags, rear fender bags and carried way too much on my back before finding these incredible saddlebags. I found these were the best bang for your buck and they are the best option. I would highly recommend these for medium to long haul dual sport rides. No more fidgeting with sub par packs, and more time enjoying the ride. Thank you Giant Loop for making such high-quality products.

  8. Carrie Barton

    I got a Mojavi Saddlebag system just over a year ago to put on my KTM 350 EXC to do the Tour of Idaho TI challenge. The goal was to get the bike outfitted with the highest quality and most durable gear and parts possible so the Mojavi rackless saddlebag was the clear choice. Given the rugged nature of the remote Idaho singletrack that the event would traverse, durability was one of the most important factors in choosing bags. The design of the Mojavi bag allowed for additional accessories such as Giant Loop Fuel Bags to be fastened over the rear fender for additional or specialized storage. The placement of the bag and compact design allowed for full unimpeded movement on the bike. During the 10 days on the trail we covered over 2000 miles. Rivers were crossed and gear stayed dry. Bikes were dragged under trees and through brush, with no issues. The bag performed exceptionally well and held up to the challenge of a Tour of Idaho finish. I bought a new bike after the tour, but my original Mojavi bag is going right on it!

  9. Eddy Gong

    Mojavi reckless saddlebag is the perfect size bag for a day long adventure ride. The mojavi has an ingenious mounting system utilizing two fender hooks and their pronghorn strap. I packed my 32liter jug and lunch on one side along with tools on the other side. Even had spare room for a jersey. Just did a 250 mile ride with 70 miles of offroad with some pretty bumpy rocky sections. Bag stayed put. Unlike some other soft bags I’ve had, the mojavi has a vinyl coating….so a quick rinse and wipe down takes that dust off.

  10. Mel

    I have used the MoJavi saddlebag on my KTM 350 for 2 years. I have been on deep sand whoops in Baja and the rocky trails of Taylor Park Colorado. I have involuntary left the bike while it was still moving. The only time I could tell the bags were on the bike was the deep sand whoops, I felt them flopping. Not surprising since I had a lot of tools in the bags. If attached correctly these bags don’t change position appreciably on the bike even after bouncing and falling. The bags are well made so no damage so far. I use the soft strap between the fender and fender bracket for mounting. I bought an extra soft strap to put on a second KTM which helps with a quick change. I also found using pieces of bicycle inner tube do a good job of holding strap ends.

    I have been with other riders using different brands of small saddle bags. Some have complained of tearing, excess movement or bag interference. The MoJavi has all ways been the best by far.

  11. Matt

    I ran a set of Mojavi Saddlebags on my WR450F for ~2 seasons before I went full to moose inserts and a full minimalist tool kit (only running a Possibles pouch now.
    These fit a lot of gear: I had 2 tool rolls (split a lot of tools between sides), a spare front heavy duty tube and a Gatorade or 1L MSR fuel bottle depending on if I was going out for a short (no Camelbak) or long ride (Camelbak).
    I knocked off one star because the velcro and hook strap holding it to the fender kept slipping and coming loose – despite keeping them snug at the beginning and throughout rides. Now… I ride hard and didn’t let these slow me down – getting a few feet of air and hammering whoops on single & double track so I had to take that into consideration. My solution was to pierce the material and literally bolt it to my rear fender with large washers to prevent the bolts from pulling through the material. Once I did that – they were rock solid and NEVER came loose.
    As far as build quality and durability goes… I went down multiple times in super rocky Colorado terrain, on hills, sliding through decomposed granite in high speed offs… you couldn’t even see any damage unless you knew where to look and got up within a foot of them! Even the high speed slide only left very minor tickles on the side of them, not deep scratches or even noticable scuffs.
    I would definitely recommend them for the less aggressive of riders – and even for more aggressive riders if you find a good way to really secure them to the rear fender.

  12. Jesse

    Great saddle bags to add to your bike for day trips or even works for ultra lite over nighters. Quality is great they seam like they will stay waterproof unless in a very heavy downpour or trying to take a wet soil sample at a water crossing.I ate sand once and not as much as a scratch on left side bag. Easy to install & highly recommend the GL strap attachment anchors. Made a huge difference on the way the bags sat on my 09 Honda CRF 230L. I also used the pronghorn straps to attach the Mojave and possibles pouch to the GL rear fender rack. Adding the Rogue dry bag soon so I can fit a change of clothes and a Jetboil to do the SM500 over 3 days. Love Giant Loop, what it stands for, and the quality/value of their gear. Keep up the good work. Thanks GL!

  13. matt.dwiggins2

    I’ve had this bag for a few months now. I’m running them on my 17′ WR450F. I originally got it because I was going with a group to Baja Mexico to ride 800 miles of the same trails they race on for the Baja 1000 and Baja 500. Had an absolute blast! Saddle bag went through everything that was thrown its way and took them in strides. Kept all my gear dry and dust free. No matter what type of riding I’m doing, the bag stays rock solid on the bike. Even when flying down Baja on some6of the gnarliest trails out there. Still use the same bag for all my other longer Moto trips, and the thing is still in great shape. Definitely worth the price for this bullet proof bag.

  14. Craig Davis

    These bags are well thought out and incredibly well built. Giant Loop has shown excellent attention to detail with good stitching and wonderful fit and finish. They fit my WR250R well and attach to my tail rack with the rubber strap and to my passenger foot pegs. I do recommend getting the Giant Loop Mount tabs. Having them makes the installation a little tidier. The bags ride high and out of the way, and I don’t notice them while riding. I’m keeping a tool roll, pump, tube, and first aid on one side. On the other I’ve got a packable rain jacket, some snacks, and spare gloves. I had a set of DirtBagz Ranger bags for this bike. I miss the size of those bags, but these are a great upgrade. These bags are a better choice for enduro riding. There is no frame to snag on branches, and the position of the bags keep them protected during a fall. I would absolutely buy these again.

  15. jbrocksc

    Simplicity at it finest, just the right size to prevent overpack and can still ride spirited.
    Easy on easy off rugged durable USA made. I have several GL products no failures yet. This particular set up installed on a KTM 500 looks like it should come with the bike from factory! Also have extra pronghorn straps again rugged products that will take it within reason of course. Add it to the cart you won’t be sorry.

  16. garrick.solberg

    Just test fit these on my 2010 XT250. They fit like a glove! I’m really impressed how they completely stay out of the way of my riding position. I also didn’t need to install the heat shield since the XT250 already has one installed from the factory.

    The saddlebags will serve as the perfect place to store the heavier items that I carry for safety while riding in the backcountry like spare tube, tools, air pump, etc.

    I gave the bags 4 stars out of 5 because I think there is a couple possible areas of improvement. One would be for the straps that compress the bags (as opposed to the attachment straps) to have quick release buckles. This would make it a lot easier to quickly access the contents of the bag. Also, it feels like the “saddle” part could use a carry handle for when you want to remove the bags and carry them to shelter.

  17. james.spooner77

    Minimal look, with plenty of storage for my essentials. Backcountry ride requires just the right combo of lightweight and having what you need. The Mojave is just that! I drastic improvement from what I used before. Looking forward to putting this bags to even more of a test this summer! Thanks GL!!


    So far I own Great Basin, MoJavi, Klamath, GL tail rack, BuckinRoll, 12 pronghorns, first aid possible, and two zigzags. All of this gear fits & works perfectly on my Honda crf250L rally. I keep the Mojavi on my bike unless I need the Great Basin for camping. I have Mojavi strapped down under the Klamath to the fender with hooks and also through the tail rack. Looks and rides so fine. Like all my GL stuff, I just love these bags. I couldn’t be happier! Excellent quality. Fast shipping. Great value. 12 liters of storage! Thanks Giant Loop for making the best gear!

  19. Lee Trotter

    Bullet proof. Hopefully I never have to find out if that means literally, but I can tell you these bags right out of the box feel sturdy, well built and exactly what I expected from a local company that listens to its customers and seems to know exactly what they are doing. I got these for my 450EXCR and they fit like they were custom made for the bike. The orange is almost a perfect match to the plastics and they look awesome. They’re the perfect size for carrying the everyday items I would want with me on any trail ride or even commute. I would and have recommended these to all my riding buddies as a great way to carry extra tools, inner tubes etc. I plan on adding a tail pack to the top so I have somewhere for a first aid kit etc. I don’t know why I waited so long to buy these.

  20. Chris

    The best soft bags in the game for short trips. Works great on my 2017 KTM 350 EXC-F!

  21. Sam ammons

    Best bags I have ever used . Had them all over America and no issues . Construction and fit and finish are perfect for my ktm exc-f 500 . I would not ride without them !

  22. saltfeend

    so far so great.. i love these things. Once i put them on, ive never taken them off. on a 2019 DRZ400s.. i never know they are there!. Holds tons fo tools, safety gear, and plenty of water / coffee. snacks to keep me going. Kinda cant live without it at this point .. love em’

  23. Michael H

    I own a Mojavi saddlebags and coyote saddlebags and am very happy with the function, quality and durability of your bags.
    My coyote bags have over 20,000 miles in Baja and are still in incredible shape. I have fixed a couple of straps, but that is totally expected with all the cactus, rocks and crashes.
    I use the Mohave bags for my local riding and they are great. I carry my tools and safety gear and they get the stuff off my back and at 65 I carry a lot of stuff so I can always get home.
    Just bought a Tenere 700 for my old guy bike so I will own a great basin bag.
    I am extremely happy with all your gear.

  24. James Garrick

    I was looking for something to carry a few tools, water, and some trail snacks on my Honda CRF300 Rally. I didn’t need or want the bulk and weight of full Panniers. I checked what Giant Loop had available and found the Mojavi. Pulled the trigger and could not be happier. The mounting worked perfectly on my bike. I wrapped the Prong Horn strap to the rear of the seat and also to the rear of the Honda provided tie down bolts. I chose to mount the two tie down straps to my passenger foot pegs (which I do not use). The result is an extremely solid mounting to the rear of the bike with easy access to the zippered pouches. Exhaust heat is not going to be a problem as the Mojavi bag does not go beyond the factory Honda heat shield. I am very pleased with my choice. Thank you Giant Loop.

  25. Jeff

    I don’t even own these but if I did I would.

  26. howarthpaul

    LOVE, LOVE these bags, I have two sets for my 450EXC and my TE300i. I have to say all the items I have purchased from GL were of the best quality including the t shirts. I recommend GL to all my enduro friends in Mongolia.

  27. rickwessels56

    First off……I sure wish we had this gear back in the 60’s and 70′!!!!!! Back then it was Boy Scout back packs, bailing wire and friction tape that hauled and secured the gear we needed for long trail rides. GIANT LOOP gear is making my trail life in old age so MUCH nicer! As a Type 1 diabetic I use the handlebar bag for quick access to my Insulin and carbs. I also have the MOHAVE bags for my 350 and it is truly a wonder to behold. I thought it would be a a annoying hassle and contents would be littering the trail after a few hundred miles. I WAS WRONG! The design and construction are spot on. I’m so stoked with the gear I now own I am getting ready to purchase larger bags for my trusty 640 LC4. Based on my experience so far I’m sure the bags will out last me!
    Second of all I have to say that the Company customer service could be a model for all business. Thank you GIANT LOOP for making the world just a bit better off.

  28. jkcummins29

    I recently had the good fortune of purchasing a 2007 KTM 525EXC in extremely great condition. I immediately knew that I wanted to set this bike up to be an ultra-light adventure / dualsport machine. Of course, that meant I would need some Giant Loop gear. I was already the proud owner of the ZigZag Handlebar Bag. To compliment that bag, I purchased the Mojavi Saddlebags. They are amazing!!! To further enhance the Mojavi’s, I will soon add the Giant Loop Tail Rack. A 1-gallon Armadillo Bag will complete my setup. I’m looking forward to many adventures on this machine, and I know these Giant Loop products will make those adventures possible. Thanks, Giant Loop!!!

  29. David Powell

    We utilized the Giant Loop Mojave Saddlebags on our 2021 Tour of Idaho ride. I could not be happier with these bags. We combined these bags with the Giant Loop Tail Rack making a rock solid combination. Over 2100 miles in 10 trail days and these bags worked flawlessly. They are light, they fit on the bike perfectly. Highly recommend.

  30. hoser1869

    I’ve had these for awhile now and they are top quality and never leaked. I have them on a DR650 with an aftermarket seat, combined with the Giant Loop mounts in the place of the passenger pegs its a super clean install, would recommend getting the vinyl protective film for the side plates on both sides.

  31. Rovanna Maire

    Love my Mohave Saddlebags! I originally ordered a set of rackless bags from a Top competitor and although they were well made a rugged they were extremely heavy and I didn’t want to sacrifice an extra 8+ lbs on my XT250 so I returned them and got the Giant Loop Mohave’s. Have to admit I am now a Giant Loop Fan 100%! These bags are light while still being really well made and heavy duty ! Five Stars! Thank you.

  32. german

    Do you have available MOJAVI SADDLEBAG? i have a honda crf 300 l rally. does this fit for it?

    • Tiffany Ferraro

      Yes, this will fit your bike and the Mojavi bags are in stock!

  33. Brice V

    Amazing saddle bags. I took them on a bike packing trip and even loaded down I hardly noticed they were there. I even dropped my bike a few times and they are not even scuffed, just dusty. These are great quality and I am very happy with them. 🙂

  34. Peter Cox

    I love these bags. They are attractive(Orange on Gray bike) light and durable. They are on DRZ400 every day with essentials plus a heavy duty tube and levers. Run with a Rogue tail bag for longer day trips. For overnights I need upsize or pack my sleeping bag and tent independently. No fun to remove as they are under my bolted rack. I do wish there was an in between set styled like the Mojavi but with the side volume of the Coyote or close. While I’m add it, a tail bag between the Rogue and Tillamook would also be great.

  35. Fontana Augusto

    Good quality, fender rubber strap could be longer did not have enough slack to place where i wanted on m KTM 990 adv, also for that price the excess from all the straps had to have a better solution to place it.

  36. Roger Grau

    Great quality and a perfect fit! Just the right size to carry extras without being in the way, highly recommend.

  37. Garrod

    Great product. Very durable, definitely buy more giant loop gear.

  38. darkstar1269

    Great quality as with all the GL stuff I have, tough as nails and stays put no matter what! Would be 5 stars if these were waterproof, they are water resistant for sure, just not totally waterproof if raining, water gets in at the end of the zipper since it doesn’t tuck under a tab like other waterproof stuff does. So dont keep anything you absolutely need dry in there if it is raining or riding thru deeper water, it will get wet.

  39. tmeadors2

    Zero complaints with this bag on a 500 EXC-F. I love the pronghorn strap for the rear fender, it’s seriously set it and forget it. The side straps are very easy for install and removal, just takes a second to double check and/or adjust if the right side is too close to the exhaust. I’ve picked up some scratches on the plastics after 3 rides, but that’s a total non issue for me.

  40. Dimsy

    I was a fool when I sold these with my last bike, here I am again buying a new set. It’s the only set of small day bags that work, simple and easy…I hope the great basin bag is similar, heavily considering it for trips

  41. Dean Guest

    Love the Mojavi – I waited for the new version and am so happy with my purchase. I have installed it on my 2023 KTM 690 and it is brilliant.

  42. Donald Nickels

    The new design I saw used at the South Dakota 600 sold me on the product. I mediately ordered my own set as soon as I returned from the ride. I used the bag for a course Pre-run down at the Knobby Ridge MC Trails in WI. I realized I could ride better by getting the weight off my back and onto the cycle. The water was deep on the trails in several spots. No Problem with the new waterproof roll at the top of the Bags. One of the best features are the new optional bolt on clips to attach the straps. Once back to my garage, I just hosed the bags off like the cycle….”No Problem”. I plan to order another set for my Son’s KTM450XC-W. We are finally getting how to prep for running “Fast and Light” . Don Nickels

  43. Aaron Giddings

    Ordered this new design soon as it dropped. Been out on the trails quite a lot since. Very pleased with this setup. It’s very durable. I have spilled a lot of the trails and it holds up well to the abuse. The base of it is very robust. I’m very impressed that after it being loaded with tools & a tube on one side, the other with camping gear, it still holds shape and rides well. Three months of hard riding, I feel like I have given it a good test. It cleans up really well too. My only complaint is that the strap secure ends are too long and when packed up, don’t look all that tidy.

  44. Ronen Hod

    Installed them on my KTM EXCF350 some 5 years ago. I ride hard enduro for 2-4 hours every second weekend. Naturally, I fall. On the average 1-2 times per ride. On one side I hold 3-5 bottles of water 1/2 liter each, and on the other side I hold my tools + one additional bottle.
    – The huge plus, and the reason I would purchase them again is the way they sit on the bike. Even when the bike roles backwards, the thighs can still slide along the bags and the legs can reach the ground. With larger bags or bags that sit higher and closer to the legs, you will find yourself falling on your back with the legs pointing up!!!
    – One set of bugs got thorn after ~2 years. They sent me a new set (I appreciate it). The reason is that the stitches opened. They are perfectly designed. In the replacement set I added an extra layer at the bottom, on the inside (I used a strong glue), and it holds pretty well.
    – Their size is perfect for me. It removed the heavy stuff from my back.
    – I hope that the new model is stronger, but if and when I get them, I will also add an extra layer at the bottom.

  45. Ian M

    Easily my favourite go to bag for one or two day excursions. I love the new version with its lightweight and waterproofness! Highly recommended.

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