Round the World Panniers™

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GL® Pannier Mounts

Add quick-release, lockable GL PANNIER MOUNTS and save 10%.

GSA Adapter Kit for GL Pannier Mounts

Extends locking clasp on exhaust side of BMW GS Adventure’s stock side luggage rack. Includes 2x machined billet adapter blocks and bolts for BMW GSA OE and similar racks.

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Round The World Panniers™ offer a flexible, impact-resistant, and waterproof alternative to a large touring hard pannier set — giving you every bit as much packable volume and convenience without the extra weight and bulk of hard boxes. The largest capacity pannier in our product line, Round The World Panniers, offer 90 liters of packable volume that’s ideal for everything from a weekend of motocamping to long-haul adventure motorcycle travels. They are also great for riding with two people and carrying their gear.

Pair Round The World Panniers with GL Pannier Mounts for the ultimate in lockable, quick-mount, quick-release convenience. CLICK HERE for confirmed compatible side luggage rack systems list.

“The RTW Panniers give you many of the conveniences of hard boxes, with the safety and durability of soft panniers. They offer a ton of storage space, yet they maintain a slimmer profile than most hard pannier systems and are less expensive than most too.”

ADV Pulse

Provides 90 liters (4,270 cubic inches) of packable volume (45 liters per side).

Waterproof: Made from rugged Bomb Shell™ materials with double reinforced ballistic nylon impact zones constructed to be completely waterproof, mudproof, snowproof, and dustproof when used with included Dry Pods™.

Roll top with durable side-release buckles for secure closure and load stability.

Included set of two seam-sealed waterproof inner liner Dry Pods™ keep gear dry and organized.


Round The World Panniers are designed to bolt onto GL Pannier Mounts (recommended) or other luggage racks using the internal frame sheets. The frame sheets have pre-drilled holes to attach to the GL Pannier Mounts. Additional drill holes may need to be added for other rack types. In addition, some tools and assembly are required. Refer to the product instructions for details.

For riders who want compatibility with their current hard luggage rack system, Round The World Panniers can also mount to many motorcycle luggage rack systems with flat, vertical, hoop-style sides and 16-18 mm diameter tubing, using the rack manufacturer’s hardware. Examples include Touratech, Happy Trails, SW-Motech, Hepco & Becker, and many others. In addition, many manufacturers, such as Jesse Luggage, offer adapter plates that make them suitable for mounting Round The World Panniers on racks that are not flat and vertical.

Specifications and Instructions

  • Volume 90 liters (5,490 cubic inches) (45 liters per side).
  • Dimensions
    Pannier Body: 21″ tall x 15″ wide x 7.5″ deep (51 cm tall x 38 cm wide x 19 cm deep)
    Front Drawstring Pocket: 7.5″ x 11″ x 3.5″ (38 cm x 28 cm x 9 cm)
    Rear Roll-Top Pocket: 7.5″ x 11″ x 3.5″ (38 cm x 28 cm x 9 cm)
  • Weight 10.4 lb. (4.7 kg.)
    14.8 lb. (6.7 kg) with optional GL Pannier Mounts and hardware.
  • Materials Rugged Bomb Shell™ coated fabric construction with sewn seams, reinforced ballistic nylon impact zones, and reflective trim. Heavy-duty fasteners.

Round The World Pannier Instructions
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer,and Cadmium and cadmium compounds, which is known to the State of California tocause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Round The World Panniers™ combine rack-mounted convenience with the benefits of soft luggage for long-haul adventure motorcycle travelers. Waterproof, lightweight, super stable, and built to take the punishment of off-road riding, the Round The World Panniers deliver maximum volume while weighing just 10.4 pounds (less than 15 pounds with GL Pannier Mounts and hardware – sold separately). Additionally, when used with our GL Pannier Mounts, the Round The World Panniers become a quick-release, quick-mount, lockable soft luggage system.

The panniers deliver 90 liters of packable volume with a roll-top closure. Compression wings located on the outside of each pannier help stabilize the load and provide additional storage. Two huge pockets on each pannier (one roll-top, one open-top with drawcord) provide quick access to essentials.

Includes Giant Loop’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

9 reviews for Round the World Panniers™

  1. brad

    Hi any chance you want to sell your old set of giant loop bags. Ill be in bend in about 3 weeks. Im trying to save some bucks on a longer trip through mexico and guatemala – so if your up for it would appreciate your old set if they are still useable . thanks mate – brad from new zealand be there soon visitng friends in Bend

  2. mtaylor68

    I’ve owned these since 2016, and they have seen the TAT, San Juan mtn range (black bear, cinnamon pass, engineer, etc) the Ozarks, long range everything. I love these bags!!!they have enough room for just about everything you need to ride and camp, I use two Tillamahook top bags for extra gear, which by the way strap perfectly and locked on top with no slippage. They’ve held up to everything I’ve thrown at them, only broke one snap lock, which was my fault. But the buckles are easily replaced and super cheap on the site here. Super strong sewing and materials used. Best ever!!

  3. Sotiris Konstantinidis

    Just got them and travelled to Northern Greece, they performed great, I couldn’t have made a better choice!

  4. Mike S

    I’ve been using these for a while on my 2015 r1200gs. I have been paired up with the back plates and a set of Outback motortek pannier racks.

    The good –
    – They pack great, like seriously
    – Dry. No matter what. I don’t even get water on the outside of the internal bags.
    – The plates are literally bombproof.

    Room to grow :
    – the side straps are definitely a weak point.
    – I haven’t figured out why the flaps are the way they are, poles don’t really stay in one place and other than a jacket, not sure I’d put anything under them
    – the open-top and pouches are an oddball size. Too small to drop a Camelbak, not quite right for a jug of water, only really seem to hold the company fuel bladder

  5. Patrick McKay

    Hi. I just received my Round The World pannier luggage, and it looks great. The instructions for assembly are clear and easy to follow. Being one of the largest in volume, and about the lightest in it’s class, these well constructed bags are perfect for the small dual sport bike that I’m currently riding. I really appreciate how I’ll be able to transfer these bags, onto any other future ride, with total ease. Thanks again!
    Vancouver, BC

  6. Joseph Tanner

    Bags look really nice and have a lot of options for mounting and securing the bags to your bike. At this price point it’s inexcusable to have to melt the material to be able to mount the bags to the Giant Loop Quick Release mounts. How is this not an option when purchasing both to have this done at the factory? I appreciate that the bags are versatile to other mounting hardware but you at least need to make it an option to just have the quick release mounts sent on the bags already. Mine leak a little bit and I’m sure it’s because I have extra holes that aren’t patched 100% from my installation fiasco. These bags are very large. The compression wing is borderline useless. Overall I think these bags would be fantastic with better installation options. Very versatile with packing and extremely sharp looking on the bike (I have the orange to match my KTM). But major points deducted for this silly choice to force consumers to burn through material to make everything work properly.

  7. Joe

    After exhaustive research into hard panniers and soft panniers, and different companies that offer options in both categories, I finally landed on these. Admittedly the upfront cost of the luggage was quite a lot, but I have not regretted a single cent I spent on any of my Giant Loop merchandise, most of all the RTW Panniers. The manufacturing quality is simply second to none. You can tell by their design that they not only take pride in their products, but also use them, and make changes according to what works and what doesn’t. The end result is an amazing product.

    On my WABDR ride last year, I ate absolute s*** at about 30 mph on a simple dirt road, and the right pannier and rack mount took approximately 50% of that impact. The leather slid across the abrasive dirt for at least 10-15 feet, and the rack mount shifted backwards a few inches. Astonishingly the leather held up, and while scuffed, is functionally unaffected. It’s almost as if the luggage didn’t even notice.

    As you might imagine the luggage was filthy once done with the 650+ mile ride off road, and I had a hard time getting it clean with a garden hose and soap. I dug into my car detailing supplies, and used Griot’s 3-in-1 leather cleaner, conditioner, and protector: I’d recommend that to anyone who wants to take care of their panniers and wants them to last.

    10/10, would recommend.

  8. Mike M

    Over the past 15 months my RTW panniers and traveled 24 countries on 3 continents. Expecting another 10 countries withing the next 6 months. The panniers have been flawless. They have cushioned falls and have suffered zero damage. The ease of use and light weight help them rise above the competition.

  9. Rainy

    First. I love the look of them. The softbags allow me to drop my bike as many times as I want without ever fearing a dent. Ithe husband and I have owned our bags (2 sets of panniers) for two years. We did across Canada and up the Dempster. Now doing the east Coast. Basically all over Canada except Nunavut.
    The problem is that it’s not water proof. The side pouch that has the buckles .. it fills up with water. The large container fills up with water.
    So every few days we have to tip our bags to dump the water that is at the bottom.
    My yellow inner bag have lost its waterproof – my dehydrated snacks are sticky and hydrated.

    I think these bags would be greatly improved if they also offered yellow bags for the side container (the one with the clips)

    Mind you we hit a few hard rain days ..

    I like the look but would like more inner bags!

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