Pronghorn Straps™

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Every backcountry adventure-seeker needs a handful of these multi-purpose straps with virtually unbreakable fasteners. Each pair of stretch polyurethane Pronghorn Straps™ feature stamped aluminum buckles sheathed for scratch protection with arrows that line up for easy fastening. Each buckle prong holds the strap in place for pre-fitting and easy chaining of straps together. Available in color-coded 18-, 25- and 32-inch lengths and marked by size, you’ll find a million uses for Pronghorn Straps—motorcycle, sled, snow bike, 4×4, ATV, UTV/SXS—and so much more!

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“The beauty of Pronghorn Straps is their simplicity; think of them as giant, reusable zip ties. Just wrap around whatever you need to secure, loop through the buckle, pull tight, and it hooks on.”

ADV Moto Magazine

Super tough polyurethane stretches slightly to create dynamic tension.

Grippy surface prevents slippage and helps hold gear tight.

Stamped aluminum fastener is sheathed for scratch protection.

Available in 18”, 25”, and 32” lengths, marked and color-coded by size.

Sold in packages of two (2); or as a six-piece bundle with two (2) of each length.

Limited lifetime warranty.


Universal design works with virtually any motorcycle, sled, snow bike, 4×4, ATV, UTV/SXS.

Specifications and Instructions

  • Dimensions
    18” L x 0.75” W (46 cm L x 2 cm W); length adjustable from 6.5″ to 15″ (17 cm to 38 cm)25” L x 0.75” W (64 cm L x 2 cm W); length adjustable from 6.5″ to 22″ (17 cm to 56 cm)32” L x 0.75” W (81 cm L x 2 cm W); length adjustable from 6.5″ to 29″ (17 cm to 74 cm)
  • Materials Stretch polyurethane with aluminum fastener.

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13 reviews for Pronghorn Straps™

  1. Luke Takahashi

    These Pronghorn straps could beat out ‘zip ties’ as far as most used items in the pack. They come in handy for so many purposes! I’ve attached my jacket to my vest and attached a tire to the rim with these wonderful straps! Love love love them! Thanks GL!

  2. seanernest

    I bought this back of straps and they don’t disappoint. As advertized! Ordering more today.

  3. Neal Koenig

    The GL Pronghorn straps are one of those off-roading accessories that I wish I had known about years ago… I was one of those guys using ratchet straps and bungees to hold stuff in the RZR and on ATVs, and it was always a problem of coming loose. Once I got into dirt biking and ADV, I needed a different solution. Pronghorn straps are amazing. I own and use this style of strap from other manufacturers in my quest for better gear management, and the GL are hands down the best. I wish I would have found and purchased these first and saved my money on the others. Thicker construction, wider more secure buckle, and the nub on the end of the prong works much better than the thin post from the other guys. If you are in doubt, go with the longer length, and get more than you think you need. You will not regret a purchase of the GL Pronghorns, they are worth it.

  4. M. Anderson

    Love the Pronghorn straps. Heavy duty for securing your gear. No regrets on getting these.

  5. sweetpetedalton

    These are amazing! I used them to attach a Pelican Ruck 60 to my Triumph Rally Pro. I was a little hesitant at first because of the price- I even searched for a cheaper version, but quickly realized these are far superior- unlike other brands that use plastic instead of metal buckles, or have exposed buckles that can damage your bike or luggage. These are perfect in every way and I’ll be buying a second set. Thanks!

  6. Duane

    Yeah, they’re rubber straps…but they’re awesome rubber straps. reinforced at the buckle attachment, the strap has the right flex to stay secure, the buckle is nicely smoothed over so it doesn’t dig into the strap wrong, the little “bumps” on the tip of the strap keep the fender hooks from sliding off, and just everything is “right”. I used these to carry a front fender bag during a 200 mile enduro. Bag never moved. Halfway through day one, the plastic “hook” that hold the seat pan on my husky snapped. Seat fell off in a transfer. I used one of the straps to hold the rear of the seat pan down, and left only one on the fender bag. Bag stayed put and so did the seat, and I finished out day one and swapped seats that night. Would have been a long 60 miles holding the seat on with my legs if I didn’t have the strap!

  7. Rick Z

    Figured I’d try Giant Loop’s Pronghorn Straps for a trip to Utah. They hold very secure and are easy to install. So far 5 stars. Will buy more.

  8. markoneilsd

    Long time GL customer, used the Siskiyou Panners and used the Pronghorn straps on my 1190R when I was doing the ADV phase. Back to order some more to use on my Can am XRS3 for the next Baja trip. Good people and customer service too.

  9. David Powell

    I utilized the Giant Pronghorn Straps on our 2021 Tour of Idaho ride. I could not be happier with these straps. They secure items solidly and are very easy to use. Paired with the Giant Loop Tail Rack, Giant Loop Mojave Saddlebags, and the Armadillo Liquid Storage Bags, you have a rock solid set-up. Thanks Giant Loop for provided well thought out products that work. Go light, Go fast, Go far! Over 2100 miles in 10 trail days and these straps worked flawlessly. Highly recommend.

  10. shackleton0708

    These straps work well. They are high quality and will surely last a long time. As usual, Giant Loop did not disappoint!

  11. Tyler Spaeth

    I was skeptical, “It’s just a bungee cord, right?” Nope, these exceeded my expectations. I love the latching mechanism, no way these will come undone like open loop bungee cords I’ve used before. Theres enough adjustment and enough stretch that you can secure the load with no worry about it coming loose. I also love added bonus that you can connect them to each other to make a longer strap. Would absolutely recommend to anyone.

  12. Juan Plate

    Excellent straps, built with very high quality, will surely last long enough to pay itself. Recommended and would buy them again if needed.

  13. Arlette

    I took a set of Pronghorn straps on a two-week motorcycle tour and we used them to secure tailbags, jackets and water bottles, anchor a GoPro, hold a kickstand with a broken spring in place – whatever you can think of. When a friend sprained her wrist, I thought it’d be funny to add “first aid device” to the running list of uses, so we used the long straps to make what turned out to be a pretty effective arm sling. And bonus, they also make great going-away presents to riding companions who fall in love with them after borrowing them.

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