Pit Stop by Giant Loop Ambassador Grace Schuessler at GL HQ

Motorcyclist, adventurer, storyteller and Giant Loop Ambassador Grace Schuessler was in Bend and paid us a visit at GL HQ today before hitting the road again. Since June she’s logged 15,000 miles with full camera gear onboard. So excellent — can’t wait to see some of that footage! She’s got her Honda geared up with Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag, Giant Loop Round The World Panniers, Giant Loop Tillamook Dry Bag and Giant Loop Pannier Pockets. Safe travels Grace, we look forward to seeing you again soon...

“The road less traveled is not for the faint of heart. With experience, you learn the way to endure is to trust your own stride, and not the path beneath your feet. Tomorrow launches a different sort of journey for me, because it puts to the test everything I have been preparing for, and sends me a direction filled with uncertainties and pandemonium all on my own. I couldn’t be more stoked about it. This is the beginning. This is the true right of passage I have earned. This, is my inauguration, into the realm of nomad, vagabond, wanderer and renegade. Back on the road. Live wild. Ride free.” — Grace Schuessler

Giant Loop is a proud sponsor of Grace Schuessler’s adventures. Visit her Instagram page at @thegracefulrenegade for more on her travels. Thanks for riding with Giant Loop Grace…

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