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July 2017

Giant Loop Pronghorn Strap Review in ADV Moto Magazine

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Giant Loop Pronghorn Strap Review in ADV Moto Magazine



The Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps are featured in a review in the latest issue of ADV Moto Magazine.

ADV Moto Pronghorn Strap Review

ADV Moto Pronghorn Strap Review (shown here with a Columbia Dry Bag)

“Giant Loop’s Pronghorn Straps offer an alternative [strap] solution: stretchy, water/weatherproof, almost indestructible belts. They come in five sizes, and they’re handy for reliably lashing down all
kinds of items.”

Giant Loop carries Pronghorn Straps in 5 different lengths and 2 widths. Constructed of stretchy polyurethane and extra durable fasteners, they instill complete confidence with the solid purchase they have on your gear. The smaller width straps fit perfectly through the daisy chain loops on a variety of our products including Possibles Pouches, Siskiyou Panniers and Mojave Saddlebags. The large sizes are great for the Revelstoke Tunnel Bags and other waterproof dry bags in our line. These straps are something should live in your tank bag for emergency gear storage or replacement straps.

Bike Packing with the Revelstoke Tunnel Bag

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Earlier this summer we met Denis, a bike packer from Quebec. Denis was on his way north from San Fransisco to the Arctic on a bicycle. When he approached our booth at the Bend Outside Games we noticed his precarious set up.

bike packing set up


We decided Denis would benefit from a Revelstoke Tunnel Bag to help his packing system become, well, at least a little more streamlined.

He was able to fit most of things on his back rack into the Giant Loop 24L dry bag, making packing easier and riding safer, plus the rugged construction of the tunnel bag will withstand being outside day in and day out.

We wish him all the best on his voyage north and if you see him on the road say hello!

Giant Loop Gen3 SPOT Tracker Packer – Rider Magazine Review

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The Giant Loop Tracker Packer aims to solve the question of “where do I put my satellite tracking device?”

The Giant Loop Gen3 SPOT  Tracker Packer  was recently a featured review in Rider Magazine.

“The motivation for developing the tracker packer was to provide a safety net for off-road riders and racers. To that end, Giant Loop donates a portion of all sales to the Kurt Caselli Foundation, and each Tracker Packer sports the “Caselli 66” logo. Street riders should take note as well, especially those who go solo. No matter how good your cell phone carrier is, there are still (thankfully) places where service disappears and a satellite may be your only link to help.”

Gen3 SPOT Tracker Packer side view

Photo: Rider Magazine


Stay safer in the backcountry during all of your outdoor adventures; motorcycling, snowmobiling, hiking, backpacking, climbing, biking, boating with help the push of a button away. The super rugged and secure Tracker Packer firmly attaches the SPOT Gen3 device to your pack’s shoulder strap, handlebars, fork tube, arm or many other locations.

Giant Loop Spot Gen 3 and Tracker Packer

Photo, Rider Magazine


Read the full review here.

Go light. Go fast. Go far.

The New Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top Featured in Upshift Magazine

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The new Great Basin Roll Top was featured in the most recent version of UpShift magazine. If you haven’t checked it out this new adventure moto e-zine take a look and subscribe! Stunning photography, cohesive gear reviews and interesting world travel stories.

Thanks, Upshift for the great review.

Our new roll top version of the tried and true Great Basin is getting a ton of positive feedback. The bag is now easier to pack without wrestling zippers and is even more weathertight than ever. Each bag comes equipped with three seam-welded saddlebag dry pods, equipped with air purge valves for ease of packing.

Great Basin Saddlebag in Upshift Magazine

“The Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top has proven to be a fully dependable means of securely hauling gear during even the most adventurous outings. The materials, design and functionality provide confidence that vital gear will arrive undamaged, no matter the conditions, successfully fulfilling the company’s mantra: “go light, go fast, go far.”

The July issue of UpShift also features a great piece on local guide company High Desert Adventures and some choice shots of riding around Prineville and Bend.

Riding Millican OHV Area with High Desert Adventures

Riding Millican OHV Area with High Desert Adventures

Central Oregon off road with High Desert Adventures

Central Oregon off road with High Desert Adventures

Giant Loop Torngat Tunnel Bag and Tracker Packer on the Grand Canyon

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Giant Loop Torngat Tunnel Bag and Tracker Packer on the Grand Canyon

“This spring I had the good fortune to spend 20 days in the Grand Canyon, rafting the Colorado River. On an expedition of that length in addition to ensuring you don’t run out of beer(we didn’t) or whiskey (we did), you want your gear to be durable and reliable.

I chose to take a Torngat Dry Bag as my smaller, accessible day bag. I kept all my extra clothing, drysuit, sun protection and snacks in it and the split interior helped me to organize and locate things easily. The multiple lash-down points on the exterior of the bag made it a favorite of the riggers – it was easy to get a good, solid cinch on the bag to ensure it stayed in the boat in even the gnarliest rapids. I also loved the reflective stripping on the bag which made it easy to locate (or not trip over) in the dark.

Morning rigging with the Torngat Tunnel bag at Nankoweap

Torngat Tunnel bag in the Grand Canyon

In addition to the Torngat I also took an assortment of saddlebag dry pods that that kept all my gear within my huge drybag sorted. The pods were great on the sandy and wet beach camps once the daily gear explosion happened when we got into camp.

Giant Loop Torngat bag at Nankoweap

Giant Loop Torngat bag at Nankoweap

Tracker Packer and PFD

Tracker Packer and PFD

Finally we took a Gen3 Spot and Tracker Packer  – mainly to check in daily with family especially my Google Earth-obsessed father but also as a back up to the satellite phone that was required by parks service.”


–Ingrid, Giant Loop Retail and Marketing Manager

Tracker Packer and Gen3 Spot on the Colorado River

Tracker Packer on the captain.

Tracker Packer and Gen3 Spot on the Colorado River

Tracker Packer and Gen3 Spot on the Colorado River

Wheelie Wednesdays with the KTM 990 Adventure and Giant Loop Siskiyou Panniers

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Darryl Loves his Siskiyou Panniers


From Darryl, the owner of Cyclops Adventure Sports:

“I love my GL Siskiyou Panniers. They distribute the weight well, hold up to rugged off road riding and I’m the only one in camp to ever have a 12 pack of cold frosties.” 

Giant Loop Siskiyou Panniers, named for southern Oregon’s and northern California’s rugged and beautiful mountain range, are part of Giant Loop’s waterproof adventure proof packing systems. They combines the convenience of hard panniers with all of Giant Loop’s performance advantages; rugged, rackless, lightweight and stable.

Secures to passenger footrest mounts and rides on rear rack and/or pillion seat. Flexible internal framesheet conforms to array of racks and motorcycle makes/models.

Check out what Darryl does when he’s not popping wheelies on massive motos at Cyclops Adventure Sports.

Siskiyou Panniers on a KTM 950

Photo by Kevin Hogan