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April 2020

Riding the Canadian Trans-Labrador Highway

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We love this Adventure Rider series that follows a trek along the Trans-Labrador Highway north of Quebec. It covers everything you need to know to make the ride…

Riding the Trans-Labrador Highway with Giant Loop

“Match your luggage to your bike. When I rode the Trans Lab, I was on a small-capacity Yamaha WR250R and didn’t want the added weight of heavy panniers. For that reason I used Giant Loop’s Coyote Saddle Bag, Tillamook Dry Bag, Diablo Tank Bag and Possibles Pouch to haul all my clothes, camping gear, cooking kit, tools and other assorted gear.” — Zac Kurylyk

Riding the Trans-Labrador Highway with Giant Loop

So rad, Zac – thanks for including Giant Loop…

check out Zac’s entire series of Trans-Labrador articles here!

Go light. Go fast. Go far!

BMW G650 Sertao Equipped with Fandango and Great Basin

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Two great photos sent to us from a rider using a BMW G650 Sertao with Fandango Tank Bag and Great Basin Saddlebags

Giant Loop Rules!“Giant Loop Rules! Keep up the great work. Just saw GL stocked at Nevada Adventure Rentals in Reno, NV. Great shop help promote!” — Tom Vasconcellos

Giant Loop Rules!Nice photos, looks fun out there – thanks Tom!

Free standard USA shipping on all orders during COVID-19 stay-at-home…

The Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag and Zigzag Handlebar Bag

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This video goes out to those who carry too much gear on their body. Get the weight out of your pack with a Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag and Zigzag Handlebar Bag. Ride farther with less fatigue with GL gear on the bike and not in your space!


Entire flat repair kit for dirt bike, dual sport or enduro motorcycle easily fits in Giant Loop’s minimalist Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag and Zigzag Handlebar BagTire irons, CO2 cartridges and inflator, mountain bike hand pump, axel wrenches, 21″ spare inner tube all fit tidily out of the way…

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Diablo Tank Bag on a Yamaha WR250

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An email and photo of our Diablo Tank Bag on a Yamaha WR250 from a very happy GL-for-life customer

Diablo Tank Bag on a Yamaha WR250“I just wanted to let you know my Diablo Pro has been OUTSTANDING. The quality craftsmanship is second to none and I not only get compliments from fellow-ADV riders, but try and sway their decision to spend the money for a life-long tank bag. Cheers from PA. Stay safe man!” – Nate Shank

Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words. We hope you, your family and community are staying safe and healthy… 

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Pronghorn Straps in Action

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The first video in the Dork in the Road “5-in-5” Series — covering five things you need to know in five minutes or less. This episode focused on our Pronghorn Straps

“The new and improved Giant Loop Pronghorn straps are an inexpensive, durable, and versatile piece of gear that are useful for a multitude of dual sport, adventure motorcycle, and other off road/outdoor adventures. Looking for a quick and easy way to securely attach gear to your motorcycle, side by side, 4×4, boat, backpack, or any other outdoor adventure gear or vehicle?  These polyurethane straps are dead simple, weather resistant, and hold strongly and securely no matter the application.” — Dork in the Road

Use promo code “dorkintheroad” to save 10% of this or any other purchase from GiantLoopMoto.com

We love “Dork in the Road”!

Carrying the Essentials for a Moto Dog’s Life on The Road

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Author Jess Stone wrote us with a fun story about how the Zigzag Handlebar Bag is perfect for dog food and treats…

“During a North to South America motorcycle trip a few years back when I was a brand-new and impressionable rider, Greg and I were waiting at the La Paz-to-Mazatlán ferry terminal when a bright yellow Vespa pulled up and parked next to our bikes. It was swollen to nearly double its proper size and there was hardly a yellow panel that wasn’t covered with canvas bags stacked upon rucksacks hanging from duffle bags.

The rider, who could barely be seen as he pulled up, was German and a ship upholsterer by trade and, as he explained, was traveling around the world and stopping at ports along the way when we he needed money to find jobs refurbishing yachts. After exchanging a few pleasantries, he excused himself to retrieve the gear off his scooter that he would need for the overnight ferry ride.

In a mind-bogglingly complex and yet seemingly well practiced and methodical process, he retrieved three bags, exchanged their contents, returned two of them and retrieved two more, and then exchange the contents again. This continued for a solid twenty minutes during which the rider must have cycled through his dozen or so bags at least twice while Greg and I sat transfixed.

‘I’m never carrying more than a tank bag, two panniers, and a duffle,’ I said in a whispered oath to Greg who, mouth agape, only nodded in reply. Fast forward several years and 50,000 miles on the odometer, and now our German Shepherd Moxie rides with me on my same 2013 G650GS. Initially, I was excited to pass my share of the camping gear over to Greg’s F700 but then the reality set in of having to carrying Moxie’s kibble, treats, raincoat, a few toys, a travel bedroll, and other almost-necessities.

More gear to carry without an available rear luggage rack, meant that I had to make sacrifices: ‘You could go without shampoo, a razor, and things like that,’ Greg suggested. Or else I’d have to break the tank bag-panniers-and-duffle-only oath that I’d made years before. ‘Ok, we’ll try some new luggage options,’ I conceded. ‘But I’ll die before my bike looks like that f-ing yellow Vespa!’

Soon, reluctantly, I allowed a tank pannier bag to be hung from either side of my front plastics. But, the real coup de grace are the Zigzag Handlebar Bags, which we’ve rechristened as Moxie’s Pockets, that fasten to either side of Moxie’s K9 Moto Cockpit motorcycle dog carrier.

You might use yours for carrying sunglasses, Chapstick, and a few other useful sundries, but our Moxie’s Pockets are strictly for carrying dog treats, kibble, and a fetch stick – the essentials for a moto dog’s life on the road.” — Jess Stone

Author Jess Stone, her husband Greg, and their German Shepherd Moxie travel throughout Mexico and Central America from their home in Lake Atitlan Guatemala. Follow their travel adventures on 2 Wheels + 4 Paws on YouTube or at ruffontheroad.com

Check out the latest episode from and you especially won’t want to miss the Moxie’s Pockets view of Greg and Moxie’s ugly bridge crash at 09:47!

Thanks Jess!

Round The World Panniers with Pannier Mounts

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Here’s a couple of photos our friend Bob sent us doing a test run with GL Round The World Panniers and Pannier Mounts

RTW panniers with GSA pannier mounts

“I would think people are planning and gearing up for when the “all clear” whistle blows, or at least things open up a bit. I sure am. When I’m not sewing masks for friends I’m modifying my camping gear. I’ve gotten good at Whoopi slings. I did a (socially isolated) dry run the other day to play with and test new gear.” — Bob Simon

Round The World Panniers

Great work — thanks for the photos Bob!

Roadrunner Jonesy!

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The one, the only. National treasure and legendary guitarist Steve Jones pictured here circa 2010 with a GL Fandango Bag atop his Ducati Hypermotard custom built by David Bingham, who owned Bend Euro Moto at the time this photo was taken…

Jonesy also played on a short tour with Billy Duffy, Billy Morrison, and Franky Perez as The Ducati All Stars which traveled up the U.S. west coast and included a stop in Oregon…

We love you JonseyGo light. Go fast. Go far!

New 2020 Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag

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Dean Edamura at AdventureRider.com wrote a great piece recently on our newly redesigned Buckn’ Roll Tank Bag

“Giant Loop specializes in packing systems for dirt, dual sport, enduro and ADV bikes, and their completely redesigned for 2020 Buckin’ Roll tank bag is a great example of what sets their products apart. The small design of the Buckin’ Roll is like a fanny pack for your motorcycle, but with none of the suburban-Dad-in-flip-flops-and-socks stigma. At 1.5 liters, it has enough space for emergency spares, wallet, car keys, and features a compartment on top with a clear cover to allow the rider to read their smartphone maps on the go. A pass-through for a power cable allows you to charge your devices while they are still safely tucked away…”  —by Dean Edamura, advrider.com

read the entire review here…

Thanks for the kind words, Dean!

2020 Giant Loop Ride is RESCHEDULED for September 18-20

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We hope you all are hanging tough and keeping your families and communities safe! By staying home and following guidelines, hopefully we’ll all get over the hump as soon as possible.

Because of the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have rescheduled the 9th Annual Giant Loop Ride. The new dates are SEPTEMBER 18-20. 

Check out the updated sign-up page here… 

2020 Giant Loop Ride is RESCHEDULED for September 18-20

To-date, we have 149 sign ups, including riders, volunteers, vendors and staff – our largest group yet! We hope you will be able to make the new dates fit into your schedule.

If you are unable to join us in September, it is a BIG help to Giant Loop if you can use your deposit as credit to purchase GL gear, or if you can apply it to a future Giant Loop ride or event. We also understand if you need to cancel and prefer to get a refund on your deposit, just shoot us an email with your request.

If you can join us in September, please help spread the word, invite friends and encourage riders to come help us make the 9th Annual Giant Loop Ride the largest dualsport rally in Oregon!

A Passion for Authentic Adventure

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Giant Loop exists because we ride and our passion for exploration is our essence. We create expedition quality gear so riders can focus on the ride and not worry about their equipment. We enable authentic outdoor experiences that help build lasting friendships and bonds with other riders. Go light. Go fast. Go far. Adventure proof packing systems and gear, since 2008. Designed in Bend, Oregon. Ridden worldwide…

Visit our YouTube Channel for more videos from Giant Loop!

Our Fuel Bag Reviewed

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We’re very proud of this product

The Gas Bag

“Space is always a concern when traveling off-road, and the distance between filling stations can be enormous. The Gas Bag allows off-roaders to roll up the empty container and minimize storage when they are empty. They are a very tough ballistic nylon and can be easily moved from the truck and strapped to an ATV, side-by-side, dirt bike, snow bike or snowmobile using the daisy-chain webbing. With sizes of 1, 2, 3 or 5 gal., you can match a Gas Bag to your needs.” — Perry Mack, 4WDrive Magazine

GL Gas Bag

Thanks, Perry — always fantastic to get a great review!

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The Expander Adventure Tent

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Thanks to all for giving us miles of smiles! By now, you may have gotten the joke. Our EXPANDER Tent prank for April Fool’s Day generated an outpouring of shares and comments – and it was posted on many media sites, including Cycle News, ADV Pulse, Adventure Motorcycle Magazine, Expedition Portal, Adventure Rider and other online media outlets. Please keep it going by sharing it with a straight face!


If you didn’t get the joke – or the juicy “Easter Egg” on the shopping cart check out our page for the EXPANDER, we’re going to leave it up during April. Click the link, read some of the hilarious reviews – and write one of your own – then go to the “shopping cart” to claim your reward…