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January 2016

Tech Tip: Adventure Proof Packing Systems + Gear for Adventure Touring, Dual Sport, Enduro Motorcycles

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Tech Tip: Adventure Proof Packing Systems + Gear for Adventure Touring, Dual Sport, Enduro Motorcycles

We design our adventure proof saddlebags, tank bags, tail bags, fender bags, tool pockets, dry bags, dry duffels to integrate as a modular, customizable packing system, enabling motorcycle riders to add and subtract bags to adjust for bike type, riding conditions and gear loads. These handy charts illustrate how all of the components fit together.

Giant Loop Enduro Dual Sport Motorcycle Soft Luggage Diagram

Giant Loop Adventure Touring Motorcycle Soft Luggage Diagram

2016 Giant Loop Catalog and Adventure Proof Packing Systems Comparison Chart

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2016 Giant Loop Catalog and Adventure Proof Packing Systems Comparison Chart

Here’s a screen resolution PDF of our new 2016 Giant Loop Catalog with Adventure Proof Packing Systems comparison chart, version 1 – click here to download 2016 Giant Loop catalog!

2016 Giant Loop Catalog cover photo by MotoLara.

2016 Giant Loop Catalog cover photo by MotoLara.

2016 Giant Loop product line comparison chart.

2016 Giant Loop product line comparison chart.

Giant Loop Riders: 13,000 km on Trans Canada Adventure Trail.

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Kiwis Keith and Bryan rode 13,000km, coast-to-coast on the Trans Canada Adventure Trail on Yamaha WR250s with Giant Loop’s Great Basin Saddlebags and Dry Bags. Here are some highlights from their adventure (captions by Keith)!
Trans Canada Adventure Trail
1. Caribou Creek Saskatchewan . Almost as far north as the TCAT gets. Great spot – cabins, gas, food, beer!
Trans Canada Adventure Trail
2. Chris Rieger and the Kiwis. We have Chris to thank for a world class effort in marking the TCAT in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Job very well done.
Trans Canada Adventure Trail
3. Day off at the Nipawin Exhibition. The wagon racing was breathtaking!
Trans Canada Adventure Trail
Trans Canada Adventure Trail
4. Bryan and deer – a certain attraction. Our altercations with them continue …
Trans Canada Adventure Trail
5. Mike on a slippery slope in Saskatchewan . Hard to see the true grade but 5 mm of damp makes the surface like soap.
Trans Canada Adventure Trail
6. Manitoba Lake – the Cree First Nation. A very warm welcome, Keith telling our story to locals.
Trans Canada Adventure Trail
7. Keith looking for the trail in long grass. Bloody great moose appeared! (not in pic)
Trans Canada Adventure Trail
8. Rains a’comin on the prairie.
Trans Canada Adventure Trail
9. Oops. Road closed.
Trans Canada Adventure Trail
10. Typical axle deep ‘damp patch’ we had to get through on the Saskatchewan prairie.

5th Annual Giant Loop Ride: Crystal Crane Hot Springs Oregon Backcountry Experience, JUNE 3-5, 2016

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5th Annual Giant Loop Ride Crystal Crane Hotsprings

Soaking pond at Crystal Crane Hot Springs, Oregon. Tent camping and hot springs access is included with your fee, but please contact Crystal Crane Hot Springs directly to reserve cabins or RV camping: (541) 493-2312.

5th Annual Giant Loop Ride: Crystal Crane Hot Springs Oregon Backcountry Experience, JUNE 3-5, 2016


Join Giant Loop for off-road adventure in Oregon’s beautiful high desert, Friday, June 3 through Sunday June 5 at Crystal Crane Hot Springs. This is a great way to get a taste of the amazing riding here in Oregon – and to meet some new riding friends.

To preserve the quality of the experience, we are limiting registration to the first 100 who register by paying a $100 refundable deposit now. The deposit will be refunded if you cancel before May 3. The second payment of $200 will be due by May 17, and we will give any spots away to riders on our waiting list if any of the first 100 do not complete their registrations by the deadline. Or, commit now with the full $300 reservation, and you’re in with nothing more to worry about.


Join List, Get Details

JUST ADDED: Dirt Bike Safety Training is holding a clinic Friday, June 3 at the 5th annual Giant Loop Ride, held in Crystal Crane Hot Springs, OR. Bring your dualsport or adventure bike to improve your skills with the instructors of Dirt First by MotoVentures and Dirt Bike Safety Training, LLC. Friday morning 11 to 3. We will start with a brief riders meeting, followed by a number of Dirt First by MotoVentures Level 2 exercises that include: how to handle common terrain challenges, how to “clutch it” to control your speed and traction, how to position your body and maintain your balance at low speeds, how to execute tight turns while both sitting and standing (counterbalancing), how to handle extreme braking for those challenging downhill trails, how to change directions at speed to conquer hill climbs and sand washes, how to ride in ruts and on single track trails, and how to wheelie over small logs or rain ruts. Space is limited, register now at www.dirtbikesafetytraining.com for $125, or $149 at the event. Register now!

5th Annual Giant Loop Ride
All licensed riders on street-legal bike types welcome – dual sport, adventure touring – and you can ride your own route or choose from a variety of routes and form your own groups to suit most any bike and rider skill level. This is not a guided trip, your fees cover two nights of camping, hot springs access, Silipint drinkware, and meals, snacks and beverages (more details below). Watch your email for more details and updates!

Motorcycle camping at Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Tent camping with a natural hot springs soaking pond!

Arrive early at Crystal Crane Hot Springs, set up camp and soak or explore, but don’t be late for the Beer & Wine Happy Hour and Ranch Dinner! We’re looking into hosting an off-road riding clinic on Friday, too – stay tuned for details.

Morning – Fuel up with a hearty Ranch Breakfast, then go ride!
Afternoon – Steens Mountain Loop, Alvord Desert Loop, Owyhee Loop will be among the options. And yes, we will provide GPS tracks ahead of the event (thanks Laura!). You’ll be on your own for lunch.
Evening – Relax and enjoy Ranch Dinner and Beer & Wine Happy Hour, soak in the hot springs pool, share some laughs and tell tales around the campfire . . . and some fabulous prizes!

Morning – Eat a hearty Ranch Breakfast, break camp and ride your own chosen route with any group you wish. Take the scenic route home, meander and explore – or head off on a new adventure.

Tell all your friends how much fun you had, share pics and stories!

Important Details about the 5th Annual Giant Loop Ride:
* All riders are expected to be self-sufficient and equipped with all tools and supplies needed to be safe and comfortable.
* For your registration fee, Giant Loop is providing food, beverage and commemorative drink ware – all provided and delivered on private lands.
* This is not a paid guided trip. Riders are free to choose any route they wish to ride, and riders are responsible for all required permits, licenses, etc.
* Route suggestions and GPS tracks are provided free of charge for your convenience.
* This is some of the most rugged and remote country in the lower 48 states. We recommend using a SPOT tracker or similar device for self-rescue. Cell phone coverage is unreliable in rural Oregon. There are no support vehicles, and many available routes are far from medical and mechanical help. Consider signing up for and emergency service provider, such as Air Link or Life Flight. Here’s a good PDF article discussing the details and relative merits of these service providers.
* Unpaid volunteers will be available to facilitate forming groups of riders with similar skills, bike types and interests, but riders are responsible for themselves, are free to choose any route they wish to ride and are free to ride with any other riders – or by themselves as individuals.

Questions? Contact Harold at 971-832-3164 or email.

See you on the trail,
Team Giant Loop

Designed in Bend, Oregon USA | Ridden Worldwide