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NEW! GL Pannier Mounts for Motorcycle Soft Luggage

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GL Pannier Mounts for Motorcycle Soft Luggage – now available for pre-order, shipping September 25!

Giant Loop's GL Pannier Mount for motorcycle soft luggage and gear

Giant Loop’s GL Pannier Mount for motorcycle soft luggage and gear

Introducing GL Pannier Mounts for motorcycle soft luggage! Designed in Bend, Oregon by Giant Loop, these ultra light, ultra tough quick release, quick mount, lockable powder coated aluminum plates secure Giant Loop’s Round The World Panniers, MotoTrekk Panniers, RotoPax gas cans and other gear to most side luggage racks with flat, vertical hoops constructed with 18mm round tubing. Examples: Touratech and the BMW R1200GS Adventure’s OEM luggage rack (Giant Loop adapter required for exhaust side of BMW GSA). Other adapters and mounting options available soon.

WEIGHS JUST 3.6 lbs. Sold as a set of two, with two keys included. Order now!

Guinness World Record Setting GL Rider Dannel Lynn: 1 Year On Her Triumph Bonneville Equipped With Giant Loop

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Guinness World Record Setting GL Rider Dannel Lynn: 1 Year On Her Triumph Bonneville Equipped With Giant Loop

Dannel Lynn, 1 Woman, 1 Bike, 1 Year, Black Tie 2 Black Top

STATS Crashes – 1 (slow speed on ice in NM). Tire Blow out / Flat- 2 (both rear). Standing bike dump – pavement-1. Bike dump on dirt – 1. Tires: Front -4 Rear – 8. Speeding Tickets: 0. States visited – ALL 50 & Canada. Miles – over 53,000. Most expensive fuel-$5.989 (Death Valley, CA). Cheapest fuel- $1.749 (Soso, MS).

World record setting Giant Loop Rider Danell Lynn (Danell Lynn – Black Tie 2 Black Top) talks about a year on the road with her Triumph Bonneville motorcycle equipped with Giant Loop’s adventure proof packing systems.
“Thank Giant Loop for providing all the luggage systems, and encouragement- thank you- Siskiyou Panniers, Pronghorn Straps, Tillamook Dry Bags, Possibles Pouch, Fandango Tank Bag Pro, and the Gear Repair Kit.”

Giant Loop Rider: 50 States + 1 World Record = Danell Lynn

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Giant Loop Rider: 50 States + 1 World Record = Danell Lynn

danell lyn

GL rider Danell Lynn has earned the Guinness World Record for the Longest Journey by Motorcycle in a Single Country! She travelled over 48,000 miles over one year and is the first female solo rider to ever hold the record. Lynn rode her Triumph Bonneville equipped with Giant Loop’s Siskiyou Panniers, Fandango Pro Tank Bag, Zigzag Handlebar Bag, Possibles Pouch, Pronghorn StrapsRogue Dry Bag and Tillamook Dry Bag
You can read some articles about her trip in Cycle News and on Clutch & Chrome

Congratulations, Danell!

danell lynn

danel lynn


Giant Loop Sponsored Rider Danell Lynn Sets New Guinness World Record: Longest Journey By Motorcycle In A Single Country

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danell lynn guinness world record on Triumph

photo courtesy of Triumph Motorcycles America

Giant Loop Sponsored Rider Danell Lynn Sets New Guinness World Record: Longest Journey By Motorcycle In A Single Country

Giant Loop is proud to announce that sponsored rider Danell Lynn has set a new Guinness World Record for “Longest journey by motorcycle in a single country.” Traveling for a year on her Triumph Bonneville equipped with Giant Loop gear, Lynn covered 48,600 miles while riding throughout the contiguous 48 states of the Unite States of America. Lynn is the first solo woman motorcyclist to hold the record.

Although her travels actually covered all 50 states, as well as three Canadian provinces, totaling more than 53,000 miles from September 2014 through September 2015, Guinness only counted the miles logged within the continental 48 states. Duplicate miles also did not apply to the record; each of the 48,600 miles covered different routes.

“Giant Loop was my first and only bag choice as the ride began its planning,” says Lynn. “I am so pleased with it all: The ease of use, and complete dryness of my gear through downpours, will keep me coming back to Giant Loop.”

“We are very proud to have played a role in Danell’s incredible journey,” says Harold Olaf Cecil, owner and founder of Giant Loop. “Daily use really puts our products to a degree of testing most riders would take many years to equal. Danell is also personally dedicated to positive change in the world, and her spirit matches our mission as a brand and company. Well done, Danell!”

For her world record setting ride, Lynn used Giant Loop’s Siskiyou Panniers, Fandango Pro Tank Bag, Tillamook Dry Bag, Rogue Dry Bag, Possibles Pouch and Pronghorn Straps on her 2006 Triumph Bonneville. She also secured her gear with Rok Straps and carried additional fuel in 2-liter Touratech Fuel Canisters, which fit into the front pockets of the Siskiyou Panniers.

GL Rider Danell Lynn featured in Triumph Motorcycles’ Spirit Magazine

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“The more people said ?you can?t?, the more I wanted to say ?yes I can?.? ? Danell Lynn, Black Tie 2 Black Top, Triumph Spirt Magazine

“Danell Lynn is aiming to gatecrash the Guinness World Records book for the longest journey in a single country on a motorcycle. The 30-something is part way through visiting every one of America?s 50 states, Canada and Alaska, on her 2006 Bonneville called Amelia.”

Danell Lynn in Triumph Motorcycles Spirit Magazine

Danell Lynn in Triumph Motorcycles Spirit Magazine

Check out the story at Triumph Spirit!

Giant Loop Rider: Tammy Rides Her First Event, 2014 Alley Sweeper, On Her Vintage Triumph, With Diablo Tank Bag And Mojavi Saddlebag

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The trip to Portland for last weekend’s ?Alley Sweeper, was worth a load of adventures. Especially for Tammy, since this was her first (dis)organized ride.

Arriving at the start of the ride was pretty telling, the whole street was filling with rough tire motos, of one sort or another. There were costumed riders, riders on vintage two-stroke enduros, monkey bikes and mopeds, in addition to the pile of modern dual sports and adventure bikes. It was easy for us to get staged with the van, since there weren’t many cars parked in the area. As we finished getting ready, the street filled in with riders and motos, anticipating the announcements and rider’s meeting.






Tammy has only been riding for a couple years and her experience is mainly riding Vintage bikes on dirt. She had been out in the woods riding a couple weekends ago, so she was ready for more. McQueen, her 1971 Triumph T100C Trophy ?was kitted with Diablo Tank Bag and Mojavi Saddlebag. What she had limited experience with, was riding in city traffic and she had never ridden pavement in the rain. She was pretty nervous about the wet pavement, until I reminded her to treat it like dirt and expect a little slipping and sliding. She got the hang of wet roads quick, but she still had a sharp concern about getting into and out of car traffic, as we filtered through the streets to reach the next set of alley ways.

The alleys were as diverse as the bikers, paved, gravel, mud, grass and puddles. The alleys were surrounded by yards in every state of trim and disrepair.


Here was one little piece of “city rock” that caused us to pause and double check McQueen’s engine case for oil leaks! Luckily, Tammy rode right through without getting dumped off, when she hit that one.


Occasionally we saw residents, out watching the parade, or trying to instigate some contention with riders. Tam and I came across one such alley, with a few discontents waving a phone camera at us and trying to engage us. We took the high road and turned onto the street, rather that have our enjoyment interrupted with meaningless debate about access to public right-of-ways and the city permitting required to stop us from riding on “their” public road. As we got deeper into the route, there were other creative residents, parking trucks across the alley ways, preventing us from continuing through several of the designated alleys. As we had already found the need to be “flexible” with the routing, we were able to pick up the next alley, without loosing too much track.


Tammy was tired after we had completed the sections of North route, so we decided to wrap up our participation and headed back to base. She was thrilled with excitement from completing the stages we did and she was totally beat from all the concentration and effort needed to handle her Triumph in the alleys and city traffic. The Honda XR650R, kitted with Mojavi Saddlebag, Pannier Pockets and Possibles Pouches, performed predictably for me. It was easy to spy upcoming alleys, while standing in its tall cockpit.?Thankfully the Honda was not as coldblooded as usual and fired up second kick, every time. Tammy’s Triumph was easy to start all day, too, but got a bit hot after several long sections of slow muddy alley way, so it got a cool off break half way through the ride.

The guys at Sang Froid Riding Club had done a good job with their map and route plans, but they did a GREAT job on their ride Tshirt. Tammy was very happy to see such a cool Tshirt, as her first ride commemoration and bought me one too. I’ll get a proper pic of the Tshirt(thought I had one) and add it to this post.

Giant Loop Rider: Death Valley Noobs Rally Medical Volunteer Rob Preps MEDIC MoJavi Saddlebag

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We enjoyed this recent message from one of our “Mojavis For Medics” program participants, Rob:

“Hello again, Here is some more info on myself.?Fulltime Fire Rescue at Canmore Fire Rescue in Canada (just outside Banff AB in the Mountains). My title here is Lieutenant Operations/Hazmat/Training – as an ALS fire medic in the mountains I do structural fire protection and mountain rescue. I am also casual with Alberta Health Services and do about 6 shifts a month on the ambulance. Here are some of my certifications:

-ACLS instructor/coordinator
-PALS instructor /coordinator
-CPR instructor
-Rope Rescue Technician Instructor(Rescue 3 International)
-Ice Rescue Technician Instructor(Rescue 3 International)
-Swift Water Rescue Technician Instructor(Rescue 3 International)
-Structural Collapse Technician NFPA
-Confined Space Technician NFPA
-ICS 400
-Hazmat Technician NFPA
-CBRNE Technician
-Advanced Hazmat Life Support Provider

I carry a full kit when I ride down in Death Valley for the Death Valley Noobs Rally, every thing from sutures to ETT tubes if intubation is needed, a full bandage kit, c-collar, tourniquet, symptomatic drugs if needed, and I leave an automated external defibrillator in camp. Last year I was down at the Silverton, CO event also while doing the CO Backcountry Discovery Route. At the Death Valley Rally last year we had a few mishaps fractured leg, fractured foot and a dislocated should with fractured clavicle.”

Rob rides a tricked out Triumph Tiger 800, with Giant Loop’s?Fandango Tank Bag? – and soon a MEDIC MoJavi Saddlebag. He surely puts his bike through the paces, having ridden three Backcountry Discovery Routes, as well as volunteering at the Death Valley Noobs Rally. ?Thanks, Rob, for supporting the rider community by volunteering your skills!

rob evans-davies canmore canada