Video: GL Gear Reviewed by Guinness World Record Holder Danell Lynn

Guinness World Record holder and Giant Loop Ambassador Danell Lynn completed a world record setting ride of all 50 states and Canada in a single year, “The longest journey by motorcycle in a single country” — 1 Woman, 1 Bike, 1 Year — she’s the first solo woman motorcyclist to hold that record!

In this video, Danell recounts adventuring on her trusty Triumph Bonneville named “Amelia” — riding with Siskiyou Panniers, Fandango Tank Bag and Rogue Dry Bag, giving them a thorough review as she puts GL to the test…

“Giant Loop was my first and only bag choice. I am so pleased with it. The ease of use and complete dryness of my gear through downpours will keep me coming back to Giant Loop.”Danell Lynn, BT2BT

Cheers, Danell! Thank you for choosing Giant Loop. Your spirit reflects our mission and we are proud to be part of your incredible adventures. And thanks for sharing your feedback — a lot of riders can take away some great lessons from your experience!

Visit Danell’s YouTube Channel for more exciting videos…

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