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Benvenuto Federico!

By | Blog, Events, News, Photos, Riders, travel, Yamaha

Our dear friend and new Giant Loop Ambassador Federico Tondelli has been on the team for a very long time. GL’s first trip to the huge EICMA Motorcycle show in Milano was in 2011. We had never been in the show, never been to Italy. We don’t speak any Italian. We needed a motorcycle for display in our stand in the USA Pavilion, so I started posting online that we needed a bike parked in our stand for a few days…

Out of the blue, Federico contacts me and offers to let Giant Loop take delivery of his new Yamaha Super Tenere at the show – all we had to do was roll it from the Yamaha stand to ours! We were blown away by Fede’s kindness and willingness to help. 

Since then, he has helped us in countless other ways. Last year, during the off-season for MotoGP (he is now the press manager for the Suzuki team), Federico rode in South America with GL gear and took a ton of beautiful photos.

Here’s shot of dinner from our 2013 trip to EICMA. That’s Fede (second from left) enjoying plate-sized Milanesa at a classic Lombardy restaurant in Milano…

“Dear Harold, I spent the whole morning to find some proper words to express how much honored and proud I am to read these beautiful words that you wrote for me, but I couldn’t. So please allow me to just say: THANK YOU. Giant Loop has a very special place in my heart. Not only as a brand, but also as the people like you who I consider a true friend besides and before any ‘business’. My trip in Patagonia has been a true life-changer for me and proved once again how much the GL’s products are well thought, well engineered and well done. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” — Fede

Federico has shared the truest Italian hospitality with us for many years, and has been a steadfast friend and ally for Giant Loop throughout most of our history as a company. Grande Fede!

Zigzag Bag, Tail Rack, Possibles Pouch and Pronghorn Straps

By | Adventure Touring, bike packing, Blog, Dirt bike, Enduro, Giant Loop Gear, Photos, Straps, Tech Tips, trail bike

Our friend Andy sent us an email detailing how he uses Giant Loop gear to make the magic happen…

Handlebar Bag ,Tail Rack , Possibilities Pouch and Prong Straps“I’ve been using the Zigzag Handlebar Bag, Tail Rack and Possibles Pouch with the Pronghorn Straps. The Tail Rack holds the Possibles Pouch super secure with the Pronghorn Straps. I threw all my tools in there so I always have them on the bike and did some really rocky rides and hill climbs and I was never worried I’d lose the tools. It was great! Not having to worry about my gear being secure is so nice. It gives me the confidence to rip harder sections and never worry. The Zigzag Handlebar Bag is great for holding my phone and snacks and charger. Not having to take my backpack off to get to essentials is great!” — Andy Janik

Good one Andy — thanks!

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GL Gas Bag on a SXR-1100 Jet Ski

By | Blog, Fuel, Giant Loop Gear, Photos, Tech Tips

Check out this great use for the Giant Loop Gas Bag

 “Hi Giant loop, I received my Gas Bag and am very happy, thank you. Here’s a photo of how I use it. The Gas Bag sits in the tray of my SXR 1100 Jet Ski and allows me the range to get to our favorite watering hole out on the California delta. I burn 8 gallons of premix with the round trip and the ski holds 5 gallons only. Great product for sure.” — Scott Young

Awesome, Scott — thanks!

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Round The World Panniers Featured in BMW Owners Magazine

By | bike packing, Blog, Giant Loop Gear, Indian, Photos, Reviews, Riders, Saddlebags, Tank Bags, Tech Tips

Our friend Wes Fleming who writes for BMW Owners News Magazine does a great podcast as well. His review of our Round The World Panniers and Pannier Mounts  is featured in the April 2020 issue, Member Tested Product Reviews section. Plus there’s a new product mention in the News section for the Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag

Round The World Panniers Featured in BMW Owners News MagazineWes rides a sweet Indian FTR 1200 S with a single-sided rack. Our Pannier Mount fits perfectly and the big Round The World Pannier gives him enough room for all his gear

Round The World Panniers Featured in BMW Owners News Magazine

Thanks Wes!

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The Ultimate Loop on a KTM 500 EXC-F

By | Adventure Touring, bike packing, Blog, Camping, Dry Bags, Giant Loop Gear, KTM, Overland, Photos, Reviews, Riders, Saddlebags, Tech Tips, trail bike, travel

Rider Aaron Steinmann spent three years biking around the world with GL gear on a KTM 500 EXC-F. One of our favorite websites Enduro 21 posted a great article about Aaron’s amazing journey…

“Pack light and keep it narrow to get through doorways. Doing a trip like this on a smaller bike means you have to think a bit more about the gear you are going to carry. I used the Giant Loop Coyote Saddleag to carry my gear in and one Tillamook Dry Bag. The Coyote Saddlebag has three dry bags inside. One had my tools, tubes, filters etc. Another had my cooking equipment and the third my minimal amount of clothing. In the top bag I had my tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, shoes and a few other things. I have two pouches also made by Giant Loop attached to the Coyote Saddlebag and they are a perfect size to fit the Motorex one-litre oil bottles. I also kept a few tools in there so I could tighten my chain or the odd bolt if it came loose without having to dig into my main bag.”Enduro 21

read the entire article here

For more about Aaron’s fantastic adventure go to his Instagram page at @braaping_kiwi

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Diablo Tank Bags Reviewed at Road RUNNER

By | Adventure Touring, bike packing, Blog, Enduro, Giant Loop Gear, Overland, Reviews, Tank Bags, Tech Tips

So cool that our friends at Road RUNNER include maps of featured rides in every issue! Better still, their maps fit perfectly in GL Diablo Tank Bag clear pockets…

Giant Loop's Diablo Tank Bag

“There are many types of luggage systems for different needs, but the tank bag is the tool of choice for immediate access to small gear. Giant Loop’s Diablo Tank Bag was designed with dual sport motorcycles and off-road usage in mind.” —  Road RUNNER

Check out this perfect customization to safely accommodate camera gear…

Go custom!

We love Road RUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel! You can support them by getting a subscription

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Touring With a Great Basin Saddlebag and Tillamook Dry Bag

By | Adventure Touring, Blog, Indian, Overland, Reviews, Saddlebags, travel, Video

Check out this excellent video by Motogypsy of riding an Indian Scout Sixty in Ecuador with a Great Basin Saddlebag and Tillamook Dry Bag

“A solo motorcycle ride to Laguna Quilotoa, the Black Sheep Inn, rescued wildlife, rural Ecuadorian life in the Sierras, rescued female condor, la vaca loca from the vantage point of a modified Indian Scout Sixty.”Motogypsy

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GL Gas Bag is King of the Hill

By | Adventure Touring, bike packing, Blog, Fuel, Giant Loop Gear, News, Reviews, Tech Tips, travel, Video

How to carry extra fuel? Thanks to Adventure Rider for this great review of the Giant Loop Gas Bag


“The absolute king of the hill for carrying extra fuel and also having a small pack size when you don’t need it is, the Giant Loop Gas Bag, available in 1, 2, 3 and 5-gallon sizes. As the Giant Loop Gas Bag is soft set up, besides not being prone to cracking like the solid version from vibration it is also extremely durable and can take an amazing amount of impact if you do fall on it in a crash.”@RTWPAUL, Adventure Rider

read the entire article here

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The Advantages of Soft Luggage

By | Adventure Touring, Blog, BMW, Giant Loop Gear, Honda, Reviews, Saddlebags, travel, Video

Eric from Ride Adventures presents a balanced perspective on the relative advantages of soft luggage, using the Great Basin Saddlebag as his example on his Honda Africa Twin

“Hey ADV Riders, today we’re doing a review on soft vs hard luggage systems on a few of our adventure motorcycles. We break it down to 9 categories; protection, weight, waterproofness, durability, ease of access, ease of installation, versatility, safety, and compatibility. Two solid competitors but only one winner. Watch to find out which wins our vote!”Eric Lange, Ride Adventures

Cool video Eric!

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From Our Friends at HeliLadder

By | bike packing, Blog, Giant Loop Gear, Kawasaki, Panniers, Photos, Saddlebags, Tank Bags, Tech Tips, travel

A great father-son adventure. Both riding Kawasaki KLR 650s with Giant Loop gear

“My son left Oregon last September and traveled though the SW, into Baja, and then throughout Mexico. He started the trip off with a very well-used pair of Siskiyou Panniers, and their no-frills durability matched the KLR. I was able to break away and join him on the last couple days of his journey. My ’06 KLR is outfitted with the Mototrekk Panniers, Rogue Dry Bag, Diablo Tank Bag, and the Zigzag Handlebar Bag. As a designer and manufacturer of aviation tooling and support equipment, I can really appreciate your quality gear. It is well made, highly functional, and very durable. Thanks for providing great gear for those of us traveling the lonely backroads!” — Dale Neubauer, HeliLadder of Blue Moon Designs

Dale also owns this classic bike that he has traveled all over the USA on…   

Nice Ride!

Thanks Dale — we love you guys…  

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Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag Reviewed by ThumperTalk

By | bike packing, Blog, Giant Loop Gear, Reviews, Tank Bags, Tech Tips

Our thanks to ThumperTalk for talking about our Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag

photo by ThumperTalk

“Nice bag and really lives up to the demons of rougher riding without getting in your way or flopping around. Enthusiasm is very high for riding right now and it seems like it’s being rediscovered. I hope all is well with you and yours. All the best!” — Bryan G. Bosch, ThumperTalk.com

Congratulations on 20 great years Bryan — we look forward to more TT!

Many Possibilities With a Possibles Pouch

By | bike packing, Blog, Giant Loop Gear, Riders, Tech Tips

Riders can store a complete tire repair kit in a Giant Loop Possibles Pouch

At a minimum, riders should carry the tools and supplies needed to repair a flat tire. Our Waterproof Possibles Pouch straps onto Giant Loop Saddlebags, Tail Racks, stock engine guards and just about any other stable attachment point. This video focuses on dirt bikes and dual sports with tube tires, but a compact air compressor and tubeless plug kit are also a great fit…

Designed by riders for riders. Go light. Go fast. Go far! 

Visit our YouTube Channel for more videos from Giant Loop!

Round The World Panniers Reviewed

By | Adventure Touring, bike packing, Blog, Camping, Dirt bike, Giant Loop Gear, News, Panniers, Reviews, Video

Cool video from Backcountry Adventure Motorsports reviewing our Round The World Panniers and 10 Barrel Lager both from Bend, OR

“If you are looking for a set of quality soft panniers that are not only light weight, but have TONS of room, look no further. the Giant Loop Round the World Panniers are everything you need for those epic adventures.”Backcountry Adventure Motorsports

Great video — we love Gear & Beer..!

Siskiyou Panniers Reviewed on Motorcycle Gear Hub

By | bike packing, Blog, Giant Loop Gear, News, Panniers, Reviews, Saddlebags, Tech Tips

Roy from Motorcycle Gear Hub wrote an awesome review of our Siskiyou Panniers that shows how functional the panniers are for a big cruiser…

The Siskiyou Panniers from Giant Loop are the sort of panniers that you can wholeheartedly trust to ride for weeks on end through all forms of terrains, weather conditions and riding distances. In their raw essence, the Siskiyou Panniers are de-facto rigid panniers without the inconveniences of rigid panniers. Truly, the Siskiyou Panniers are as close as one can get to rigid panniers without having to worry about breaking them in an off, installing absurd racking mounts that require a degree in mechanical engineering or hearing annoying vibrations any time your suspension is at work.Top overall quality, heavy duty, immense storage capacity, epic reliability, utilitarian in nature and supreme functionality for both off-road and on-road/street riders; that’s the Giant Loop Siskiyou Panniers in a nutshell. Add their Burt Reynolds‘ virile allure and you’ve got a recipe for a set of panniers that genuinely merit their purchasing with no second thoughts. Motorcycle Gear Hub’s seal of approval and most recommended!” — Roy Lopez

So cool to see they fit your sweet V-twin so well — thanks Roy!

Unconventional But Effective on a KTM

By | Adventure Touring, bike packing, Blog, Dry Bags, Enduro, Giant Loop Gear, Overland, Photos, Reviews, Tank Bags, Tech Tips, trail bike, travel

Check out these amazing photos from a customer riding a KTM 500 EXC Six Days Edition with an unconventional, but effective Giant Loop luggage set up. He’s strapped two Tillamook Dry Bags to his luggage racks and running a Fandango Tank Bag on top as well…

“Hi, Giant Loop Team! Here are some pictures. Mostly India, Pakistan, Iran, Oman, Egypt and all the way down to South Africa. I’m still on the road. You got a great product!” — Frank Neikes 

He’s put a lot of miles on this improvised set-up, and apparently loves it. Excellent Frank, thanks for the photos!

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Riding the Canadian Trans-Labrador Highway

By | Adventure Touring, bike packing, Blog, Giant Loop Gear, Overland, Reviews, Riders, Saddlebags, Tank Bags, Tech Tips, travel

We love this Adventure Rider series that follows a trek along the Trans-Labrador Highway north of Quebec. It covers everything you need to know to make the ride…

Riding the Trans-Labrador Highway with Giant Loop

“Match your luggage to your bike. When I rode the Trans Lab, I was on a small-capacity Yamaha WR250R and didn’t want the added weight of heavy panniers. For that reason I used Giant Loop’s Coyote Saddle Bag, Tillamook Dry Bag, Diablo Tank Bag and Possibles Pouch to haul all my clothes, camping gear, cooking kit, tools and other assorted gear.” — Zac Kurylyk

Riding the Trans-Labrador Highway with Giant Loop

So rad, Zac – thanks for including Giant Loop…

check out Zac’s entire series of Trans-Labrador articles here!

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BMW G650 Sertao Equipped with Fandango and Great Basin

By | Blog, BMW, Dirt bike, Giant Loop Gear, Photos, Saddlebags, Tank Bags, trail bike, travel

Two great photos sent to us from a rider using a BMW G650 Sertao with Fandango Tank Bag and Great Basin Saddlebags

Giant Loop Rules!“Giant Loop Rules! Keep up the great work. Just saw GL stocked at Nevada Adventure Rentals in Reno, NV. Great shop help promote!” — Tom Vasconcellos

Giant Loop Rules!Nice photos, looks fun out there – thanks Tom!

Free standard USA shipping on all orders during COVID-19 stay-at-home…

The Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag and Zigzag Handlebar Bag

By | bike packing, Blog, Giant Loop Gear, Tank Bags, trail bike

This video goes out to those who carry too much gear on their body. Get the weight out of your pack with a Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag and Zigzag Handlebar Bag. Ride farther with less fatigue with GL gear on the bike and not in your space!


Entire flat repair kit for dirt bike, dual sport or enduro motorcycle easily fits in Giant Loop’s minimalist Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag and Zigzag Handlebar BagTire irons, CO2 cartridges and inflator, mountain bike hand pump, axel wrenches, 21″ spare inner tube all fit tidily out of the way…

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Diablo Tank Bag on a Yamaha WR250

By | Beta, Blog, Giant Loop Gear, Photos, Reviews, Tank Bags, Yamaha

An email and photo of our Diablo Tank Bag on a Yamaha WR250 from a very happy GL-for-life customer

Diablo Tank Bag on a Yamaha WR250“I just wanted to let you know my Diablo Pro has been OUTSTANDING. The quality craftsmanship is second to none and I not only get compliments from fellow-ADV riders, but try and sway their decision to spend the money for a life-long tank bag. Cheers from PA. Stay safe man!” – Nate Shank

Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words. We hope you, your family and community are staying safe and healthy… 

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Pronghorn Straps in Action

By | bike packing, Blog, Deals, FAQ, Giant Loop Gear, Reviews, Straps, Tech Tips

The first video in the Dork in the Road “5-in-5” Series — covering five things you need to know in five minutes or less. This episode focused on our Pronghorn Straps

“The new and improved Giant Loop Pronghorn straps are an inexpensive, durable, and versatile piece of gear that are useful for a multitude of dual sport, adventure motorcycle, and other off road/outdoor adventures. Looking for a quick and easy way to securely attach gear to your motorcycle, side by side, 4×4, boat, backpack, or any other outdoor adventure gear or vehicle?  These polyurethane straps are dead simple, weather resistant, and hold strongly and securely no matter the application.” — Dork in the Road

Use promo code “dorkintheroad” to save 10% of this or any other purchase from GiantLoopMoto.com

We love “Dork in the Road”!