Video: Mounting Giant Loop Round the World Panniers to GL Pannier Mounts

Today we demonstrate how to mount Giant Loop Round the World Panniers to Giant Loop Pannier Mounts. GL Round the World Panniers offer a lightweight and convenient 90 liters of packable volume. Giant Loop Pannier Mounts provide quick and easy attachment and removal of the Panniers from your motorcycle. Combine Round the World Panniers with the Pannier Mounts and you get one of the highest-capacity, lightest weight and most versatile soft luggage setups for your dual sport or adventure motorcycle. In this video, we’ll walk you through how to mount the Giant Loop RTW Panniers to the GL Pannier Mounts, step by step…

Giant Loop Round the World Panniers are designed to integrate seamlessly with the Giant Loop Quick Release Pannier Mounts. The holes in the plastic frame sheet of the RTW Panniers line up perfectly with the holes on the Pannier Mounts…

“When thinking about how to mount Giant Loop Round the World Panniers to Giant Loop Pannier Mounts, the hardest and most nerve-wracking step in the process is probably melting holes in the RTW Pannier so that you can run bolts through from the pannier mount. We’ll walk you through the entire process and you’ll be enjoying your permanently mounted RTW Panniers in no time!” — Ben, Giant Loop

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