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New 2020 Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag

Dean Edamura at AdventureRider.com wrote a great piece recently on our newly redesigned Buckn’ Roll Tank Bag

“Giant Loop specializes in packing systems for dirt, dual sport, enduro and ADV bikes, and their completely redesigned for 2020 Buckin’ Roll tank bag is a great example of what sets their products apart. The small design of the Buckin’ Roll is like a fanny pack for your motorcycle, but with none of the suburban-Dad-in-flip-flops-and-socks stigma. At 1.5 liters, it has enough space for emergency spares, wallet, car keys, and features a compartment on top with a clear cover to allow the rider to read their smartphone maps on the go. A pass-through for a power cable allows you to charge your devices while they are still safely tucked away…”  —by Dean Edamura, advrider.com

read the entire review here…

Thanks for the kind words, Dean!