Round The World Panniers with Pannier Mounts

By April 14, 2020May 23rd, 2020Blog, BMW, Camping, Dirt bike, FAQ, Giant Loop Gear, New Product, Panniers, Tech Tips

Here’s a couple of photos our friend Bob sent us doing a test run with GL Round The World Panniers and Pannier Mounts

RTW panniers with GSA pannier mounts

“I would think people are planning and gearing up for when the “all clear” whistle blows, or at least things open up a bit. I sure am. When I’m not sewing masks for friends I’m modifying my camping gear. I’ve gotten good at Whoopi slings. I did a (socially isolated) dry run the other day to play with and test new gear.” — Bob Simon

Round The World Panniers

Great work — thanks for the photos Bob!