The Expander Adventure Tent

By April 3, 2020June 3rd, 2020Blog, Camping, Deals, Events, Giant Loop Gear, New Product, News, Reviews

Thanks to all for giving us miles of smiles! By now, you may have gotten the joke. Our EXPANDER Tent prank for April Fool’s Day generated an outpouring of shares and comments – and it was posted on many media sites, including Cycle News, ADV Pulse, Adventure Motorcycle Magazine, Expedition Portal, Adventure Rider and other online media outlets. Please keep it going by sharing it with a straight face!


If you didn’t get the joke – or the juicy “Easter Egg” on the shopping cart check out our page for the EXPANDER, we’re going to leave it up during April. Click the link, read some of the hilarious reviews – and write one of your own – then go to the “shopping cart” to claim your reward…