Giant Loop Gen3 SPOT Tracker Packer – Rider Magazine Review

The Giant Loop Tracker Packer aims to solve the question of “where do I put my satellite tracking device?”

The Giant Loop Gen3 SPOT  Tracker Packer  was recently a featured review in Rider Magazine.

“The motivation for developing the tracker packer was to provide a safety net for off-road riders and racers. To that end, Giant Loop donates a portion of all sales to the Kurt Caselli Foundation, and each Tracker Packer sports the “Caselli 66” logo. Street riders should take note as well, especially those who go solo. No matter how good your cell phone carrier is, there are still (thankfully) places where service disappears and a satellite may be your only link to help.”

Gen3 SPOT Tracker Packer side view

Photo: Rider Magazine


Stay safer in the backcountry during all of your outdoor adventures; motorcycling, snowmobiling, hiking, backpacking, climbing, biking, boating with help the push of a button away. The super rugged and secure Tracker Packer firmly attaches the SPOT Gen3 device to your pack’s shoulder strap, handlebars, fork tube, arm or many other locations.

Giant Loop Spot Gen 3 and Tracker Packer

Photo, Rider Magazine


Read the full review here.

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