GoRUFFLY Puts the Giant Loop Armadillo Gas Bag to the Test

Yukon, Ho! Check out this excellent GoRUFFLY Around the World episode, featuring their first time testing the Giant Loop Armadillo Bag. They cross into the Yukon and find an off-grid campsite in Northern Canada, share some motorcycle camping ideas and visit the Yukon Motorcycle Park in Whitehorse. Plus — they have a real life grizzly bear encounter!

“Wanted to let you know that we featured Giant Loop in our latest GoRUFFLY Around the World episode. It was our first time trying out the Giant Loop Armadillo Bag when we were in the Yukon. We demonstrated how we strapped them onto the bike and we had some great banter around it all!”Jess Stone, GoRUFFLY

RUFFLY.com builds ethical outdoor dog gear that does good, goes everywhere and looks amazing to help you live extraordinary together. Author Jess Stone and her 75lb dog Moxie travel throughout the world from their home in Lake Atitlan Guatemala. Donate now – or shop RUFFLY ethical outdoor dog gear…

Giant Loop is a proud sponsor of Jess Stone and GoRUFFLY around the world motorcycle travel adventure with a large dog for the global nonprofit Girl Up to raise $100k for girls’ empowerment. Jess hopes this world adventure will inspire girls to dream big and persist to achieve their own goals. The world journey began at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala on March 5, 2022. Join the adventure and lend your support!

Thanks for riding with Giant Loop Jess…

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