Video: Triumph Tiger 900 Giant Loop Soft Luggage Setups

Wondering what soft luggage works with your stock Triumph Tiger 900? Wanting to go motorcycle camping on your Tiger 900 but don’t want to spend a bunch of money adding racks or hard luggage? Check out all the awesome soft luggage for the Triumph Tiger 900 (Rally, GT, GT Pro, or Rally Pro) that will work with a stock motorcycle. Every bag in this video will work with a stock bike, no additional racks required. You can easily go motorcycle camping on the Triumph Tiger 900 with our full Go Light Touring kit, featuring the Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag, Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag, and Giant Loop Tillamook Bag. Or, you can opt for the more traditional Giant Loop Siskiyou Panniers

“If you’re looking for soft luggage that will carry your tools, lunch, or other day trip essentials for your Triumph Tiger, you might want to pick up a Giant Loop Klamath Tail Rack Pack or Giant Loop ZigZag Handlebar Bag. No matter what you plan on doing on your Tiger 900, we’ve got soft luggage options that will work great!” — Ben, Giant Loop

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