This week, we focus on Giant Loop’s Motorcycle Soft Luggage Kits. The right place to start when you’re not sure what’s recommended for your riding needs — or if you just want to save money buying a complete setup all at once! GL has four different kits, each perfectly suited for a particular type of bike and riding style…

Introducing our Overnight Plus Kit — GL’s all-in-one dirt, dual sport and enduro motorcycle soft luggage solution! Designed for dirt, dual sport and enduro bikes with or without passenger pegs. The perfect setup for anyone who wants to get out on overnight or multi-day self-supported trips…

Motorcycle: Dirt, dual sport, enduro (no passenger pegs required)
Riding: Overnight and multi-day self-supported
GL Solution: Coyote Saddlebag, Diablo Tank Bag, Rogue Dry Bag


This kit includes our Diablo Tank Bag, Coyote Saddlebag and Rogue Dry Bag  for a whopping 62 liters of packable volume! This makes for a modular, fully waterproof setup for carrying all of your camping and other gear deep into the backcountry…

Buying a complete kit instead of each individual piece separately will also save you 10% off your purchase price!

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