Video: Dork in the Road Presents Day One of the 10th Annual Ride

Our friends at Dork In The Road joined us in the Oregon backcountry for the Giant Loop Annual Ride last weekend and got some great coverage. Check out their video! Road trippin’ with a GL Fandango Tank Bag, Mototrekk Panniers, Pannier Mounts and a Tillamook Dry Bag

“In this video, my buddy Ducfan and I load our Honda Africa Twins onto a trailer and set out on an epic six hour road trip across the state of Oregon. This travel vlog takes us up over the Santiam Pass, through Sisters and Bend Oregon, and out through the high desert of Eastern Oregon to Burns and then Crystal Crane Hot Springs.  Along the way we check out a cool canyon, break Ducfan’s motorcycle trailer, spot some Eastern Oregon Pronghorn Antelope, and eventually make our way to the ride.  After checking in with the guys at the Giant Loop booth, we set up camp only to have to take it down almost immediately because of an approaching thunderstorm.  High winds, heavy rain, and thunder and lightning dominated the sky for about an hour, after which we were able to set camp back up, check out the Harley Davidson Pan America demo bikes, talk to our new friend Derek (@appalachianson on Instagram) about his Kawasaki KLX300, then enjoy a great campfire evening with good friends and delicious beverages before heading off to get some sleep before day 2 of the Giant Loop Ride!”Dork In The Road

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