Soggy Adventure on a Honda CRF250L with Giant Loop Bags

Here’s a great video by our friends at Dork in the Road of a Honda CRF250L equipped with our Fender Bag, Fandango Tank Bag, Mojavi Saddlebag, Gas Bag and Pronghorn Strap

It’s raining, and I’m out riding!  My latest dual sport adventure is a soggy, rain-soaked trip into the woods to explore some logging roads in various states of upkeep.  My Honda CRF250L performs admirably on well-maintained roads, while hopping over downed trees, and exploring long-abandoned and completely overgrown tracks.  Only a dual sport motorcycle could possibly handle all the different types of terrain, fallen rocks, narrow spaces, and other obstacles I encountered on this rainy day logging road dual sport exploration adventure.” — Dork in the Road

The Dork in the Road channel is a GL favorite!

Have you signed up for the Giant Loop Annual Ride yet?

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