The Tillamook Dry Bag Reviewed at Motorcycle Gear Hub

By October 28, 2020July 12th, 2021bike packing, Dry Bags, Fitment, Giant Loop Gear, News, Reviews, Tech Tips, travel

Our buddy Roy at Motorcycle Gear Hub linked us to this ultra in-depth review of GL’s Tillamook Dry Bag — and awarded us 5 out of 5 stars!




“The Tillamook Dry Bag is as reliable as it is waterproof as it is heavy duty; a magnificent motorcycle bag that, by itself, has enough storage capacity to keep you on the road for days. Cinch it to any-other motorcycling luggage of yours or to any top trunk, and the Tillamook Dry Bag opens a new door of storage possibilities.

Then, you have the fact that the Tillamook Dry Bag is equally versatile off your motorcycle, and you now have a winning storage bag to slap on any motored vehicle or to just carry around with you as a gym bag or waterproof camping rucksack.

Simply put, fellow rider, the Giant Loop Tillamook Dry Bag plays in a different league to your run-of-the-mill motorcycling luggage. Motorcycle Gear Hub’s seal of approval and most recommended! Motorcycle Gear Hub rating: 5/5.” — Motorcycle Gear Hub

read the entire review here

Thanks Roy — we love Motorcycle Gear Hub!

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