Great Basin Saddlebag Reviewed at Motorcycle Gear Hub

Our buddy Roy steered us to another Motorcycle Gear Hub ultra in-depth review. This time it’s of GL’s Great Basin Saddlebag — and once again, they awarded us 5 out of 5 stars!

Great Basin Saddlebag Reviewed at Motorcycle Gear Hub

Great Basin Saddlebag Reviewed at Motorcycle Gear Hub“When push comes to shove, the Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag is unrivaled as a throwover form of motorcycling saddlebags. There’s the high-quality construction, sublimely-contouring build, epic-level storage capacity, waterproof air-sealing Dry Pod inner bags, and the silly-high number of possibilities to customize your own touring rig with the rest of Giant Loop’s luggage or with luggage from other brands too. However, when all is said and done, it’s the universal fitment and versatility of the Great Basin Saddlebag that puts Giant Loop’s flagship rockstar head and shoulders above the competition. Motorcycle Gear Hub’s seal of approval and most recommended! Motorcycle Gear Hub rating: 5/5” Motorcycle Gear Hub

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Roy — we love your reviews, many thanks!

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