Siskiyou Panniers Reviewed on Motorcycle Gear Hub

Roy from Motorcycle Gear Hub wrote an awesome review of our Siskiyou Panniers that shows how functional the panniers are for a big cruiser…

The Siskiyou Panniers from Giant Loop are the sort of panniers that you can wholeheartedly trust to ride for weeks on end through all forms of terrains, weather conditions and riding distances. In their raw essence, the Siskiyou Panniers are de-facto rigid panniers without the inconveniences of rigid panniers. Truly, the Siskiyou Panniers are as close as one can get to rigid panniers without having to worry about breaking them in an off, installing absurd racking mounts that require a degree in mechanical engineering or hearing annoying vibrations any time your suspension is at work.Top overall quality, heavy duty, immense storage capacity, epic reliability, utilitarian in nature and supreme functionality for both off-road and on-road/street riders; that’s the Giant Loop Siskiyou Panniers in a nutshell. Add their Burt Reynolds‘ virile allure and you’ve got a recipe for a set of panniers that genuinely merit their purchasing with no second thoughts. Motorcycle Gear Hub’s seal of approval and most recommended!” — Roy Lopez

So cool to see they fit your sweet V-twin so well — thanks Roy!