GL Mojavi Saddlebag Reviewed

By September 9, 2020September 14th, 2020bike packing, Blog, Dirt bike, Dualsport, Enduro, Giant Loop Gear, Reviews, Saddlebags, Tech Tips

Check out this article from our friends at Dirt Bike Magazine!

“We tested the Giant Loop MoJavi system with a Possibles Pouch. This adds an additional 3.5 liters of volume. Both the MoJavi and Possibles mount up very simply, and the new Pronghorn Strap (uses stamped aluminum buckles, arrows line up for easy fastening, and the metal buckle is sheathed for scratch protection) is an improvement in mounting the luggage up. We stuffed them with a spare waterproof pullover; fit in tubes, tools, rags and spares; and can honestly say that we didn’t feel the luggage when we rode. Over months of testing we found the Giant Loop MoJavi to be super durable. They distribute the load nicely, and because we were carrying less of a body load, our long, tough off-road pulls were made easier. The zippers are super heavy duty and a bit tough to close, but beyond that, we consider this a big thumbs up for the dualsport/long-haul trail rider!”Dirt Bike Magazine

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