Zigzag Handlebar Bag Featured in The Sound RIDER! 2020 Gift Guide

Kind inclusion this holiday season by our sport enthusiast friends in Puget Sound

“There are some things you want handy, but don’t want to carry them on your person. A small tool roll, fix it items like zip ties and rescue tape, and so on. That’s when the convenience of a handlebar bag comes in…handy. Central Oregon’s Giant Loop had been building quality storage for motorcycles for over a decade and continues to churn our top-grade options like the latest version of the Zigzag Handlebar Bag. Available from Giant Loop and their network of dealers across the world.”Sound RIDER! 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Thanks for the guidance, Sound RIDER! — lots of great ideas there! 

Check out the 2020 Sound RIDER! Holiday Gift Guide here

Be sure to check out our December specials — all orders of $39 or more get free standard U.S.A. shipping!

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