More Photos by Greg Samborski of the 2022 Annual Giant Loop Ride

We were so lucky to have a pro on board to take these terrific photos of the Giant Loop Annual Ride 2022! Check out these great images taken by photographer Greg Samborski  — he really captured our big adventure from all angles. We can’t get enough of these!

“Giant Loop! That was a GREAT event. It has been a wild couple of weeks between riding back through the BDRs and Christmas Valley Sand Dunes on my rented T7 to having my freshly rebuilt 500 EXC stolen same day I got it together and recovered again in less than 4 hours thanks to our amazing riding community. It was such a feel good story it got the front page of our local news paper! I can’t wait to get my 500 all setup for Moto camping adventures again so I can capture a bunch of new content for you. Hope you two are well and have a great week.” – Greg

Thanks Greg — we’re so grateful to have these photos to remind us of all the great moments we had at the Annual Ride and all the fine times spent with fantastic people…

We’ll see everybody next year, for ride number twelve — June 1-4, 2023.  Bigger and better than ever! Registration is now open…

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