Video: Giant Loop With the Zero DS and Zero DSR at the AIM Expo 2022

Are electric dual sports actually viable for adventure riding? Electric motorcycles are becoming more and more popular, and many in the dual sport and adventure motorcycle community have a lot of questions about the viability of electric dual sport and electric adventure motorcycles. At the 2022 International Motorcycle Exposition (AIM Expo) in Las Vegas, Giant Loop had the chance to talk with Dan from Zero Motorcycles about all their Zero DS and Zero DSR Black Forest models. These off road ready electric dual sport motorcycles have a lot to offer even the most skeptical of dual sport motorcyclists…

“In this video, Dan walks us through the features of the Zero DS and Zero DSR and answers some of the most common concerns about using electric motorcycles for off road riding. Zero motorcycles have heard the concerns about things like off road range, top speed, charging, navigation and more — and they’ve created solutions to make even a route like the Colorado BDR possible on an electric dual sport motorcycle. All it takes is a little different type of planning and preparation. Electric dual sports can be used for all kinds of adventure riding.” — Ben, Giant Loop

Zero Motorcycles are creating some of the most cutting-edge on and off road electric motorcycle options out there. As the electric dual sport and electric dirt bike options get better and better, riders are going to be able to take them on longer and longer trips. For those looking to carry their everyday essentials, camping gear, or other necessities on their electric motorcycle adventures, Giant Loop offers a wide variety of motorcycle soft luggage options compatible with Zero Motorcycles. We test fit a few of our most popular pieces on the Zero bikes. Our Giant Loop Diablo Tank Bag, Giant Loop Mojavi Saddlebag and Giant Loop ZigZag Handlebar Bag fit perfectly!

Giant Loop proudly designs and sells the best soft luggage for adventure and dual sport motorcycles on the market. Our full selection of adventure motorcycle luggage, soft saddle bags, dual sport bags, ADV and dual sport tank bags, dual sport and ADV tail bags, dual sport/adventure motorcycle soft panniers, and more is sure to include exactly the solution to suit your dual sport or adventure motorcycle soft luggage needs. All Giant Loop soft luggage is backed by our limited lifetime warranty and painstakingly designed and tested by real-world dual sport and adventure motorcycle riders…

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