Product Focus: Zigzag Handlebar Bag


The Zigzag Handlebar Bag is an off-road glove box perfect for basics like a wallet, phone, insurance cards and other stuff. The Zigzag works just right for all the times and situations you need only the essentials. And fits right on whatever you ride. Check out the bikes!

ZigZag Handlebar Bag


Electric bikes A customer from Brooklyn sent us this action shot of a Zigzag Bag fitting perfectly on his Ride1UP 500 Series electric bike

“Just got my new Zigzag Bag in the mail and I love it! I can empty my pockets and fit it all in there, making the mean streets a little easier to navigate. And with your easy-on-easy-off design, I toss the bag in my backpack and take it with me. Fully mobile, way rad!”— Paul B., New York

Zigzag Handlebar Bag by Giant Loop

 We love to see how riders use the Zigzag — thanks for the photos everyone!

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