Legendary Rider Lawrence Hacking On The Road With GL in British Columbia

Check out these excellent photos from Canadian motorcycle legend Lawrence Hacking in Canada, navigating a recent long-haul trip on the new Yamaha Ténéré 700 with Great Basin Saddlebags and Kiger Tank Bag…. 

Lawrence Hacking in Canada

Giant Loop is a huge fan of Lawrence Hacking! He’s competed in many international rallies including the Dakar Rally and the Mongolian Rally — a couple years ago with the MoJavi Saddlebags! He won the big bike class at Baja Rally riding a stock Honda Africa Twin. Plus, he’s been an advocate for GL in Canda, having made many important introductions for us there, including Honda Canada and Beta Canada…

Lawrence Hacking in Canada

Thank you Lawrence for all your support!

Lawrence Hacking in Canada

Thanks for riding with Giant Loop —designed in Bend, Oregon. Ridden worldwide

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