GL’s Garage Night With “Dork In The Road” Coming October 21, 8-9 PM (Pacific)

Our friend Dork In The Road hosts one of the most entertaining motorcycle channels on youtube. His approachable, honest and humorous YouTube episodes make him one of our favorites. Lots of fun videos and unique bike projects. He’ll be our special guest during this month’s Garage Night — check it out!

“Adventure is for everyone, and I want to help others see how easy it is to just get out there and make it happen. I don’t claim to be an expert. I’m just your average overweight, middle-aged, bearded dude out there making it up as I go. Every new adventure has something to teach me.”Dork In The Road

Join us for a live YouTube Live conversation! Expect shenanigans and an exclusive video premiere. “Like” our Garage Night Bend page on Facebook, subscribe to Dork’s YouTube channel and stay tuned to our social media channels for reminders and updates. Thanks!

Go light. Go fast. Go far…

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