Giant Loop Supports Powersports Dealers

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Written to include in our Dealer Newsletter…

Giant Loop Supports Powersports Dealers

Why Giant Loop Supports Powersports Dealers

Since launching Giant Loop in 2008, it has been a goal to work with the best dealers in powersports. We believe dealers play a vitally important role in our industry: Dealers are not just stores selling bikes, gear, parts and service at a markup. YOU ARE DREAM FACTORIES!

A lot has changed in the past dozen years, but our belief in and support of powersports dealers has not wavered. We do not view dealers as useless middlemen who simply mark up Giant Loop products. By strategically growing, developing and expanding our manufacturing capabilities, Giant Loop has been able to set industry benchmarks for PREMIUM FEATURES, TOP-SHELF MATERIALS AND HIGHLY COMPETITIVE PRICES while offering dealers excellent margins. This is a win-win-win for consumers, dealers and Giant Loop.

We are here to help you sell more and to be more profitable. Customers choose to shop with you for your product knowledge and expertise, because you have earned a position as a trusted resource and inspire them to see the possibilities — the world of adventure offered by powersports-based outdoor recreation.

And that adds value not only to our businesses, but to the entire powersports industry.

Thank you all!

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