Comparison Review on “Mike’s Tenere & Motorcycle Blog” of the Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag on a Yamaha Ténéré 700

Check out this comprehensive comparison review written by Mike Mulligan of “Mike’s Tenere & Motorcycle Blog” covering the Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag on a  Yamaha Ténéré 700

“With the rise in popularity of Adventure genre & larger dual sport motorcycles, in particular, 300 to 900cc bikes, being used for everything from commuting to trails to back country exploring to world travel, a corresponding increase in luggage options are ever evolving that range in cost, design, features, materials & size. Premium brands like Oregon, USA based Giant Loop & Swiss based Enduristan have offered innovative & waterproof products targeted for serious use & abuse well ahead of the curve…”

“Since downsizing from a 2014 Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 ES to a 2021 Tenere 700 in 2020 I have been revamping my luggage selection from larger soft/hard bag combos to predominantly smaller, better proportioned, waterproof soft bags. I was impressed with the expandable 13 to 20 litre Endiristan Sandstorm 3E tank bag with huge detachable map pocket used on my Super Tenere, so downsized to their 7 litre Sandstorm 4H for the Tenere 700. I recently took advantage of Giant Loop’s 30% sale on tank bags + was able to apply another 10% loyalty discount for previous GL purchases to buy their 8 litre Fandango Tank Bag which provides a great opportunity to directly compare the 2 tank bags as used on my Tenere 700. Based on price, construction, features, functionality, mounting systems, aesthetics & that iterations of both bags have been made for several years with the GL Fandango receiving design updates in 2021, I would classify them as premium, mature products…”

“Giant Loop has a more concave bottom for better fitment on sloped tanks & elevated front section to clear gas cap or breather hose & fits the Tenere 700 very well and the forward sloping back provides a little more clearance while standing vs the more perpendicular shape & map pocket that extends beyond the dimensions of the 4H. Giant Loop is wider at the back & has a rear facing stretchy web pocket w/easy 1 handed access for small items. The Giant Loop has improved clearance with the BarkBusters bar claps when rotating the bars full stop to stop because of the narrower front width & open design. Giant Loop also includes a dry bag insert for added protection from water & dust which permits removal of contents without removing the bag from the bike.”Mike Mulligan, Mike’s Tenere & Motorcycle Blog (9.26.22)

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