ADV Bags Tests the Giant Loop Revelstoke Dry Bag

The folks over at ADV Pulse have taken the Giant Loop Revelstoke Dry Bag on-and-off the road! The Revelstoke is a perfect companion for weekend rides or overlanding…

“We’ve been testing out Giant Loop’s new Revelstoke Dry Bag and it’s proving to be a great day trip explorer pack. At 16 liters it can swallow a lot of essential gear (extra layers, fuel can, snacks, tools, first aid kit, goggles), plus it has a square shape with a lower profile — helping it keep out of the way of body movements. The bag fits perfectly on top of most rear luggage racks, without drooping over the sides like a duffel. And it hangs on tight like you’d expect from any Giant Loop bag, so you’re never left wondering if it’s still back there after banging through a set of whoops. The rolltop design and tension straps ensure you can squeeze smaller loads down to size and the Revelstroke is 100% waterproof with a rugged ‘Bomb Proof’ shell that ought to last a long time. It also features a multitude of lashing points that let you expand capacity by attaching other bags to it. We put Giant Loop’s Possibles Pouch on top, packed with tools, and it stays rock-solid stable in the rough stuff while offering easy access to your items when you need it.” — Rob Dabney, ADV Pulse

Thanks for the kind words — we aim to make the best gear out there!

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Giant Loop products are designed by riders and built to get you where you want to go. We make rugged soft luggage and motorcycle gear, expanding the horizons for those who love to ride lighter, faster and farther… 

Whether you ride dual sport, enduro, dirt bikes or adventure motorcycles, Giant Loop’s rugged luggage systems go the distance! Specially designed to allow you to ride as hard and fast as you desire, GL’s soft luggage is a fantastic choice for all motorcycle adventures, no matter what they may be!

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