Video: The Waterproof GL Tillamook Dry Bag for Motorcycles and More

The Giant Loop Tillamook Dry Bag is a versatile, rugged, waterproof dry bag perfectly suited for motorcycles and more. The Tillamook is an expedition-sized, roll-top dry bag featuring an integrated anchor strap system ideal for an array of vehicle-based adventures. Named after the Tillamook State Forest (one of the wettest, greenest parts of Oregon) the Tillamook Bag provides 48-liters of waterproof capacity while weighing less than 4 pounds…

“With its rubber-molded carry handles, D-ring anchors for attaching shoulder straps, and multiple lash points, the Tillamook is a feature-rich, rider-friendly packing solution for motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, and more. 48 liters is a ton of storage, enough in my experience to fit a full setup for an overnight camping trip including a two man tent and sleeping bag. No matter how you use the Tillamook Dry Bag, it’s essential equipment for a broad spectrum of on-road and off-road motorcycle riders and outdoor enthusiasts.  I’m fond of using it on motocamping trips, obviously, but I also get a ton of use out of it when camping with the family out of my truck. It’s super convenient to be able to pack it from both ends and I love that no matter what I put inside, I can throw the Tillamook in the back of the truck with the cooler and know that no matter what weather we hit on the way to camp, everything inside will be dry and safe. The multiple handles, straps, and mounting options make it a super versatile component of pretty much any type of outdoor adventure you can think of, from river rafting to overlanding to snowmobiling.” — Ben, Giant Loop

The Tillamook pairs seamlessly with Giant Loop Coyote and Great Basin Saddlebags, as well as our full line of panniers. Openings on both ends mean quick and easy access without having to unstrap from saddlebags, panniers, or remove from a rack. A handy air purge valve allows compact compression of gear and bag when packing. One of the most surprising and awesome features of this bag is the two carry straps that can be used to convert it to a backpack. The Tillamook is also perfect for “fly and ride” trips because it fits so easily in the overhead compartments of airplanes.

Giant Loop is always ready for adventure. We create adventure proof packing systems and gear for those who love to ride lighter, faster and farther. Whether you ride dual sport, enduro, dirt bikes or adventure motorcycles, Giant Loop’s rugged luggage systems go the distance! Specially designed to allow you to ride as hard and fast as you desire, GL’s soft luggage is a fantastic choice for all motorcycle adventures, no matter what they may be…

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