This week’s video puts the Giant Loop Day Tripper Kit to the Test! If you want to ride as hard and as fast as possible without your luggage slowing you down — the Day Tripper Kit is exactly what you need. Comprised of MoJavi Saddlebags, a ZigZag Handlebar Bag and Giant Loop Fender Bag — The Day Tripper kit has everything a rider needs for a day out exploring…

“To prove just how versatile and out of the way this motorcycle soft luggage kit can be when installed on your bike, we loaded up a Beta 2 stroke and headed out to Cline Buttes OHV near Redmond Oregon so our sales guru Ryan could show off just how hard, fast, and far you can ride with a full set of Giant Loop soft luggage on your dual sport motorcycle, enduro motorcycle, or dirt bike. Ryan spent the day crushing whoops, riding technical rocky trails, going off jumps, shredding through sand, and capped it all off by scaling a six foot ledge all to prove that the Giant Loop Mojavi, Giant Loop Fender Bag, and Giant Loop ZigZag Handlebar Bag can carry all your gear without even slightly infringing on your ability to ride as hard as you want!“ — Ben, Giant Loop

Giant Loop is always ready for adventure. We create adventure proof packing systems and gear for those who love to ride lighter, faster and farther. Rugged soft luggage and motorcycle gear designed and built by riders for the long haul — expanding horizons everywhere…

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