Video: Overlanding External Fuel, Water, and Gear Storage

By August 31, 20234x4, Overland

Giant Loop gear is primarily used on two-wheeled adventures, but our products are tough and versatile enough to fit the bill for all kinds of needs, including overlanding/4x4ing deep into the backcountry.  Check out this video where Ben demonstrates how the Giant Loop Armadillo Bag, Giant Loop Cactus Canteen, and Giant Loop Tillamook Dry Bag can be quickly and easily mounted to the roof rack of an overlanding rig.

From the video description:

While we here at Giant Loop are avid adventure motorcyclists and very proud of our products’ reputation as the go-to rugged motorcycle soft luggage option, that’s not all our stuff is good for. If you’re looking for Overlanding roof rack storage options, whether you’re hoping to do overlanding fuel storage, overlanding water storage, or overlanding gear storage, we have several amazing options that enable you to strap your fuel, water, or gear to an overlanding roof rack or just toss inside your 4×4.

The Giant Loop Tillamook Dry Bag makes an excellent overlanding gear storage bag. It’s waterproof, adventure proof, and straps quickly and easily to a 4×4 roof rack with the included mounting straps.

The Giant Loop Armadillo Bag is a great way to carry your hydrocarbon fuels and is an excellent overlanding roof rack fuel storage option (where legally allowed). Looking for Overlanding water storage?

The Giant Loop Cactus Canteen is rugged, versatile, and can be mounted inside or outside of your rig to enable you to have an overlanding shower or wash setup or just function as your overlanding water storage.

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