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Armadillo Bag

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Armadillo Bag liquid power reservoirs Baja buggy

Introducing Armadillo Bag®, flexible, collapsible, lightweight, expedition-ready utility bladders for the safe transport and storage of liquid hydrocarbon products and other powersports and automotive fluids, available in 1-, 2-, 3- and 5-gallon sizes. Includes pour spout.

Armadillo Bag is not a portable fuel container as described by ASTM, EPA, ARB or other state and federal agencies. Armadillo Bag is NOT intended for fuel storage, transport or use as a gas bag in the USA. Armadillo Bag liquid power reservoir utility bladder is not a food-grade product, so we do not recommend its use for potable drinking water without filtration. 

Conveniently transports essential automotive and powersports fluids.

Weighs a fraction of rigid containers and packs up small for storage when empty.

Two-layer construction: inner TPU bladder with protective Cordura® fabric outer sleeve.

Individually pressure tested to ensure leakproof performance.

Includes pour spout with dedicated storage pocket.

Securely mounts to luggage, racks, or truck beds with integrated daisy chain webbing.



  • 1-gallon Armadillo Bag weighs just 13 oz
  • 2-gallon is 1 lb
  • 3-gallon is 1.25 lbs
  • 5-gallon is 1.5 lbs

DIMENSIONS (flat, filled)

  • 1-gallon = 10″ wide x 16.5″ long x 3” tall
  • 2-gallon = 12″ x 20.5″ x 4”
  • 3-gallon = 13.25″ x 24.5″ x 5”
  • 5-gallon = 15″ x 29.75″ x 6”

DIMENSIONS (rolled, empty)

  • 1-gallon = 2.5” diameter
  • 2-gallon = 3” diameter
  • 3-gallon = 3.5” diameter
  • 5-gallon = 4” diameter


Armadillo Bag® brings the convenience of super rugged, lightweight, collapsible Armadillo Bag® Expedition-Ready Liquid Power Reservoirs to international overland travelers, off-road racers and powersports enthusiasts across the globe. Giant Loop’s Armadillo Bags are available in 1-, 2-, 3- and 5-gallon capacities.

Named after the tough desert dwelling armadillo (Spanish for “little armoured one”) that rolls into a ball to defend itself, rugged expedition-ready Armadillo Bags are designed for the safe temporary storage and transport of a broad range of essential automotive and powersports fluids. When empty, Armadillo Bags can be rolled up or packed flat for convenient storage, and they weigh a fraction of rigid plastic and metal containers which remain the same size whether full or empty.

Employing a two-layer construction, Armadillo Bags feature an RF-welded inner bladder contained within and protected by a highly abrasion resistant sewn Cordura® outer sleeve. Webbing and rubber-molded handles provide easy anchors to hang the reservoirs while filling and installing the included pour spout, and to grip the bags while dispensing liquids. Webbing daisy chains run the length of Armadillo Bags to prevent them from sliding out from under tie-down straps. The included plastic pour spout conveniently stows away in a pocket on the outer sleeve.

Each inner reservoir is individually pressurized and tested at the factory, and finished Armadillo Bags are subjected to multi-point random testing and inspections. Although allowed usage depends on local laws, rules and regulations in the countries where Armadillo Bags are being used*, the materials themselves are compatible with hydrocarbon fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene and jet, as well as coolant, hydrocarbon based lubricants and other automotive and industrial fluids.

* NOTE: Armadillo Bags are not portable fuel containers as described by ASTM, EPA, ARB or other state and federal agencies. Armadillo Bags are NOT intended for fuel storage or transport in the USA.


The Giant Loop® Armadillo Bag® is intended only for the temporary transport of permitted powersports and automotive liquids. The Armadillo Bag is not a portable or long-term fuel storage container as described by ASTM, EPA, ARB or other state or federal agencies. By purchasing and filling this product, you agree that you will use the product for its designed and intended purpose; you assume all responsibility for the proper safe use of this product.
1. GENERAL WARRANTIES OF SELLER. THE MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS ARE SUPPLIED “AS IS” AND “WITH ALL FAULTS”. No warranties except those implied by law and which cannot be excluded are given by Seller, its manufacturers, distributors, owners, employees, directors, vendors, promoters, parent companies or affiliates in respect of the materials and products supplied. SELLER EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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Where it is lawful to do so, the liability of Seller for a breach of a condition or warranty is limited to either the rectification or replacement of the materials or products or a refund of the purchase price paid for the materials or products (excluding any delivery charges), as determined by Seller in its discretion. This remedy is expressly agreed to be exclusive. To the extent permitted by law, Seller will not be liable for any consequential loss or damage suffered as a result of the use of materials or products supplied by Seller. ALL RISKS ARE ASSUMED BY THE USER OR CONSUMER.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including DBP and DEHP, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

30 reviews for Armadillo Bag®

  1. Seth Isenberg

    Well made and even comes with an integrated funnel pouch and funnel. This is going to give me (the 1 gal) the extended range that I need for my Svartpilen 701 which I tour on but has a rather tiny tank. I got into a lot of trouble in Harney County last summer with closed gas stations and I’m looking forward to the peace of mind that the Armadillo bag will provide for me (and my riding partners)!

  2. fjvaus

    I just received my 2 gallon armadillo bag. It’s very well constructed. It’s going to work perfect on my KTM 690 Enduro. I’ve been riding through Baja and there are times when gas is scarce. With a 3.2 gallon gas tank the KTM is sometimes lacking on range. This extra 2 gallons will give me plenty of peace of mind. Thanks Giant Loop.

  3. catfish542

    The 2-gal. armadillo bag is well made and passed my liquid testing nicely. I look forward to the extended range this will give me! 🙂

  4. William Tansey

    Have the 2 gallon bag and it has been a life saver. An extra couple gallons extends my range and also gave me the ability to help out a fellow biker without having to siphon gas out of my tank. Love the molly loops to attach the bag just about anywhere. Thanks GL, another great product

  5. dehmlow

    Just used the 1 Gal. bag out on a dual sport trip to Panamint / Death Valley area. I actually put it inside a dry tail bag (25L) I already have attached. Fit perfectly. Allowed me to go an extra 50 miles of exploring. Easy to fill. Easy to carry. Easy to pour (THAT never happens!!!!) No leaks or smells. Rolls up, lightweight! Really, what more could you ask for??? great purchase!

  6. Nick W.

    I’ll be honest. It arrived yesterday. But I’ve used these before on bike trips. The reason I only just bought one recently is because the ones I’ve used never came with a fill spout – it used to be an extra that didn’t really fit anywhere. But I needed something handy for sledding this winter and I really didn’t like the terrible colored options that would never be usable on my motorcycle, so I thought I should check back and just commit …. BUT NOW IT COMES WITH THE SPOUT!? Good grief, what a no brainer. I was so excited that this product now thought of everything. If you’re wondering what the bad things are, well, the bag gets pretty stretched tight when it’s filled with gas and the hot sun is baking it because there is no vent. But, there is no leaks either, and it’s proven tough in my own experience.

    One suggestion, if you ever think you want to make due with a smaller bag due to weight, remember that you can fill a 3 gallon bag with 2 gallons and it still packs pretty well AND DOESN’T SLOSH!

  7. deabert69

    Good looking product that came with excellent directions and suggestions on how to load, carry and poor. I’ll use it on my Husky 501 on a trip through the remote desert of Canyonlands Utah.

  8. Paulo Coan

    I just got my 2 Gallon Armadillo bag and I love it! Very well constructed, practical to use and easy to storage wen not in use. I have a GS1200 with soft panniers/top case and I can attached the Armadillo bag in a variety of different positions, tanks to the MOLLE attachment system that all my bags have. My wife has a GS 750 and gas, is always a problem on long rides I just got one for her bike as well;
    Great product.

  9. jtsmith0311

    Nice lightweight packable bladder. Very tough and sturdy.

  10. David Preston

    Very well made. A great amount of loops to strap down and I love the new spout that stores easily.

  11. David Morrow, Vancouver, BC

    Although I haven’t put any gas in my Armadillo bag yet, so far I’m really impressed with the whole experience. A really responsive vendor, a top quality product, at a very reasonable price. Giant Loop proves that you can produce top quality products at reasonable prices in the U.S.


    Love my armadillo bags for snowmobiling. I head out for 4-6 days, carry fuel and oil and lots of gear. The armadillo bags are surdy, but most importanly flexible for packing and strapping (in comparison to rigid containers).

  13. Ronnie Wayne

    I waited to order my bag since they were backordered. I am glad I did! Very well made and tough bag. I really like the fact when not in use, I can roll it up and store it in a smaller space.

  14. ckac

    Great bag. well made.

  15. mj1wild

    great product for extra fuel on long remote trips. durable construction and the fill line on outside of bag is exact amount as per size bag. built in pour spout holder is a great upgrade to this bag! i will buy again.

  16. greg-1296

    Quality bag, got it specifically for back country airplane flying. Opening is large enough to insert a battery powered Tera Pump, and if that fails, I can use the included spout that comes with the Armadillo bag. I also plan to stage fuel for remote motorcycle trips. The 5 gal is large enough to top off multiple bikes, and the bag packs so small that storing it empty while riding is easy.

  17. Michael Mulligan

    The redesigned Armadillo bladders include some thoughtful updates + an unexpected price reduction from the previous offering…kudo Harold & GL! IMHO these are a great alternative to bulkier & rigid fuel storage options & the molle strap system allows RokStrap, GL straps & even a locking cable for securing to your bike. The 2 gal or 7.5 litre bag will extend my Tenere 700 range beyond 500 km, pack small when not needed & allow placement for best weight distribution/cg 🙂

  18. pizarek

    Great bag, very well made. Gives peace of mind when remote. I give it less than 5 stars because of lingering fuel orders that permeate right through the bag. Does not matter how careful you are not to spill. Do not store next to your sleeping bag, tent, ect.

  19. birdogbob

    The armadillo bag is the best way to transfer port fuel on amotorcycle… well thought out and well-made. Also giant loop customer service is five star!

  20. Wolfgang Hokenmaier

    I just returned from a 3,500 mile trip to Labrador and Newfoundland. Extra fuel was needed as the longest stretch from Happy Valley Goose Bay to Port Hope Simpson is about 410km, too much for my R1200GS. This 2-gallon bag was exactly what I needed. The fabric has a good texture so it didn’t slide around on my other luggage, and the loops worked well with my Rok straps. I used the bag twice. The included spout works very well. Filling at the gas station is easy due to the handle, and so is emptying it. Zero problems and I would definitely buy it again. The 2 gallon is a good size, and I would also consider the 3-gallon seeing how well it all works and that it doesn’t weigh a lot nor take up a lot of space when empty.

  21. Aaron Campbell

    I purchased the 2 gallon and the 3 gallon Armadillo bags. They both work great! No leaking and they are easy to securely strap to the tail rack or backpack. Fantastic well made product!!

  22. Dan Beal

    I purchased both the 1 gallon and the 3 gallon Armadillo bags for my UTV. I used them on my last trip and they both worked great. I attached the 3 gallon to my spare tire using the giant loop straps. I tied down the 1 gallon with bungee cords.

  23. Chris

    Like any good tool, it’s just dead weight until it’s needed, but worth its weight in good when needed. Just returned from exploring eastern QC and NL… these (two 1 gallon bags) saved my bacon. Very tough, strong webbing for mounting, screw on spout, easy and quick to pour even on big bikes. All around better quality than my old “desert” bag, way easier to mount and stow than a hard Sided option.

  24. Henriette Thiim

    I added the Armadillo bag 1 gallon to my luggage system 6 months ago. It replaced my Rotopax 1 gallon cannister. It’s much lighter considered that the Rotopax needs a mounting system. Earlier I testen the Desert Fox blander but it’s very bulky and doesn’t roll up nicely like the Arnadillo.
    This product was exactly what I needed. Lightweight, compact and functional. Love it.

  25. ED Peat

    these Bags are amazing , Me and 2 friends rode across the united states on Honda Ct110 from Santa Cruz Ca. to Key West Florida in may 2022. These took the worry out of running out of fuel on the longer distances between gas stations, When traveling on the back roads gas station are not as easy to come by as on the interstates. The small Hondas motorcycles don’t have as much room as larger bikes . So having the ability to roll the bags up when not needed was beneficial. We all had the 1 gal models worked. I would recommend these to any one who needs extra chemical storage,

  26. mpalexanderpfs

    I ordered the Armadillo 2 gallon fuel bag. It is extremely well built and fits on my RZR perfectly. We do long rides and I’m always nervous about having enough fuel. This is the perfect solution! Thank you!!

  27. runfaster_2001

    Headed off to do the Dempster Highway this summer and extra fuel is a must. Even though my Africa Twin should make the distance this will be the insurance I need for me and perhaps a friend, should I share (lol). Good construction and plenty of tie down options. I like that I can stow it away when not in use and it won’t take up space until it is really required.

  28. Mason Jones

    No leaks – while stored or while pouring gas – I have fiddled with lots of different fuel storage solutions over the past 30 years for my trucks and motorcycles. Most of the plastic tanks or metal cans worked fine for transporting fuel but leaked while pouring the gas out and into a moto fuel tank. MSR containers work well for dirt biking but they are small. The traditional moto square tall fuel tanks often leak while pouring gas out and they are very heavy when full and kind of difficult to use, and no way you are going to carry them on-bike. Fuelpax containers work great and in my experience don’t leak, but they are bulky on a motorcycle whether they are full or not and they require pretty heavy duty mounting systems. These Armadillo bags are great! The first time I used one I spilled some gas because they are floppy but once I figured out how to manage them I rarely spill a drop. I have the 1, 3, 5 gallon bags. The 1 is almost always with me on any dual sport ride from my house. The 2 is for travel on the moto and the 5 is for my SXS and truck.

  29. Ole Jerrild

    Great product. Very handy, and takes up little space when empty. I use the 1 gallon bag often, and have used it to help fellow riders more times than I have used it myself

  30. Ole Jerrild

    Well made, very handy, gives peace of mind when worried about range. I bring the 1-gallon bag with me on any trip.

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