GL’s New and Improved Diablo Tank Bag

By March 14, 2021March 15th, 2021bike packing, Fitment, Giant Loop Gear, New Product, Tank Bags

Our new and improved Diablo Tank Bag is here!

It’s never easy making a great bag like Giant Loop’s Diablo Tank Bag even better—but we did it! Fully redesigned for 2021, this new little devil emphasizes increased waterproofness while maintaining its many rider-friendly features. The redesigned Diablo Tank Bag is the slim, bulletproof, waterproof, adventure-ready tank bag for those who want to ride fast and far with zero distractions…

The 6-liter Diablo Tank Bag delivers rider-friendly features like its larger counterpart, the Fandango Tank Bag while maintaining a minimalist, slim and trim design. Even when standing on the footpegs and riding off-road, the Diablo never gets in the way, thanks to its compact design. The Diablo fits virtually any dirt bike, snow bike, enduro, dual sport, adventure, or street motorcycle. The bag stays organized with internal zippered pockets, movable divider, and exterior mesh pocket. Mounts over fuel fill, with concave shape allowing air vents to breathe. For fill-ups, just zip it and flip it!

“I can’t believe how many people tell me all tank bags get in the way. Nope — not this one!” — Carrie Barton, racer

Combine the Diablo with Pannier Pockets and Zigzag Handlebar Bag for even more on-the-trail storage volume!

Giant Loop gear is designed by riders and built to get you where you want to go! We make rugged soft luggage and motorcycle gear, expanding the horizons for those who love to ride lighter, faster and farther…

Registration is now open for the 10th Annual Giant Loop Ride — an adventure motorcycle rally weekend in the high desert of Eastern Oregon, June 4-6, 2021!

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