New Winter 2017-2018 Giant Loop Snow Bike and Snowmobile Gear Collection

September 12, 2017


New Winter 2017-2018 Giant Loop Snow Bike and Snowmobile Gear Collection

Expedition Quality Packing Systems and Equipment for Extreme Conditions, Designed in Bend, Oregon

Timbersled snow bike with Giant Loop Snow waterproof tunnel bag and gear

Timbersled snow bike with Giant Loop Snow waterproof tunnel bag and gear

Snowmobile with Giant Loop Snow waterproof tunnel bag and gear

Snowmobile with Giant Loop Snow waterproof tunnel bag and gear

(BEND, OREGON USA) For the winter 2017-2018 season, Giant Loop expands its adventure proof packing systems and gear solutions for snow bikes — including Timbersled, Camso, Yeti, MotoTrax and other conversions — and for snow mobiles, backcountry skiing and snowboarding, professionals and guides. The Giant Loop Snow collection features a range of seven new products plus extreme winter-tested favorites.

New Possibles Pouch
For snow bikes and snow mobiles, Giant Loop’s new waterproof, snow proof, roll-top Possibles Pouch offers 3.5 liters of storage, rugged RF-welded construction, multiple lash points for a variety of anchor points and includes a pair of webbing anchor and compression straps. Perfect for snow bike and snowmobile tunnels, lashes to other gear or stows inside a backpack for waterproof storage. USA MSRP $50.

New GL Fender Bag / Number Plate Bag
Giant Loop added its super tough Rubber Boa Straps to its waterproof/snowproof Possibles Pouch to make the ultimate Fender Bag and Number Plate Bag for snow bikes. Straps on, stays on. Compatible with virtually all dirt bike plastic fenders and number plates. USA MSRP $65.

New Tracker Packer for Garmin inReach SE + Explorer
Every backcountry traveler should consider carrying a satellite-enabled tracker and emergency beacon when adventure calls beyond cell phone range. Giant Loop’s ruggedized Tracker Packer holster enables users to wear the Garmin inReach SE and Explorer two-way satellite communicators securely attached to a backpack strap, keeping the emergency beacon within reach for the user or visible and accessible for first on the scene assistance. Also available: Tracker Packer for SPOT Gen3 and Tracker Packer for Delorme inReach SE/Explorer. USA MSRP $50.

New GL Lift Strap
Heavy-duty webbing lift strap with steel tri-glide fasteners attaches to snow bike fork tubes, snowmobile bumpers and just about anywhere else a sure grip is required to help pull a riding buddy out of a tight spot, assist with loading, etc. Features custom Giant Loop molded rubber handle for lifting comfort. USA MSRP $15.

New Pronghorn Straps XL
Extra beefy 1-inch-wide Pronghorn Straps XL feature stamped aluminum fasteners and a strong connection created by tension that makes these color coded tan 22-inch and blue 32-inch long an essential part of every backcountry traveler’s kit. Pronghorn Straps have towed snow mobiles, splinted wounds, secured skis/snowboards and helped in countless other ways. Also available in ¾-inch-wide models in gray 15-, orange 20- and red 25-inch color coded lengths. USA MSRP $40 for pair of XL 32-inch; $38 for pair of XL 22”.

New 2-Gallon, 3-Gallon, 5-Gallon Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder
Giant Loop’s new 2-gallon, 3-gallon and 5-gallong Gas Bag™ Fuel Safe Bladders conveniently transport hydrocarbon fuel for power sports racing in a collapsible welded film and ballistic nylon reinforced container. Rolls up or packs flat when empty, the Gas Bags weigh a fraction of other fuel container. Also available in a 1-gallon version, Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladders provide a lightweight, compact means of transporting gas for off-road racing on closed courses. Each Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder is individually pressure tested and made in USA by Fuel Safe, a leading racing fuel containment manufacturer based in Oregon. NOTE: Intended only for the temporary transport of liquid hydrocarbons for racing vehicles used in professional off road and closed course competition racing events. The Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder is not a portable or long-term fuel storage container as described by ASTM, EPA, ARB or other state or federal agencies. Available exclusively from Giant Loop consumer-direct. USA MSRP coming soon.

Revelstoke Tunnel Bag for Snow Bikes and Snowmobiles
Compact, lightweight and super rugged, the waterproof/snowproof Revelstoke Tunnel Bag secures 24 liters of backcountry essentials and emergency supplies to the snow bike or snow mobile tunnel, taking the weight out of a backpack and eliminating excuses for venturing into winter wilds without emergency and survival kits packed on sled or snow bike. Includes stainless steel hardware and GL Mounts. Limited quantity available. USA MSRP $99.

Torngat Tunnel Bag for Snowmobiles
Joshua Cole, guide and owner at North Cascades Mountain Guides, wrote in Off-Piste magazine, “. . . the Giant Loop system is the slickest, cleanest and simplest plug and play system I’ve found for carrying gear on my snowmobile.” The roll-top Torngat Tunnel Bag offers backcountry travelers, professionals and guides 37 liters of waterproof/snowproof, rugged, stable, compressible/expandable, gear storage for snowmobile tunnels. Features include an external mesh zippered pocket, gear divider and sleeves inside, heavy-duty D-ring lash points, daisy chain anchors with reflective trim, integrated compression and anchor straps. Includes stainless steel hardware and GL Mounts. Limited quantity available. USA MSRP $99.

Giant Loop’s motorcycle experience transitions seamlessly to snow bikes, with many designs from the Giant Loop Moto line crossing over to winter including Bushwackers Hand Guards, GL Mounts, Rubber Boa Straps, Cordura Ballistic Tow Strap, GL Sleeping Sheath, Zigzag Handlebar Bag, MoJavi Saddlebag, Diablo Pro Tank Bag, Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag and others.

Giant Loop’s Snow line is available at the company’s GL Adventure Shop in Bend, Oregon, and online at Giant Loop’s adventure proof motorcycle, snowmobile, snow bike, ATV, UTV, SxS, 4×4 and outdoor packing and gear systems are available from select powersports dealers in the USA and Canada, and via Tucker Rocky Distributing in the USA, as well as from international distributors around the world. Giant Loop is a rider-owned company that designs and tests products in Bend, Oregon. For all the details, go to or


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