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Giant Loop Snow is ultra-rugged backcountry gear for snowmobiles and snow bikes (Timbersled, Camos, Yeti Snow MX, Moto-Trax, CMX, etc.). Here’s what the pros say about Giant Loop Snow:

“There simply is no other luggage system out there utilizing such high quality materials and construction that would keep me moving forward under such user abuse.” – Kirk Hastings, Snowxcapes Team 7, podium finisher at the world’s longest snowmobile endurance race, Cain’s Quest in Labrador, Canada

“I can’t say enough good things about this product and if you need a simple, tough and reliable storage option for any machine, I highly recommend Giant Loop.” – Sledworthy Magazine

“Bend, Oregon-based adventure-proof packing systems innovator Giant Loop Snow’s new Revelstoke Tunnel Bag delivers 100 percent waterproof performance in a lightweight, ultra rugged and stable design, made specifically for the demands of hardcore mountain sledders.”
– SnoWest’s 2014 Western Guide to Snowmobiling

“. . . the Giant Loop system is the slickest, cleanest and simplest plug and play system I’ve found for carrying gear on my snowmobile.” – Joshua Cole, guide and owner at North Cascades Mountain Guides, Off-Piste magazine

  • SPOT X 2-Way Satellite Messenger, SOS Emergency Beacon, GPS Tracker

  • Garmin inReach Mini

  • Snow Zigzag Handlebar Bag

  • Snow Pronghorn Straps

  • Snow Possibles Pouch

  • Giant Loop Snow Fender Bag + Number Plate Bag

  • Snow Bushwackers Hand Guards

  • Sale!

    Giant Loop GL Beanie

    $30.00 $20.00
  • Fender Hooks (set of 4)

  • Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder

  • Tracker Packer for SPOT Gen3 + Garmin inReach

    From: $50.00
  • Rubber Boa Straps

  • Giant Loop Lift Strap

  • Anchor Strap Kit for Snowmobiles, Snow Bikes, ATVs, UTVs, 4x4s

  • NEW! Revelstoke Tunnel Bag for Snow Bikes + Snowmobiles

  • Giant Loop Cordura® Ballistic Tow Strap

  • MoJavi Saddlebag

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Tracker Packer + Garmin inReach or SPOT Gen3 Combo

  • Rotopax Pack Mount

  • Rotopax 1 Gallon Gas Pack

  • MoJavi Saddlebag Dry Pods (set of 2)

  • EZ Pour Spout Kit

  • Footmans Loop Anchor Kit

  • FeatherLite™ First Aid Kit 2.0

  • FeatherLite™ Survival Kit 1.0

  • Giant Loop Mounts

  • Hot Springs Heat Shield (includes stainless clamp)

  • Fast Funnel Professional Disposable Fuel Funnel