GL Fender Bag and Possibles Pouch on a Snowbike

Possibles Pouch on Timbersled

Summertime and dreaming of snow! Giant Loop customer James sent us this amazing photo of a Fender Bag and Possibles Pouch on his snow bike somewhere in the deep, deep powder on a fine winter’s day…

Possibles Pouch on Timbersled

“I ride with a Fender Bag and Possibles Pouch either on my bars or on the track depending on what i’ve got with me at the time. Now the bike has wheels on again — I’ve managed to squeeze a 140/80-18 tube, 90/90-21 tube, two small tire levers and a small bottle of dish soap into the Possibles Pouch to have with me in case of tire-based emergencies! I’m looking at investing in some more Giant Loop products (Tail Rack, Klamath Pack, Rogue Dry Bag) as I have been nothing but impressed with your products. My friend rides with your MoJavi Saddlebags too and they’re a very nice piece of kit. Thanks!” — James B.

Thanks for the cool photo James! Amazing mountain scenery out there — so much snow!

And thank you to all the riders out there who send us photos — we love that you keep us in the loop…

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