Dork Rocks the Road With a Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag on His Honda CRF450L

Riding with Dork In The Road as he’s rocking a Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag, Giant Loop Giant Loop Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag and Giant Loop Rogue Dry Bag on his Honda CRF450L…

“I had an absolute blast camping with my buddies Tim and Travis. My first time moto-camping off the CRF450L was a complete success!” — Ben, Giant Loop

“If you’re looking to take your Honda CRF450L or Honda CRF450RL out on some motorcycle camping adventures, then Giant Loop has the perfect 450L motorcycle camping luggage setups for you!” — Ben, Giant Loop

Giant Loop proudly designs and sells the best soft luggage for adventure and dual sport motorcycles on the market. Our full selection of adventure motorcycle luggage, soft saddle bags, dual sport bags, ADV and dual sport tank bags, dual sport and ADV tail bags, dual sport/adventure motorcycle soft panniers, and more is sure to include exactly the solution to suit your dual sport or adventure motorcycle soft luggage needs. All Giant Loop soft luggage is backed by our limited lifetime warranty and painstakingly designed and tested by real-world dual sport and adventure motorcycle riders…

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