Bushwackers Hand Guards Are Ideal

Riding into some serious weather? Bushwackers Hand Guards combined with deflectors and heated grips are the ultimate protection against the elements. Ride safer and longer with warm, dry, clean hands and controls. Essential gear for all motorcycles, snow bikes and snowmobiles. Easy install.  Store in your panniers. Bushwackers save hands!

Bushwackers Hand Guards Are Ideal

Now available with new graphics for 2020! And featuring GL’s Pronghorn Straps for universal fit and easier mounting. Bushwackers Handguards are our universal hand protectors. Ideal for winter and trail riding…

photo @heavyenduro TeamBushwackers Hand Guards Are Ideal

Armed with Bushwackers, in this photo the @heavyenduro team daring the cold Canadian territories last year.  Looks cold out there — and fun!

Giant Loop — designed in Bend, Oregon. Ridden worldwide

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