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Kawasaki Versys-X 300 with Coyote Saddlebag and Rogue Dry Bag

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Customer Doug just rode his new a Kawasaki Versys 300 from Virginia to Oregon, and he’s so pleased with his Giant Loop packing system that he stopped by the GL ADV Shop in Bend this morning to show us his setup!

His entire trip has been on pavement, so he created a simple quick-release rear anchor strap to mount the Coyote Saddlebag in front of his top box. Secured to the Coyote Saddlebag with the compression straps, he’s added a Rogue Dry Bag. And the slim Diablo Pro Tank Bag is perfectly proportioned for this small but capable machine.

Thanks Doug for choosing Giant Loop for your coast-to-coast adventure!


kawasaki versys with diablo tank bag    kawasaki versus 300 with coyote saddlebag, diablo tank bag and rogue dry bagkawasaki versys 300 with coyote saddle bag and rogue drybag

Giant Loop Rider in Laos

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Fandango Pro Tank Bag, Coyote Saddlebag, Rogue Dry Bag on long term service tour in Laos

“When you spend most of your time filthy with road dust and sleeping outside or on floors, you fully realize the luxury of seemingly basic things –such as ice, washing machines, and beds.

Apparently they used to ship ice from lakes in North America across the globe to refresh the beverages of the wealthy in India! Ice, especially with some carbonated water and lime, has become quite a treat for me these days.

Hand-washing clothing is not a problem when you can do a little each day, it is just when you haven’t had the ability and it accumulates that it becomes burdensome. I’ve scaled walls ninja-style to launder a load.

And beds, well beds are just utterly fantastic.

Consider this your humble reminder to appreciate these comforts and conveniences if you have them. ”

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Giant Loop Gear: Bushwackers Are Great For Cold Weather Riding

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rory BWK snow

I was checking out some pics of riders in action and found this SWEET shot of Giant Loop Rep Rory Sullivan of 405MotoSales. He has got the gas on in that drift and Jock Bradley captured the moment perfectly! I know Rory is happy to have the wind and weather protection provided by the extra tough?Bushwacker hand guards. Easily installed with the included 16″ Pronghorn poly straps, Bushwackers add their coverage by mounting over your existing hand guards.