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Customer Question: Great Basin Saddlebag vs Coyote Saddlebag, Tips for GL Mounts

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Customer Question: Great Basin Saddlebag vs Coyote Saddlebag, Tips for GL Mounts

Customer email question:
Hi. I need some advice on mounting a giant loop great basin on a 2011 ktm 450.

Im having huge problems securing it to the back fender.
I also need the bag repaired. Because i couldn’t mount it properly, one of the straps completely tore off the back. Have you got any recommended repairers in Victoria Australia.

I bought your stainless mounts and attached them to the frame where my legs are. Problem is the boots are wearing the straps away at the mount. One of the straps also worked its way thru the groove and the bag completely came off the bike. I was thinking of welding the mount closed and just feeding the strap thru. Also was going to hammer the mount straight so it doesnt expose the strap to any wear.

Also have a 2008 250 with a coyote which seems ok. If you have any advice on this setup, it would be appreciated also.

Giant Loop’s email reply:
First, thank you very much for choosing Giant Loop for your adventures! I have CC’d our Australian distributor, Adventure Moto, so they can follow up with you regarding local repair options, etc. Adventure Moto has been our exclusive distributor in Australia since 2009, and we appreciate you supporting them with your business.

The short answer: Giant Loop’s Great Basin Saddlebag is designed to fit “virtually any motorcycle designed to carry a passenger.”

Your dirt bike is not designed to carry a passenger – it is not equipped with passenger pegs. See Packing Systems diagram.

The Great Basin Saddlebag sits on the passenger seat and anchors to the passenger peg mounts in a vertical position.

The Coyote Saddlebag is specifically designed for dirt, dual sport, endure and other bike types that are not built to carry a passenger. It mounts behind the seat and anchors to the frame/subframe/GL Mounts in a diagonal position. So, yes the Coyote Saddlebag fits both of your dirt bikes perfectly.

I you need additional packing capacity for the Coyote Saddlebag, add a Rogue Dry Bag and 2 Possibles Pouches.

Or, position some of your gear on the front of the bike with a Diablo Pro Tank Bag, Zigzag Handlebar Bag, Pannier Pockets and/or Fender Bag.

Regarding the GL Mounts – please see the attached photo of the Mount installed on the exhaust side of our KTM 500 EXC.

Giant Loop's stainless steel GL Mounts installed with round button-head bolt and anchor strap wrapped around mount to protect boot and pant leg from abrasion.

Giant Loop’s stainless steel GL Mounts installed with round button-head bolt and anchor strap wrapped around mount to protect boot and pant leg from abrasion.

Note that we have replaced the stock bolt with a button head bolt to help prevent wear from the square-edged bolt. Also please note how we wrap the extra webbing around the mount to protect our pants/boots from abrasion. These are simple steps that will instantly eliminate abrasion issues. With respect to your strap coming loose: The Mounts are designed for the webbing anchor strap to pull in a straight line, not at an angle. In our laboratory tests of the linear pull strength of our Mounts, the metal will actually bend before the strap pulls through when the force is in a straight line. The root problem may be that the Great Basin Saddlebag doesn’t mount in the correct position on your bikes, so the webbing anchor strap is pulled at angle. If you never want the strap to come out of the Mount even when it’s pulled at angle, then use metal tri-glide buckles to lock the strap into the Mount.

We and our customer have ridden many thousands of miles with our Saddlebags mounted without the GL Mounts. They are intended to be a convenience – they are not necessary components. If they are causing you problems instead of solving problems, you might consider simply anchoring the straps to the frame/subframe as we have done for year before we started making the GL Mounts.

I hope I’ve answered your questions and addressed your concerns. Please share this information with your riding friends and help us help riders avoid problems that are easily solved. And please follow up with Adventure Moto – and give them your business.

Go light, go fast, go far,
Team GL

Waterproof: Sorting Fact from Fiction + Giant Loop’s Proven Design Approach

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Waterproof: Sorting Fact from Fiction + Giant Loop’s Proven Design Approach

Giant Loop recently received this question on a popular adventure motorcycle forum:

“I would like a clarification regarding the Coyote Saddlebag. The old style with the zipper closure was not 100% waterproof because of the zipper (at least this is my understand from what i have read). The new roll top style, is it 100% waterproof? In case I skip the dry pods in the one with the roll top closure will the containing things remain dry? I understand the dry pods are used for sorting and storing purposes, but i am really seeking a waterproof solution.”

Let me clarify – and please feel free to share this info! First, to answer your specific questions:

This icon is Giant Loop's guarantee that a product is 100% waterproof under normal riding conditions when instructions are followed and included components are used as our designed waterproofing system.

This icon is Giant Loop’s assurance that a product is 100% waterproof under normal riding conditions when instructions are followed and included components are used as our designed waterproofing system.

The Coyote Saddlebag and Great Basin Saddlebag are sewn products, constructed with military-spec thread and waterproof material reinforced with ballistic nylon. Their outer shells are HIGHLY water resistant, and to make them truly 100% waterproof they include a set of 3 RF-welded Saddlebag Dry Pods with air purge valves. The Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top and Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top outer shells are even more highly water resistant, because they are constructed with fewer seams. The Dry Pods are lightweight and don’t take up much space, so we would recommend storing them inside the Saddlebag even if you’re riding in dry conditions and don’t need them – then you’ll have them for deep water crossings, storms, etc. They can also be filled with ice and used as beverage coolers at camp, they’re handy shopping bags to carry food to camp, etc.

Now, there are multiple design approaches to achieve waterproofing in textile products, so  please allow me to geek out a bit here. I want to answer not only your question but also share some information motorcycle riders should understand about Giant Loop — and other gear and apparel.

Before I started Giant Loop in 2008, I used to be a gear reviewer for a national adventure travel magazine, so I despise inaccurate and exaggerated marketing claims. And I do crazy things like taking all of Giant Loop’s products to the city swimming pool to test them myself in a controlled environment. GL’s product designer is a through-hiker and international motorcycle traveler who has lived for months at a time in the outdoors, so he knows his game.

Sewn products made by any manufacturer are not 100% waterproof because needle holes can allow moisture to penetrate the seams. Riders who get water inside their luggage usually neglect to take bags off their bikes when they leave them parked in a heavy rain, allowing water to pool and slowly seep through a seam. In normal riding conditions water doesn’t usually collect and pool.

And there’s really no such thing as a 100% waterproof zipper except for the kind used on scuba dry suits – they are too costly and fragile to be a practical solution for motorcycling. On our zippered bags, the zipper itself is virtually never the point of entry for water unless the zippers aren’t closed or the storm flap isn’t rolled down over the zipper.

Our design philosophy is to build super rugged, tough, highly water resistant outer shells and protect the more fragile RF-welded (no needle holes, fabrics bonded together using heat) and seam-sealed (needle holes covered with waterproof tape) waterproofing components inside this shell.

So while a crash or cactus spine may poke a hole in the outer shell, all of the gear inside the Dry Pods included with our packing systems remains organized and well protected inside.

Because the outer shells on Giant Loop’s adventure proof gear are so highly water resistant, keeping contents dry inside can even be as simple as using a zip-lock or trash bag. Instead, Giant Loop’s Kiger Tank Bag, Fandango Pro Tank Bag, Diablo Pro Tank Bag, Coyote Saddlebag, Great Basin Saddlebag, Siskiyou Panniers and Round The World Panniers all include RF-welded or seam sealed waterproof inner liner Dry Pods.

And we offer many 100% waterproof RF-welded products as part of Giant Loop’s modular, customizable, adventure proof packing system: Columbia Dry Bag, Tillamook Dry Bag, Rogue Dry Bag, Torngat Tunnel Bag, Revelstoke Tunnel Bag, Possibles Pouch, GL Fender Bag — and the new MotoTrekk Panniers.

There’s also a lack of objective standards and transparency around claims of “waterproof.” Waterproof spans a range in practical reality, which is why there’s actually an international set of standards and ratings for waterproofing: the IP Code.

Submersible standards (IPX7 and higher) are critical for boating, diving, snorkeling, etc. Our RF-welded (no needle holes from sewing) are submersible waterproof – I use them for rafting and paddleboarding. These Giant Loop products do not require inner liner Dry Pods to provide 100% waterproof protection.

But since motorcycles themselves are not submersible vehicles, sewn products achieve a level of waterproofing equivalent to spraying the products with high pressure water jets from all directions (IPX6). Water may penetrate the outer shell in extreme conditions, but the inner liner Dry Pods keep contents dry inside.

When Giant Loop labels a product as waterproof, that means a product is 100% waterproof (IPX6 or better) under normal riding conditions when instructions are followed and included components are used as our designed waterproofing system.

When shopping for waterproof motorcycle soft luggage, waterproof apparel, etc., pay attention to construction details, so you can understand what a manufacturer is labeling waterproof, what degree of waterproofing is adequate for your application and how the waterproofing is achieved.

Thanks for riding with Giant Loop – and please keep the questions, comments, reviews, pics and videos coming our way!

Giant Loop Rider: Lauren Trantham’s Ride My Road – Operation Keanu

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Giant Loop Rider: Lauren Trantham’s Ride My Road – Operation Keanu

Check out Giant Loop Rider Lauren Trantham’s latest project! Go girl! Keanu Reeves better accept that invitation. Support this excellent work benefitting domestic survivors of domestic sex trafficking at Ride My Road.

Last year, Lauren Trantham rode 10k miles on her Ducati Monster – equipped with Giant Loop’s Coyote Saddlebag, Fandango Tank Bag and Tillamook Dry Bag – across America raising $55k for survivors of domestic sex trafficking. Now she has been invited to an Anti Sex Trafficking Gala in Phoenix, Arizona on April 29, 2017 and she needs a date. #operationkeanu

Lauren Trantham of Ride My Road on her Ducati Monster equipped with Giant Loop's Rogue Dry Bag, Pronghorn Straps, Coyote Saddlebag and Fandango Pro Tank Bag

Lauren Trantham of Ride My Road on her Ducati Monster equipped with Giant Loop’s Rogue Dry Bag, Pronghorn Straps, Coyote Saddlebag and Fandango Pro Tank Bag.


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UPDATED FOR 2017! The NEW roll top Possibles Pouch™ is now RF-welded, 100% waterproof, dustproof, mudproof, snowproof and a roomy 3-liters in volume — enough capacity for a full set of tire irons, a spare tube, 2-liter fuel canister or anything else riders need to secure any vehicle for adventure – motorcycle, snowmobile, snow bike (Timbersled, MotoTrax, etc.), ATV, UTV, 4×4, boat or SUP.



Giant Loop’s super rugged, universal gear pocket, the Possibles Pouch™ adds easy access storage capacity to Giant Loop’s Saddlebags and Panniers, as well as anchoring to engine guards, crash bars, tail racks — and any other secure attachment point on virtually any motorcycle make or model. Includes 2 heavy-duty webbing and thumb-lock buckle straps, and webbing daisy chain loops to provide many options for securely attaching the Possibles Pouch.

Available as Possibles Pouch only or in combination with our stretch polyurethane Pronghorn Straps, which increase the attachment options for a variety of bikes.

Also available is our FENDER BAG, a Possibles Pouch + Rubber Boa Straps for easy fender attachment for dirt bike plastic fenders.

Named for the leather pouches carried by frontier explorers to keep critical gear, or “possibles,” in one handy location. The Possibles Pouch is perfect for the many relatively small, lightweight motorcycling essentials: 21″ front inner tube, snacks, beverages, gloves and tools.

Add the Traveler Shoulder Strap to make a handy shoulder bag for off-bike adventures.

The Giant Loop Possibles Pouch also can used in conjunction with Giant Loop’s MoJavi Saddlebag, mounting in top center position.


  • Volume: 3 liters
  • Dimensions: 10.5″ x 5.5″ x 3″
  • Includes 2 heavy duty webbing and thumb-lock buckle straps
  • Multiple daisy chain webbing lash points
  • 500D PVC tarpaulin body
  • Roll-top closure with side release buckles
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


7 Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders Equipped with Coyote Saddlebag, Fandango Tank Bag, Giant Loop Dry Bag

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7 Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders Equipped with Coyote Saddlebag, Fandango Tank Bag, Giant Loop Dry Bag

“Thanks Giant Loop, love your gear!!!”

Honda CRF with Coyote Saddlebag and Fandango Tank Bag

Honda CRF with Coyote Saddlebag and Fandango Tank Bag

Thank you! We love hearing from our happy customers all over the world everyday. Chris, John and friends recently enjoyed a trip together – all of them using Giant Loop’s adventure proof packing systems.

“That was a great ride. This is still one of the best pictures showing of Giant Loop Motorcycle Gear. Seven bikes all outfitted with GL Gear.”

Dual sport motorcycles equipped with Giant Loop's adventure proof packing systems

Dual sport motorcycles equipped with Giant Loop’s adventure proof packing systems

Coyote Saddlebag, Fandango Tank Bag – even an old school Giant Loop Dry Bag equip these bikes. Thanks again – we appreciate the feedback and support.

Gear For Your Motorcycle Adventure, Shipped Right Now!

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Gear For Your Motorcycle Adventure, Shipped Right Now!

We’re fully stocked with everything you need to make your adventure worry free, safe, comfortable and fun. And if you’re in a hurry, our website offers a range of shipping options.

ALL Giant Loop adventure proof packing systems and gear


New 2016

GL Camping System – ultra-light, compact motorcycle camping gear

The Original Biomorphic, Horeshoe-Shaped Saddlebags (MoJavi Saddlebag, Coyote Saddlebag, Great Basin Saddlebag) plus Possibles Pouch external pockets

Tank Bags, Tank Panniers, Waterproof Liners, Handlebar & Kit Bags (front of bike gear)

Round The World Panniers and Siskiyou Panniers – top-loading motorcycle soft luggage, our dual sport and adventuring touring alternative to aluminum panniers and hard luggage

100% waterproof, double-ended for easy access Rogue Dry Bag, Tillamook Dry Bag and Columbia Dry Bag

Klamath Tail Rack Pack (zipperless lid, like a tank bag for the bag of the motorcycle – optional top case for MoJavi Saddlebag), Ochoco Enduro Tail Pack (hardware included for hard mounting to dirt bike fender or tail rack OR straps onto tail rack OR us it as an unmounted camera bag or tool bag that fits a 21″ front inner tube), Fender Bag that actually stays on the front dirt bike fender and holds a spare tube or tools)

Adventure proof Pronghorn Straps, Cordura Ballistic Tow Strap, Lift Strap, RokStraps

Essentials for motorcycle adventure: Bushwackers Hand Gaurds (cold, wet, muddy hand and controls protection), Vinyl Protective Film (prevents scratches and scuffs on painted surfaces and plastics under soft luggage), First Aid Kits, Survival Kits, Carhartt Lost For A Reason Tool Roll, Tracker Packer + SPOT Gen3

Giant Loop Team Gear: quick-drying base layers, t-shirts, caps, neoprene can coozies, posters

Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder, 2-liter and 1-gallon fuel cans, Fast Funnels

GL Mounts (stainless steel universal webbing anchors), Footmans Loop Kits, KTM 1190 Passenger Handle Removal Kit, Mob Armor Smartphone Handlebar Mounts

36″ and 84″ QuickLoop Security Cables, Padlocks to secure motorcycle soft luggage, helmet, jacket when parked

Off-road motorcycle racing

Exhaust shields: Hot Springs Heat Shiel and Hot Springs GRANDE Heat Shield

Complete Butler Motorcycle Maps collection (Backcountry Discovery Route BDR maps, plus road maps), Benchmark Atlas of Oregon

Giant Loop Snow: Revelstoke Tunnel Bag (snow bike, snow mobile), Torngat Tunnel Bag (snowmobile), Kootenay Pocket (tool and camera case) – most comprehensive gear package available for snow bikes (Timbersled, MotoTrax)

Not sure? Get a gift certificate and let that special someone choose exactly what he/she wants!

Alberto and Naomi (MotoLara) in Peru with Great Basin Saddlebags and Fandango Tank Bags, motorcycle camping for 50 days on 200cc dual sport motorcycles.

Alberto and Naomi (MotoLara) in Peru with Great Basin Saddlebags and Fandango Tank Bags, motorcycle camping for 50 days on 200cc dual sport motorcycles.

Video Overview of Giant Loop’s 2016 Adventure Proof Packing Systems & Gear

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Video Overview of Giant Loop’s 2016 Adventure Proof Packing Systems & Gear

Overview video of most of Giant Loop’s entire product line for 2016. Giant Loop Adventure Proof Packing Systems & Gear on display in our vendor stand at the BMW MOA Riders of Oregon’s Chief Joseph Rally last weekend.

Prep for your next adventure today! http://www.giantloopmoto.com/product-categories/

Giant Loop Riders from France Prep for Russian Backcountry Adventure on KTM 690s

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Giant Loop Riders from France Prep for Russian Backcountry Adventure on KTM 690s

ready to race

“Just need our passports with visas and last authorization from Russian customs to enter with motorbikes in Russia.”

French KTM 690 Enduro riders with packed Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebags ready to embark on a backcountry Russian adventure.

See more on the Morbike Facebook page.

Giant Loop Rider in Laos

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Fandango Pro Tank Bag, Coyote Saddlebag, Rogue Dry Bag on long term service tour in Laos

“When you spend most of your time filthy with road dust and sleeping outside or on floors, you fully realize the luxury of seemingly basic things –such as ice, washing machines, and beds.

Apparently they used to ship ice from lakes in North America across the globe to refresh the beverages of the wealthy in India! Ice, especially with some carbonated water and lime, has become quite a treat for me these days.

Hand-washing clothing is not a problem when you can do a little each day, it is just when you haven’t had the ability and it accumulates that it becomes burdensome. I’ve scaled walls ninja-style to launder a load.

And beds, well beds are just utterly fantastic.

Consider this your humble reminder to appreciate these comforts and conveniences if you have them. ”

#roadside #market #Laos #giantloop #gratitude #motolife #motorcyclediaries

KTM 690 Enduro with Coyote Saddlebag Tours Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras

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Recent email from customer Peter who rides a KTM 690 Enduro equipped with Giant Loop’s Coyote Saddlebag:

Dear All,

Fantastic gear, used recently on a quick Easter trip from Mexico D.F. to Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and back. 5,700 km on all kind of tracks, sometimes really bad (not on the photos as I rather focussed on getting through the rough passages).

No wear or tear, perfect fit and the equipment stayed in place, whatever the track was.

Aluminium boxes really are something I try to avoid.

I like your slogan “go fast, go light, go far”. That is the essence of my preferred travel style, too.

Best regards, Peter

Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag on KTM 690 Enduro

Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag on KTM 690 Enduro

Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag on KTM 690 Enduro

Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag on KTM 690 Enduro

Tech Tip: Managing Zippers on Coyote Saddlebag and Great Basin Saddlebag

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Email from customer: “Hi, love my Coyote Saddlebag mounted on the KTM 500 EXC but the downside to every trip is my stuggle with the zipper. Man I get pissed. Am I missing something? Any way to make it operate easier? Thanks, C”

Hello Cal,

Dang, sorry to hear your zipper is giving you fits. Some things to try:

* Wash the Saddlebag with warm, soapy water, give it good rinse and let it air dry. Dirt and dust particles are usually the biggest challenges for zippers.

* Lubricate the zippers. There are commercially available zipper lube products, but often a little soap, wax or even lip balm will help.

* When you get into the bag, first roll the storm flap back out of the way, then roll the flap back over the zipper to keep it protected after you close the bag.

* Avoid over packing. When the Saddlebag is not stuff drum tight, the zippers are much easier to manage. Consider using our Possibles Pouches to add external pockets, or a Rogue Dry Bag to expand the Saddlebag – compartmentalizing gear makes it easier to access the things you need during the day of riding and helps prevent the zipper from buckling being tightly stuffed.

If you’ve tried everything, then there is an outside chance that you got a defective zipper. If you think this is the case, please print, fill out and include a copy of the attached warranty and repair return form with your CLEAN bag. Use RMA # [today’s date]. If there is a defect, we will repair or replace the Tank Bag at no charge to you.

Thank you for choosing Giant Loop for your adventures,
Team GL

1st Annual Giant Loop Garage Sale + Local Customer Appreciation Day, Nov. 21, 10am-4pm, Bend, Oregon

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1st Annual Giant Loop Garage Sale & Local Customer Appreciation Day! This Saturday, November 21, 10am-4pm at 63025 O. B. Riley Road, Suites 16 + 17, Bend, Oregon 97703.

Production samples, display models, dry bags, saddlebags, tank bags, shirts, jerseys, hats, stuff sacks at bargain bin prices. Gear for motorcycles, snowmobiles, snow bikes, paddlesports, camping, ATVs, UTVs, SXSs – used, refurbished, new-old-stock, dusty display samples.

Giant Loop Garage Sale

Giant Loop Garage Sale Bend Oregon

Video: How to Mount Coyote Saddlebag + MoJavi Saddlebag on Late Model KTM, Husqvarna Fenders

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Here’s how to use the loop of our custom-woven Ballistic nylon (included with Giant Loop’s Coyote Saddlebag and MoJavi Saddlebag) instead of the Fender Hooks to anchor the bag to the rear fender. Simply loosen the bolts holding the two halves of the rear fender together enough to thread the webbing between the upper fender and the under-fender support. Check webbing positioning: Saddlebag should sit right behind seat when side anchor straps are tensioned. Retighten bolts to sandwich webbing between fender components, positioned to anchor Saddlebag behind rear seat when side straps are tight. Thread webbing through underside of Saddlebag in pass through thumb-lock buckles – push the stiff webbing through and pull to tight to finish. When Saddlebag is not on bike, use buckle, wire tie or other simple method to prevent loose webbing ends from dangling into hot exhaust. Go light, go fast, go far!

Giant Loop Rider: Geoff’s Suzuki DRZ400 with MoJavi Saddlebag and GL Mounts

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Local rider Geoff’s Suzuki DRZ400 is about as nicely set up as any we’ve seen, with Trail Tech Voyager GPS, Race Tech Suspension, full Yoshimura Exhaust and aftermarket carb. Here are some details about his MoJavi Saddlebag installation using the new Giant Loop (GL) Mounts, which will work great with the Coyote Saddlebag and Great Basin Saddlebag, too. #golightgofastgofar

Suzuki DRZ400 with MoJavi Saddlebag and GL Mounts

Suzuki DRZ400 Trail Tech Voyager, Race Tech Suspension, Double Take Mirror

Geoff is using the Giant Loop GL Mounts, sharing a bolt point with his Suzuki DRZ400’s passenger peg mounts. GL Mounts help keep straps away from hot exhaust and shorten anchor strap length to maximize stability of Giant Loop Saddlebag installation.

Giant Loop GL Mounts universal soft luggage mounting solution

Geoff’s using a small spacer to set the Giant Loop GL Mount away from the passenger peg’s other bolt and to give plenty of room to work when anchoring Giant Loop Saddelbags and soft luggage to dirt bikes and dual sport motorcycles.

Giant Loop GL Mounts for dual sport saddlebags


Giant Loop’s GL Mounts make a clean installation, with straps kept away from boots on both sides.


Suzuki DRZ400 with Giant Loop GL Mounts for dual sport soft luggage


Since Geoff leaves the MoJavi Saddlebag mounted on his Suzuki DRZ400 all the time, he’s using a hard-mount bolt-on installation (which can also be done with Giant Loop’s Coyote Saddlebag).

MoJavi Saddlebag bolt-on hard mount on dirt bike


Two bolts through the dirt bike’s rear plastic fender and metal fender brace, a couple of washers and nylock nuts, and the Giant Loop Saddlebag is not coming off. Period.

MoJavi Saddlebag bolted onto dirt bike fender brace


Geoff secures the zip-off sleeves of his riding jacket to the front fender with Giant Loop’s Rubber Boa Straps.

Rubber Boa dirt bike and dual sport fender straps

Giant Loop Rider: Swamp’s Continental Divide Tour on BMW G650 X-Challenge

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Continental Divide Trail on BMW G650GS X-Challenge


Swamp is a serious adventurer who’s ridden all over the Americas on dual sport bikes. Here’s the intro his latest “Mexico to Canada: Solo on the Continental Divide” with the Coyote Saddlebag, Zigzag Handlebar Bag and Pronghorn Straps:

“After having one of my motorcycles confiscated by a band of illiterate, Ecuadorian customs officials in early July 2014. I returned home and started piddling around with my 2007 BMW G650 X Challenge. Changing the oil, oil filter, air filter; installing new tires and some other modifications and tweaks. The bike had previously received no love from me. I just rode it, never washed it, rarely changed the oil, never changed the filters. Every time I rode it I would try to rag the motor out. It never complained. Never boiled over. Never leaked. Anything.

Swamp keeping it the

Swamp keeping it the “Go Light, Go Fast, Go Far” way, solo on the Continental Divide Trail

I usually like white bikes but the paint on THIS one (yes, its paint not just white plastics) always bothered me so I sanded the plastics down and put a few coats of green paint on it. The bike seemed to say ?Jeez, finally!? I let it set for a few weeks. Only riding it down to the river a few times to go fishing.

On July 20th I woke up, made coffee and walked outside. It was foggy; pretty thick. ?Ya, I think I?m going to ride the Continental Divide?.

Coyote Saddlebag on BMW G650

New Mexico mud

Five days later, July 25th both the X-Challenge and I were riding through the border town of El Paso Texas then working our way into New Mexico where we would meet up with the Continental Divide trail near Hurley/ Silver City. As far as planning and preparations went, well; I ?prepared? for maybe two hours. I had some containers for extra gasoline, one pair of socks, one pair of underwear (wearing both ), a rain jacket, batteries, flash light, small air compressor, some tools, a knife, a lighter, harmonica, protein bars, a trash bag and a camping rig the size of a football. Basically the same shit I?ve carried with me for eight or nine years now.”

BMW G650 X-Challenge on solo Continental Divide Trail

El Vado Reservoir

Lost on the Continental Divide Trail


Here’s Swamp’s comments about the Giant Loop gear in the conclusion of his ride report:

“Giant Loop Coyote bag (www.giantloopmoto.com) : I?ve had this bag for a few years now and its still holding up despite having the hell beat out of it. The Giant Loop guys have treated me well and have always answered the phone and returned my calls and e-mails. Their customer service is excellent and I believe that their products are excellent. The bag is just that, a bag. Put whatever you can fit in it, its not complicated. On this ride I lashed an extra 1/2 gallon of gas to the top of the bag with no problems using a set of pronghorn straps. The Coyote is the perfect size for this ride.. however I found it strange that I rode The American Flesh Eater Route from California to Alabama (1 month ride) using the smallest giant loop bag (the mojavi) but used a larger bag for this ride.”

“Also, the Pronghorn Straps are friggin’ sweet! Probably my favorite “new thingys” for the bike lately.”


Coyote Saddlebag on BMW G650 - Continental Divide Trail

End of the Trail